Thursday, 13 February 2014

Very Helpful Bernie Pussy Cat

Bernie has been twying to put a post on him blog but sumfing has gone wong wif de blog on my Gwand-ma puter.
Now my Mummy is helping her dear little Bernie cos she loves her bootiful Bernie.
My Mummy is sick and Bernie helps her. Me wun out to de car and help her to come inside. Bernie also give her lots of speshul Bernie cuddles.
Bernie is vewy dood. Me also helping my Mummy to find my little sister what is called Jaffa. My Mummy says “Where is Jaffa?” and stwaight away Bernie twy to find her or if Bernie alweady know where Jaffa is, den me tell my Mummy stwaight away.
Bernie help evewybodies. Tonight Bernie help Gwand-ma to cook de dindins. First Gwand=ma give a little piece of dat meat to Bernie to taste. Me taste it and soon tell my Gwandi-ma if it is dood meat.

It vewy dood so my Gwand-ma can make dindins out of it.