Thursday, 27 August 2015

A New Pussy

We has got a new pussy. It is a diffwent pussy to Bernie and Jaffa. Bernie and Jaffa are pussy cats. Dat is we are caty type pusses. Dis new pussy is a platy type pussy what is called a platypus. He came to see our pond what got filled up wif water cos it wained and wained and wained. Bernie fink him must have come up from de big big pond down de end of de stweet.
Gwand-ma say him would not be able to find any dindins in our pond. Him likes to eat worms. We got lots of worms in our garden so he can get some fwom dere. And Jaffa and Bernie said dat him can have some of our pussy cat dinner.
My Gwand-ma take a picture. Him got out of our pond and him was just going to get back in.
Here is de picture.

Luv fwom Bernie
PS. My Mummy say him name is Bob but Bernie and Jaffa finks dat is a silly name for a platypus. We calls him Pat cos we do not know if it is a girl platypus or a boy platypus.

Thursday, 13 August 2015

That book is finished

My mummy has been witing a vewy important book. It has lots of witing and lots of bootiful pictures.
My fwend Aunty Sam (what has got a pwoper name called Samantha) came over to our place to help her and my Gwand-da helped too.
It taked a long time and Bernie helped too. Bernie was vewy busy sitting on de puter when my Mummy was typing. I was keeping those little numbers and letters warm cos it is a cold Winter here.
That book is going to be on the internet so evewybody can wead it. My Mummy might tell evewybody where to get it on the internet cos Bernie do not know.
Now it is finished and my mummy is glad cos it was lots of hard work and she is sick of it.
Evewybody say she do a vewy vewy good job and Bernie do a good job too.
Luv fwom Bernie

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Feathers for my Mummy's pillow

Jaffa's and Bernie's Mummy has a feather pillow. She said that she needs more feathers for it and she do not know where to get them. Silly Mummy. Jaffa knows where to get them so she did. She caught a vewy big birdie and bwing it inside. She do not hurt it and we do not eat it. We just get lots of feathers off it. Then our Mummy come and see it and bwing it out the door and it fly away. But we got lots of feathers.
Then silly Mummy sweep them up and put them in the bin. Such a silly Mummy. Those feather were for your pillow!!!
Good gwief!
Luv fwom Bernie