Sunday, 30 October 2011

Sowee I beed away

I am bewy sowwee to all my lowal weaders wot beed wondering where Bernie is. My Gwand-ma goed away to wook after my good fwied Brrrrrr's mummy wot is my Aunty Barbi and she turned off her computa before she goed away. But my mummy left her puta on and now tricky cwever Bernie has found a way to wite his blog on my mummy's computer what is called Tosh.

I hab some bewy exciting news. My mummy is back home again. She was gone for a bewy bewy wong time, but now she beed home and dat makes me a bewy happy Bernie Pussy Cat. Even litta Heidi has missed my mummy and hab been giving her wots of cuddles. But I gib my mummy the mostest cuddles, and I sweep on our bed wif my Mummy every night.

I hope my Gwand Da doesn't miss me. I swept on his bed when my Mummy was away, so he didn't miss my Gwand Ma and my mummy too much, but I sure he unnastand dat now my Mummy is home I wook after her. Oh dear oh dear. I hope Grand da isn't sad. I gib him cuddles tonight while we watch dat tv and den everyfing be ok. Becuase, don't you know dat when a pussy cat gibs you a cuddle den all is right wif the world! Hmm, maybe I should go to one of dose countwis what are on the news and cuddle dose people wat do dat fighting! Den they all be happy and not fight any more.

But I fink I would miss my Mummy and my Gwand-Ma and my Gwand-Da and my litta Heidi. Maybe anovva pussy cat will do dat instead, and say that Bernie sent them.

Yes, dat be a good idea. I need to have a nap now because I'm tired from all dose good ideas what I hab. Good night.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Counting sleeps

Today Gwand-da tell Bernie dat it be only two more sleeps before my Mummy come home.
Bernie vewy happy about dat so he go and have a dood sleep.
Den me have some din dins and den me have annuvver sleep.
Dat two sleeps and my Mummy is not home.
Me wish my Gwand-da learn to count betta.
Luv fwom a bit gwumpy Bernie

Friday, 14 October 2011

A Vewy happy Birfday for Bernie

Bernie have a vewy happy birfday.
First Bernie and Heidi was fast asleep in our bunk beds wif Bernie on de bottom bunk and Heidi on de top bunk like dis.

Den we hear dat door bell wing and we wun out to butler in de visitor cos even on his birfday, Bernie is still de butler.
Guess who come for a vist? Bernie vewy happy to see Polly come wif her bag to stay for a visit for Bernie's birfday.

Den Gwand-ma make us a booful birfday cake and we have a candle in it and we have a dood birfday party.
We have party hats and all.
We has dood fun.

Luv fwom happy Bernie

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Sad Bernie

Bernie is vewy sad cos no-one say dey comes to Bernie birfday party.
Maybe if me and litta Heidi catches lots of nice mousies to eat den peoples will come??
Love fwom Bernie

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Pussy foots can't stamp

Yesserday when Bernie was cwanky about his birfday, he twy to stamp him foot cos me see some litta boy do dat one day when he was cwanky.
Me wemember dat and me fink "Dat is a dood fing to do if you is cwanky."
So me twy to stamp my foot but pussy foots is soft and dem do not stamp dood. It just hurt.
Dat not fair. Sumtimes pussies be cwanky too and wot dey do den?
Me fink me go and bite sumone. But who I bite? Me do not want to bite my Gwand-ma or my litta Heidi. Me going to find a big stegosauwus and bite it.
Dat what I do.
Wuv fwom Bernie
PS Do anybody know where me can find a big stegosauwus?

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

A mistake

Oh Meow meow Bernie make a mistake.
Bernie birfday is on Fwiday not Fursday. Dwat! Dat means Bernie has to have a extwa four sleeps cos dat how many pussy cat sleeps between Fursday and fwiday.
Now me has to tell all de peoples to come on Fwiday not on Fursday.
Oh Meow meow meow meow.
Wot a noosance.
Luv fwom Bernie

Monday, 10 October 2011

Invitation to my birfday party

Evewybody is invited to Bernie birfday party soon.
It is on Fursday.
An Bernie will have anuvver party when his Mummy comes home.
Two birfday parties cos Bernie is a vewy important pussy cat.
My Katy and my Hughie can come on Skype. Me hope dem got birfday hats to wear.
Luv fwom Bernie

