Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Oh no Bernie going blind!

Poor little Bernie had a vewy big fwight today. Me found a interwesting paper bag what had a vewy yummy smell so me look inside and dere be some nice chookie in it. Bernie had a little taste of dat chookie and den it happened! A dweadful fing. Oh no Oh no! Suddenly Bernie cannot see vewy well. Oh what will Bernie do? Of course Bernie is a vewy sensible pussy cat so me walk vewy slowly home to my Gwand-ma. Jaffa find me and she walk wif me to make sure me knows de way. Slowly we walking all de way and den we goes fwough de cat door in de laundwy and into de family woom.
Den Gwand-ma see poor little going blind Bernie and she feeling vewy sowwy for Bernie. She feeling so sowwy dat she sound stwange. Maybe she cwying - or - maybe she laughing cos Bernie can't hear vewy well either. Maybe me going deaf too. Sometimes cwying sounds like laughing. Gwand-ma say "Bernie how did you get that bag on your head?"
Den me had a amazing miwacle. My Gwand-ma fix me. She so clever. Suddenly Bernie can see and hear again like me used to. And dat interwesting bag is wight dere on de gwound. Bernie must have cawwied it in cos dere is still a little bit of chookie left in it. It fall out and Bernie eat it up. Yum.
My Gwand-ma has a vewy dood saying. She say "Whenever I need a miracle, I look into my daughter's eyes and know I already have one" so now Bernie has a dood saying. It is "When Bernie needs a miwacle, me goes to my Gwand-ma"
Luv fwom Bernie

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Jaffa helps wif de dindins

Yesserday when Jaffa was playing wif her mousie it got dead so she fink it would be a dood dindins. She do not want to eat it stwaight away so she put it in de pantwy just where de pussy cat dindins is. What a tidy dood pussy cat she is! Den when my Mummy look in de pantwy she see it and she take it and fwow it away!!! What a silly Mummy. Don't she know dat mousies is vewy dood pussy cat dindins? After all dat silly supermarket go and stop selling dood pussy cat dindins, Jaffa do a vewy dood fing and help us out. Now my Mummy show ingwatitude and fwow it away.
Bernie wowwied dat Jaffa will get vewy offended and she stop catching mousies.
Luv fwom Bernie

Friday, 25 July 2014

Jaffa catches lots of mousies

Jaffa is de best mouse catching pussy cat in Temorwa. We does not have mousies in our housie but she go outside and find dem and bwing dem inside. De first one end up dead and Gwand-ma fwow it in de bin.
Den she get annuvver one what wun and hide in de cwaft woom. Den she get anuvver one what is bigger and she bwing it in de cwaft woom. It must fink dat de cwaft woom is a dood place to hide cos now it gone and we can't find it. So dat means two mousies in de cwaft woom.
Gwand-da say dat better not be a boy mousie and a girl mousie cos we do not want little baby mousies. Jaffa tell me dat why she put two in dere. She hoping she has lots of mousies to play wif all day evewy day. Oh No Jaffa, our Mummy will not like mousies doing poops in de cwaft woom. We need to find dem mousies and get dem out.
Luv fwom Bernie.

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Bernie going to do a petition on change dot org

Dat silly supermarket stop selling Bernie favourwite pussy cat dindins. Lots of de uvver ones makes Bernie puke so me cannot eat dem even if Bernie like dem.
My Gwand-ma find annuvver pussy cat dindins what is OK and do not make Bernie puke. NOW DEM STOP SELLING DAT TOO!
Dis sound like a wotten conspiwacy to starve poor dear old Bernie what is de pussy cat what evewybody loves and what is de only blog witing pussy cat in de world.
My Gwand-ma go to annuvver supermarket and she buy some of dat second dindins so dem has it. We has to go to dat supermarket and get Bernie dindins now. And she goes to dat supermarket because dem has annuvver fing what Gwand-ma want and de first supermarket does not have it.
Bernie finks de first one is not a super market at all. It be a bloopermarket.
Love fwom Bernie

