Saturday, 31 August 2013

Jaffa got outside

Today we could hear a little Jaffa meow. It was a vewy loud Jaffa meow but it sound little. We wun awound twying to find it and den we find out why it sound little. Dat was because she outside and cwying to come inside.
She got outside when someone leave de door open when dem putting cloves on de line.
Den she get vewy fwightened. She jump up and looking in the kitchen window. Gwand-ma open de family woom door and she wun inside. She vewy glad to get inside again cos she say she fink she see de bogey man.
And dat bogey man got annuvver little kitten wot lived acwoss de road from us. It be Isabelle's kitten. Isabelle is a little girl wot live acwoss de woad from us.
My Gwand-ma is going to wing de WSPCA.
Luv fwom Bernie

Friday, 30 August 2013

Good Licks

In one of Bernie blog entwies me said dat Jaffa jump on Bernie. Dat is still twue but it do not bovver Bernie any more because she only jump on me so she can weach up and lick Bernie on de face. It very hard for a pussy cat to lick dem own face and get it clean so it is vewy useful when annuvver pussy cat what is a dood fwend or wot is your little sister do it for you.
Bernie like dat even if it do tickle.
De mans came and dem started to build our noo fence but so far we only got two new posts.
When it finished, Bernie will ask my Gwand-ma or my Mummy to take a pikcha so me can show all my blog weaders.
Luv fwom Bernie

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Outside Inside

Bernie likes to go outside sometimes but de cat doors is blocked over so dat little Jaffa will not go outside.
Sometimes Bernie pushes somefing out of de way so me can go out or come in.
Mostly me has to sit at de door and wait until someone lets me out. Bernie spends a lot of time sitting at a door outside, saying "Miaow" vewy loudly and vewy politely and dat means "Please let me in please".
Today me just gone outside and it start to wain.
Oh Bovver! me do not want to get wet.
Just then Gwand-da going somewhere and me hear dat Gawage door opening up.
Bernie wun awound vewy fast and wun in de gawage door but you know what? Dat door fwom de gawage into de laundwy was shut.
Oh Bovver again.
So Bernie sitting dere yelling out "Miaow Miaow" and dem wuns awound to all de doors to see where Bernie was. But Gwand-ma undertstand dat "Miaow miaow" means "Me is in de gawage" so she open dat door.
Bernie is very glad dat me taught Gwand-ma how to understand cat language.
Luv from Bernie

Monday, 19 August 2013

To de vet

Jaffa went to de vet and have her last injekshuns.
Now she had dem all.
She still got her wee pwoblem but Gwand-ma got mixed up about dat so tomowwow she wing de vet and tell him dat she do still have it. Gwand-ma fought she was getting better but she is not.
Jaffa and Bernie is getting to be fwends. We give each uvver little licks. Jaffa have such a little tongue dat when she give Bernie a little lick, it tickle. It more like a lickle dan a lick. Dem is tickle lickles.
Sometimes she come up ahind Bernie and smell Bernie bum. Next time she do dat, me might fart. Me do not do dat on purpose. Me could not help it. It just because me get nervous when someone looking closely at my bum.
Luv fwom Bernie.

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Annuvver place to do wee

Jaffa found annuvver place to do a little wee.
It is wight in de middle of de barf mat.
First she did one in de ensuite and gwand-da saw her. She sit in de middle of dat barf mat and do a wee and den she vewy carefully fold de corners over to cover up her wee.
Then a few days later she do de same fing in de barf woom and den my Mummy saw her.
She do a wee in de middle of de barf mat and den she cover it up by putting de corners neatly over de middle.
She finks nobody knows she do a wee dere if she cover it over.
But we know cos we can smell it.
We always has to wash barf mats.
Luv fwom Bernie wot do him wee outside in de yard like a clever dood pussy cat.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

A dwinking fountain

When Polly was sick we buy her a dwinking fountain cos some pussy cats likes to dwink water wot is twickling along instead of water wot is staying still.
Now Uncle Tim gave us dat dwinking fountain when Polly gone to pussy cast Heaven.
De vet say dat Jaffa has to dwink lots of water so my Gwand-ma get dat fountain out and we give it a vewy dood clean and we put it dere for Jaffa.
She likes dat dwinking fountain but she still do not dwink out of it. She just likes to look at it.
She is a bit silly.
Bernie say "Hey Jaffa you is supposed to dwink out of it"
She say "Why don't you drink out of it then?"
Bernie say "Cos me do not like to dwink water wot is still alive"
Bernie will keep watching and see if she ever dwink out of it.
Luv fwom Bernie

