Thursday, 30 June 2011

Not much happenin

Not much is happenin here. It be a bit cold so Bernie an Heidi spend lots of times inside in fwont of dat heater.
Sumtimes we goes outside to make sure dat nobody pinched our backyard.
Heidi is gwowin up into a nice pussy cat but she still got dat vewy cute litta miaow wot she scwew up her litta nose wif.
Bernie like talkin to her and watch her scwew up dat cute litta nose when she say Mow.
Luv fwom Bernie

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

A Vewy important knitting helping cat

Bernie is a vewy important knitting helping cat.
My Gwand-ma and my Mummy is knitting fings for my litta cousins called Katy and Hugh.
Dem lives a long way away where it be vewy cold so we knit nice warm fings for dem.
Now my Gwand-ma and my Mummy has to make sure dat when dey is knitting, dat fing wot dey knit is nice and warm.
Dat how Bernie can help.
Bernie sit on deir lap and test out dat knitting to see if it nice and warm.
Dis is a vewy important and hard job wot Bernie do.
Bernie ask his Mummy to take a pikcha of him doin dis hard job so Bernie can show his dood fwends wot weads his blog.
Dis is a pikcha of Bernie makin sure dat Katy noo jumper is vewy warm.
Luv fwom Bernie

Monday, 20 June 2011

Don't believe evewyfing you wead

Me just had a vewy stwange talk wif my Gwand-ma
She say "If I give you a pat will you bite me today?"
Bernie say "Wot? Of course Bernie do not bite you. Bernie never bite him Gwand-ma"
and Gwand-ma say "But yesserday you bite Gwand-ma. You even wite it on your blog"
And Bernie say "Oh do I? Me do not wemember dat. Now you should not believe evewyfing you wead on dat internet you know"
Gwand-ma say "Well I never heard of such a thing! You are a vewy stwange cat, Mr Bern"
"oh yes" says Mr Bern (dat's wot Gwand-ma call me sumtimes),"Me likes bein a stwange cat. You can get ordinawy cats evewywhere but Bernie is a vewy speshul cat."
"Oh" says Gwand-ma, "I think I needs a cup of tea"

Tiny post


Sunday, 19 June 2011

Bov ver

Bernie do not like it when peoples bovver him.
Bernie was having a nice sleep on de lounge when Gwand-ma come and start twyin to play wif Bernie.
Bernie do not like dat so when Gwand-ma bend down low to pat Bernie on de Head, Bernie bite her!
Go away Gwand-ma and let Bernie have a sleep on de lounge.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Oh Me forgot

Me forgot. Me catched annuvver mousie and quick as anyfing me eated it up. Me forgot about dem worms.
Now my Mummy has to wing my Unca Jim and ask if dat tablet wot him give me will stop worms fwom dat mousie or do I need a nuvver one tablet.
Oh dear me is a silly pussy cat.
Me can't help it.
Me catch dat mousie and quick as anyfing me eat him up.
Luv fwom feelin silly Bernie.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Good Ol' Unca Jim

Today my Mummy take me and litta Heidi to see our Unca Jim wot is de vet.
Him give us bofe a litta needle and we do not cwy cos we is bwave pussy cats.
Unca Jim also give us a dood worm tablet each so dem norty worms goes away out of our tummies.
And Guess What?
Bernie losed weight.
Bernie losed 700 gms.
Dat is a lot for a pussy cat.
Dat like 7kgs for a gwowed up human.
Unca Jim say dat Bernie is a vewy dood pussy cat for losin weight.
My Gwandma wowwied dat me lose weight because me got worms in my tummy but Bernie fink dat havin worms in my tummy should make me weigh more!
Now Bernie is not going to eat any more norty mousies dat he catch or if he do forget and eat one, Bernie get a worm tablet fwom his Mummy stwaight away.

When we go back home, My Mummy let us get out of our baskets because it is just a litta short twip. Bernie vewy happy to jump out of de car and wun inside to de house as soon as my Mummy open dat car door but litta Heidi like going for a wide in de car so she will not get out.
She hide under dat fwont seat and my Mummy twy and twy to get her out. Den my Mummy and my Gwand-ma has to do a ewwand so off dey go and litta Heidi still in de car. When dey come home again, Gwandma go to de fwont door and call Heidi fwom dere. Heidi always wun to Gwand-ma when she call so when Gwand-ma call, Heidi nearly jump out and wun to her but she wemember dat she do not want to get out of dat car so she stay dere but my Mummy got hold of her fwont paws and pulls her out. Den she wun away and do not want my Mummy to cuddle her.