More complications

My Gwand-da has a cold and him coughing lots and lots. De doctor in Sydney say dat she cannot do a operwation on Gwand-da when him got a cold so him has to wait anuvver fourteen days what is 56 sleeps. So tomowwow my Gwand-ma will have to tell our new Aunty Shauna about dat. So Bernie will just tell evewybody what is happening along de way.
Luv fwom Bernie

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Found out some fings

My Gwand-ma tell Bernie dat we will stay wif a lady what is called our Aunty Shauna. She is a vewy clever lady cos she is a pwoper vet nurse and she loves and loves and loves pussy cats so she will look after us dood. We can give her cuddles and play wif her and Gwand-ma will tell her all de words what Bernie and Jaffa know and how we say fings like how Bernie say "Ngung" when me want some dindins. Achterly me say dat a lot cos me always want dindins.
Me wonder if Bernie will have to be de butler at her place. Gwand-ma did not tell me if Aunty Shauna has a puter. Maybe she did not ask her yet.
Luv fwom Bernie

Going somewhere

OH No,
Bernie just wead on Gwand-ma Facebook dat when Gwand-da go to hospital to have a operwation, Bernie and Jaffa goes to stay somewhere else. We has to stay wif a vet nurse but me fink it is not our Aunty Vicky. Bernie do not know who it be.
Oh no! Bernie hope she do not want to pwactise vet fings on Bernie and Jaffa.
Oh no! Bernie is wonderwing if she got a puter so me can do my blog.
So many fings for a poor old Bernie to wowwy about.
Luv fwom Bernie
PS Me also wowwy about my Gwand-da.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

To de Vet

Yesserday Bernie and Jaffa gone to see our dood fwends Uncle Jim and Aunty Vicky what are de vet and de vet nurse.
Dem is vewy kind peoples and dem gives us a needle what makes us stay healfy and happy pussy cats.
Uncle Jim always puts us on de little scales and see how much we weighs.
Guess what!
Jaffa is bigger dan Bernie
Bernie weigh 6 kgs and Jaffa weigh 6.04 kgs. Uncle Jim say she only 40 gwams heavier dan Bernie but she still heavier.
She is going to gwow into a big tiger.
Now will evewybody please stop wousing at Bernie and saying dat me eats her dindins.
Uncle Jim say it hard to feel her tummy cos she got a fat little tummy and he can only feel de fat.
Jaffa say it weally fur. Hmmmm Me finks Uncle Jim is clever and him knows de differwence between fat and fur.
Now Bernie has to go and find some dindins cos me getting skinny.
Luv fwom little Bernie

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

People coming and going

Gwand-ma and our Mummy went to see Uncle Tim and Aunty Lily again and Gwand-ma take her puter so dat why Bernie do not post in him blog for a long time. Me forgot how to use dat uvver puter.
Now dem home again.
Today our Mummy and our gwand-da gone away somewhere dis morning and den dem comes home.
Some childwen comes and Gwand-ma give dem some money for dem school.
Den Aunty Mavis come and bwing her gwand-daughter what is called Sindawa and dem all has a cup of tea except Sindawa. Dem bowwow de cloves airwer.
Jaffa catch anuvver mousie but it got lost in de cwaft woom. Gwand-ma say she hope it do not poop in de cwaft fings.
Gwand-da is making dindins so Bernie goes to help him. Us boys likes to cook togevver.
Luv fwom Bernie

Monday, 7 July 2014

Mummy home

Our Mummy come home so we is vewy happy pussy cats.
Gwand-ma make fishie for dindins but she do not let Bernie taste it. Dat norty. Bernie has to taste evewyfing in case it do not taste nice. Bernie and Jaffa had a little taste after it be cooked. It OK.
My Mummy fink it taste vewy nice. Jaffa has a little bit but she do not eat lots and lots.
No Bernie has to go and give my Mummy lots of cuddles because she did not get any pussy cat cuddles when she was at Uncle Tim place cos poor old Polly not dere any more and dat vewy sad.
Luv from Bernie