Saturday, 8 October 2011

6 sleeps

Gwand-ma tell Bernie dat it is only 6 sleeps til Bernie have a birfday and he be 10 years old.
Bernie birfday is 14 October. Dat de day Bernie got borned.
Bernie vewy happy about dat.
Heidi been playing wif Wosy lots and lots. Wosy is a dood pussy cat just a litta bit older dan Heidi so dat is why dem is dood fwends.
Dem talks about girl pussy cat fings and dem wuns awound de place.
Me ask Gwand-ma to get a pikcha of dem playin togevver. Dat might be a bit hard cos dem do not stay still togevver. Dem plays chasins.
Gwand-da is still sleepin lots and lots.
Luv fwom Bernie

Friday, 7 October 2011

Sleepin Gwand-da

Gwand-da is sleepin all de time.
Ever since he got back fwom dat place he went, he been sleepin. He got vewy tired dere.
Gwand-ma make dis house vewy tidy and so now Bernie and Heidi is twying to be tidy too.
Bernie say to Litta Heidi, "We must be tidy Heidi"
Heidi say "Why ith you talking in a poem Unca Bernie?"
So Bernie explain about being tidy, and he tell Heidi dat she must sit wif her litta paws lookin cute and wap her tail wound her tidy. She say "Yeth I can do that" and so she wap her tail wound her pwitty and she put her litta paws togever pwitty too.
She a dood tidy Heidi.
Luv fwom Bernie.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

A Litta Problem

Well we is dood fwends wif a litta pussy cat wot lives next door. She is a bwown and black and owange stwipe cat called Wosy but she do not look like a wose. Anyway we is fwends wif her and she comes to our place to play sumtimes.
But - Now Wosy found out dat she likes goin in our house and maybe eat some of Bernie and Heidi dindins.
We do not mind because sometimes you has fwends wot comes to have din dins wif you. Dat is a nice fing so we do not mind if Wosy comes and has din dins wif us cos we is her fwends but when we see her in our house, we all get such a big surpwise dat we makes a big cat fight noise and we all get so fwighten of dat big noise dat Wosy wuns away.
O Meow Meow, wot we do? We always forgets dat Wosy is our fwend and she just comes to visit us like Aunty Mavis and Aunty Kim and Uncle Farver Phil is fwends wot comes to visit sometimes too.
Luv fwom Bernie.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Back to de butlewin

We has a nice day today and dat sun was shining and no wain.
So Bernie can go back to bein de butler again.
Me butled Gwand-ma when she comed home fwom de shops. Me did de welcome bit weal dood. Me woll awound lots and lots.
Den me wun up de parf and bwing her in. Gwand-ma vewy glad dat Bernie is doin de butlewin again cos when it waining, Bernie does not do butlewin. Bernie not silly. Bernie do not like going out in de wain. Today Bernie wun outside after din dins to wait in case someone else comes here and Bernie need to butle dem in.
Luv fwom Bernie

Two more dindin fings

Yesserday Gwandma buy us a nice new litta din din what is in a litta tin. It is vewy yummy and heidi and me bofe love it and we wun to eat it and we has a look on dat shelf to see if got some more. It much nicer dan dat silly din dins what we been eatin.
Bernie catched a mousie and eat him up too. Me bwing him in to Gwand-ma bedwoom to show her but she asleep so me just sit dere near de window and eat him. But he vewy cwunchy and dat cwunchy noise wake Gwand-ma up. She say "Oh Bernie I hope you don't get worms from that mousie" so Bernie do not eat all de mousie tummy in case dere be worms in it.
Heidi was playing wif a water pistol and her toy mouse. She pull de tail off her toy mouse and now we can only find de tail. Heidi leave dat water pistol on Gwand-ma chair where Heidi was sleepin and den Gwand-ma come and sit on it and say "What is that cold wet patch?"
Gwand-ma got wet pants on her bum. Me larf a litta bit but not lots cos dat be norty to larf at gwand-ma wif wet bum (he he he)
Luv fwom Bernie

Saturday, 1 October 2011

More wain and a nice new din dins

Today it be waining all day so we stay inside in fwont of dat heater again.
Gwandma give Heidi and me a new din dins. It a litta taste of a stuff called pea and ham soup. Bernie LOVE it. Bernie eat up all his and all Heidi's cos she dont like it. Den Gwandma give Bernie lots more and me eat dat up too.
It yummy.
Now me knows a new dood din dins wot I like.
Luv fwom Bernie