Bernie go and say to litta Heidi "Why you do not get out of dat car when we get home, litta Heidi?"
Litta Heidi say "Me wantth to thtay in the car coth it nithe and warm in there and me wantth to go for lotth more tat-tath. It good fun driving in the car. Me liketh that very much."
Maybe my Mummy and my Gwand-ma will take litta Heidi for tat-tas sometimes.

Luv fwom Happy now Bernie.

Monday, 13 June 2011

Pwoblems fwom mousies

Today Bernie was makin a nearly gonna be sick noise so my Mummy got a piece of paper to catch dat on.
Den she have a look and she see dat Bernie got litta fings in his tummy wot come out when he be sick.
Gwand-ma look up on dat internet and find out dat dem little wiggly fings gets in a pussy cat tummy fwom eatin mousies.
OH No!
Bernie had his medicine so dem don't get in his tummy but now dem is got dere and Bernie feelin yukkie.
Soon we goes to see my Unca Jim wot is de vet and my Mummy get me some dood medicine so dem goes away again.
We bwing litta Heidi too cos she been eatin dem norty mousies too.
Oh Dear Oh Dear.
Bernie is so sad.
Wuv fwom Bernie

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Bum Washin

Some peoples asked Bernie why do Bernie wash his bum.
Dat is a silly question cos evewybody wash deir bum. Evewybody wash all over deirself to keep nice and clean.
Pussy cats likes to be nice and clean so we wash all over too.
Soon me get a camewa fwom my Gwand-ma or my Mummy and me take pikchas of evewybody wot wash deir bum.
Just wait and soon dem pikchas be here.
Wuv fwom Bernie.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Bernie's happy time

Bernie had a vewy happy time cos his Aunty Lily came to bisit.
First Gwand-ma say "Bernie your Aunty Lily is going to come and visit soon" so Bernie wun out de back door to look for her.
Dat because last time she come to bisit she come in de back gate.
But Bernie's Aunty Lily not dere so he go and look for her.
Bernie wun down de lane to de main stweet and wait.
After a while he look down our stweet and he see Unca Tim's car at de fwont of our house so Bernie wun fast to our fwont door and say "Meow" vewy loud.
Gwand-ma come and open de door and say "Bernie look who is here"
My Aunty Lily call out "Bernie" and stwaight away Bernie wun to see her and she gib Bernie a big cuddle.
Bernie is vewy vewy happy to see his Aunty Lily.
She give him lots of head scwatches and cuddles.
Den Bernie go and give litta Heidi a litta lick and evewyone say what a dood pussy cat Bernie is cos he takes care of litta Heidi.
Bernie so happy.
Wuv fwom Bernie.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Night Watchcat Bernie

Hello to my dood fwends wot weads my blog.
Did you know dat Bernie is de night watchcat awound here?
Well Bernie is a vewy dood night watching cat.
My Mummy just say dat Bernie should not keep meowing at her bedwoom window and waking her up but she silly.
Bernie just making sure no mousies goes in her bedwoom window and anyway it is de night watchcat job to call out what time it is all night.
Wemember dat song "Past fwee o'clock and a cold fwosty mornin, past fwee o'clock, good mowwow masters all"
Well Bernie do dat all night.
Bernie just meow to tell evewybody wot time it be.
So I hope my Mummy learn to appweciate Bernie dood workin and takin care of her.
Wuv fwom Bernie.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Busy in de night

Hello Evewybody,
My Gwand-ma keep saying "Why don't you write a blog entry, Mr Bern?"
Well Bernie has been vewy busy evewy night. Me been goin out to chase mousies. Den when me come home in de mornin, me vewy tired and me goes to sleep on de lounge all day.
So last night Bernie had a WNO. Dat is a wostered night off. Me sleep all night and now me sneak into Gwand-ma study while she cleanin up in anuvver part of de house and me can wite my blog.
So now you knows why Bernie did not wite a blog for a few days.
My Mummy tell me a vewy happy fing.
My Aunty Lily comes to bisit. Bernie loves his Aunty Lily. She give him big cuddles altho she only litta she can still give big cuddles to Bernie.
Heidi was a dood pussy cat and she take all her tablets and her ointment and now her eye is better again.
Hmmm dat weminds me. It is a long time since Bernie got a dood cuddle fwom Heidi. Bernie go now and find Heidi for a cuddle. Us pussy cats likes cuddles so sometimes we has a cuddle ourselles.
Wuv fwom Bernie.