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Jaffa getting picky

Dis morning Gwand-ma get two nice clean little glass bowls out of de cupboard and put some yummy pussy cat milk in dem. Den she put one down where we eats our dindins and say "Here you are Bernie" cos Bernie gets him din dins first cos me is de boss cat.
Den she put de uvver bowl down in anuvver place near de little wine fwidge and she say "Here you are Jaffa" so Jaffa go and dwink dat one.
We bofe likes dat yummy pussy cat milk so we dwink it all up.
Den at lunch time Gwand-ma put Bernie dindins in him side of de double bowl in my pwoper dindins place and she get anuvver little single bowl and put Jaffa dindins in dat uvver place near de wine fwidge. Dat because Jaffa had a diffewent dindins to Bernie.
Now at tea time, Gwand-ma get out our dindins and put dem bofe in de double bowl and put it on our dindins mat in de yous-you-al place. Bernie start eating my dindins out of my side of de bowl but Jaffa look at hers and den she look acwoss at de uvver place in fwont of de wine fwidge and Gwand-ma has to get her dindins out of de double bowl and put it in her little single bowl and give it to her in fwont of de wine fwidge. She only had two fings to eat dere but alweady she fink dat where she always has to have her dindins.
Oh Cat is she getting picky!
Luv fwom Bernie.

Evewybody gone away

Today Gwand-ma and Gwand-da gone away too so dat means de pussy cats was on dem own.
Oh cat! (Wemember dat pussy cats say 'Oh cat' instead of 'oh boy') Oh cat! Bernie is glad dat Jaffa stay home so we can keep each uvver company and not be all on ours owns.
It was vewy quiet in de house wif evewybody gone except de quiet little pussy cats. Den Uncle Carl come and do some gardenings and we had a little talk den. Him pull out lots of weeds and den after it get dark, Gwand-ma and Gwand-da comes home and we is vewy glad cos dem bwings a chookie for dindins.
Luv fwom Bernie

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Mummy gone away

Our Mummy have gone away somewhere.
Bernie and Jaffa do not wemember where she gone but Gwand-ma tell us she see Uncle Timmy and Aunty Lily. Dat is good because dem take care of our Mummy.
Bernie and Jaffa is bofe being vewy dood while our Mummy is away. We do not be norty. We just eat dindins and go to sleep. Today Jaffa was a tiny bit norty. She catch annuvver little lizard and bwing it inside to play wif. Gwand-ma pick it up and bwing it outside and put it in de garden and tell it to hide quickly so Jaffa cannot find it.
Bernie has lots of cuddles wif Gwand=da. Bernie likes Gwand-da cuddles. Us boys likes to have some dood boy time togevver.
Now me going to sleep.
Luv fwom Bernie

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

New Dindins

Dat norty shop do not have de dindins what Jaffa and Bernie likes so Gwand-ma has to buy a diffewent dindins. Some of de new ones is yummy so we is happy about dat.
Today Jaffa tell Bernie dat she was looking out Gwand-ma and Gwand-da bedwoom window and she see lots of birdies flying onto de bottlebwush twees and putting bem long pointy nose on dem bottlebwushes. Jaffa say "Bernie Bobsy, Do they smell very nice?"
Jaffa always call Bernie "Bernie Bobsy" Dat is her little pet name for her favouwite Bernie pussy cat. Jaffa loves and loves Bernie to bits. Me do not mind if she call me dat cos it just because she loves me.
Bernie say "Hmmm Bernie do not know if dem smell nice but dem long pointy fings is not dem nose. It is called a beak and it is a little hard pointy mouf what birdies have. Dem birdies needs a long pointy mouf because dem has to pick up seeds to eat so it be like chop sticks stuck on dem face. And sometimes dem dwink juice out of fings and so dat long pointy beak is like a little stwaw."
Jaffa say "Oh Bernie Bobsy you are so clever. How come you know so many things?" And Bernie say "Of course me knows lots of fings. After all it was Bernie what wote dat wiki fing on de puter."
Jaffa say "OOoooh I did not know that" and Bernie say "Dat quite OK. Bernie do not expect Jaffa to know all about Bernie yet cos you only been living here for about one year."
Jaffa give her Bernie Bobsy a little lick and den we goes and has a little snooze.
Luv fwom Bernie
PS Only Jaffa is allowed to call Bernie dat Bernie Bobsy name.