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

My little sister

We all decided dat Bernie does not be Jaffa's Daddy cos my Mummy do not want to be a gwand muvver. So now Jaffa is my little sister and my Mummy is being her Mummy too. Me likes having a little sister. Sometimes she goes to sleep on de bed or de sofa next to Bernie. Sometimes she jump on Bernie and dat bovvers me but she do not bite my tail.
Jaffa found de twee in de fwont entwance foyer and she climbing up it. And she find dem white stones in dat pot wot dat twee stands in and she scoop dem on the floor. Dat noisy and it makes a mess. Bernie tell her "Do not do dat little Jaffa. Dem is supposed to stay in dat pot" Den she stop doing dat.
Bernie has to ask Hughie about sisters. Hughie, WOt do bwuvvers do wif sisters? do dems play dood all de time?
Luv fwom Bernie

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Jaffa lets Bernie eat her tweats

When Jaffa is a dood girl and takes her medicine and tablets dood, sje is allowed to have some of dem yummy tweats. But she do not like dem yummy tweats so she lets Bernie eat dem.
Bernie finks dat Jaffa is vewy sick and maybe she will need lots and lots and lots of medicines.
Tonight Bernie is having a vewy nice head scwatch while me is witing my blog. My Gwand-ma gives it to me.
It make Bernie purrr and purrr and now me going to finish my blog for tonight so Gwand-ma can give me lots of cuddles.
Luv fwom Bernie

Friday, 9 August 2013

Jaffa is sick

Today my Gwand-ma take Jaffa to see de vet. She sick. First of all she stop doing wee in her litter box. Gwand-ma found out dat when a dood pussy cat stops using de kitty litter to do wee but still do poops in it, dat means her wee hurts and she fink it is because dat kitty litter hurts.
Den Gwand-ma notice dat when Jaffa wants to do a wee she cwies and wuns awound and den she has to stop and do dat hurting wee and den Gwand-ma see dat her wee is dark bwown and it should be yellow. So all dat means dat Jaff is sick. So Gwand-ma take her to de vet and him say yes she is sick and all wot Gwand-ma said is twue. Him say she got a infection so she has to have tablets and medicines.
Dat vet  wot is called Uncle Lloyd, said dat dere be  two kinds of fings wot makes her sick like dat but we has to get some of her wee so de vet can do a test and see which one it is so we got de medicines to fix bofe of dem sicks.
Poor little Jaffa. It is not nice when doing a wee hurts a tiny little fing like dat pussy cat.
Bernie is taking speshul care of her and me gives her cuddles.
Luv fwom Bernie

A lovely warm place to lie down and woll awound

Today Bernie found a vewy warm place to have a nice little woll awound on de gwound.
It just near our letter box out on de woad. Dat woad feel nice and warm so me had a nice woll awound on it and put my legs up in de air.
Gwand-ma was standing at de fwont door yelling at me dat a car will wun over me. She silly. Dere was not any cars coming. and anyway dere be lots of woom for dem to go awound Bernie.
But just den a lady come past wif two yukky puppy dogs. Dem was wunning awound evewywhere wif her.
Bernie had to get up and wun inside before dem come past.
What a noosance.!
Luv fwom Bernie

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

What happening now

Well you knows how Bernie likes to go out de door and take a quiet walk awound de parf all de way awound de house and den me goes in annuvver door.
Dat just a little fing dat Bernie likes to do for exercise and to check up dat evewy fing is OK awound de house.
Now little Jaffa has found out dat she likes to sit on de windowsill in my Gwand-ma and Gwand-da bedwoom and look out de window. She quite like doing dat so evewy day she sit dere for a little while.
Well yesserday she get a big surpwise.
She sitting dere on dat window sill and having a little look at what is happening outside when all of a sudden she see Bernie walking wound de corner on my little walk awound de house. She nearly fall off de window sill because she get such a surpwise. She looking at Bernie and Bernie look up at her and we says hello and den Bernie keep walking past and me go wound de uvver corner and den she couldn't see me any more.
Luv fwom Bernie.