Wednesday, 31 July 2013

A quiet time wif Gwand-ma

Dat Jaffa has been wunning awound silly and Bernie likes to be a little bit quiet sometimes so me gone into my Gwand-ma study and me sitting on her desk while she doing some work on her  'puter and me having a quiet west.
Me put my paw on Gwand-ma arm cos dat is how me give her a little pat.
She gone to bed now so me do my blog and den me can go to bed too.
Luv fwom Bernie

Monday, 29 July 2013

Aunty Lily knitting

Aunty Lily buy a magazine what has two balls of wool, some knitting needles, and a DVD what tells you how to knit.
It got de magazine too.  My Mummy buy dat magazine too. It be a coincidence dat my Mummy and my Aunty Lily bofe buy it.
My Aunty Lily start knitting. Her Mummy teach her when she was a vewy little girl about as big as Katy.
My Gwand-ma see her knitting when she gone to visit and she take a pikcha of her. She say dat Aunty Lily knit vewy vewy neat. Dem vewy surpwised cos she did not knit for years and years.
Now tonight she wing up and ask my Mummy a question. She say she put her knitting down in de middle of a wow and now she do not know which diwection she going. My Mummy tell her how to figure dat out. My Mummy is de cleverwest knitting Mummy in de world.
My Aunty Lily say dat two balls of wool was not enough to finish what she knitting so she tell Uncle Tim to go to de shop and buy 6 more copies of dat magazine.
'Now what do she do wif six more magazines, 6 more pairs of de same needles and 6 more DVDs all de same?
Now dat a pwoblem.
Why don't Aunty Lily just buy some more wool? Dat vewy funny but akchally it cheaper to buy de magazine wif de wool dan to buy de wool on it own. Maybe dat why she do dat.
Anyway she might give dem DVD's to my Mummy so she can put dem in de school libwarwy so de childwen can learn how to knit wif dem.
Luv fwom Bernie.

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Sekwets evewywhere

My Hughie has lots of sekwets.
One is about a sumfing what he is going to get for a vewy little someone telling her how to do sumfing but Bernie is not allowed to tell her.
Bernie is vewy excited about dat sekwet.
And My Gwand-ma tell Hughie a sekwet what him is allowed to tell peoples if him wants to but it do not happen for a long time.
But Bernie do  not like dat sekwet for a speshul weason.
Dis is annuver sekwet what my Mummy do not know
De uvver mornin my Gwand-ma hear a vewy loud  " Baaaaaa" outside de bedwoom window. She call Gwand-da and him come wunning in and look out but nuffing dere. Den Gwand-da wun out and look out de fwont door and five big big Baaa sheep is in our garden eating our plants. Gwand-da shooo dem away and dem eat de clover in de gwass.
Little Jaffa look out de fwont door and see dem big sheepses.  She get such a big fwight. She wun back inside weal fast and jump on Gwand-ma bed so she can get a big cuddle.
We do not want Jaffa to go outside so we always tells her dere be a big bogey man outside. Now we glad she see dem big sheep cos now she fwightened to go outside.
Luv fwom Bernie

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Minding 'Puters

My Mummy leave her 'puter on de kitchen table and my Gwand-ma leave her  'puter  in de cwaft woom. Bernie was vewy busy minding dem 'puters cos  'puters does not like being  in a diffwent place. Me had a big long sleep all day on my Mummy 'puter and somefing  went silly wif it but my Mummy fix it. Dat was because a norty bogey man twy to pinch it but Bernie bite him and him wun away.
Aunty Kim be here and Gwand-da helps her wif sumfing.
Little Jaffa find a plastic cwate full of balls of wool and she get de top off it again and she get all de balls of wool out and put dem wound de house again. She loves dem balls of wool. She finks she is a knitting pussy cat.
Bernie say "Look you is suppoed to knit wif knitting needles" so den she twy to pick dem up but dem is too fin so she twy to use a pencil. What a silly pussy cat.
Luv fwom Bernie

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Bernie helps wif embwoiderwy

Gwand-ma is making some pwetty embwoiderwy for my Katy.
She get out all de embwoiderwy cottons and she say "Oh No. Where is Hughie? I need Hughie to mind these cottons like he did when we were doing the embroidery on his skivvie"
But Hughie gone home so Gwandma just put dem cottons on de table and dem wolling awound evewywhere.
Den Bernie say "Wait a minute Gwand-ma, Bernie got a dood fing what you can have." Me wun to de cupboard and me get de egg carton what me had when me was hatching googie eggs,
"Me bwing it to Gwand-ma and say "You can put dem in dis"
So Gwand-ma cut it and make a dood fing for holding cottons out of it.
It called a "egg cotton"
Luv fwom Bernie

Monday, 15 July 2013

Sumfing not fair

Evewybody wousing at Bernie when Bernie bite Jaffa on de back of de neck.
But Bernie do not hurt her and anyway she want Bernie to do dat.
She make a speshul mew mew mew noise to Bernie and she put her tummy on de gwound and her bum in de air and she say "Get on me and play a dood game wif me" and so Bernie playing dat game what Jaffa likes and evewybody wousing at Bernie.
Dem is silly. Dem do not know what Bernie and Jaffa talking about to each uvver.
Bernie knows cos Bernie talk pussy cat.
Luv fwom Bernie

Thursday, 11 July 2013

A vewy embawwassing visit

Bernie was looking forward to seeing my Katy and my Hughie.
Den when dem come Bernie get vewy excited and got all mixed up.
Dem makes lots more noise and Bernie did not know dat Katys and Hughies makes noise. Dat made Bernie get all discombobobobulated.
Me twy to give my Aunty Liz some lovely Bernie smell to take home in de case and me do a special little wee in de case but den devewybody tell Bernie dat is norty so me vewy embawwassed. Me vewy sowwy about dat.
My Miss Beff what Bernie luvs and luvs give me some dood cuddles so dat make Bernie feel a little bit better. Miss Beff knows Bernie cos she visited before and so Bernie not fwightened of her.
Den Bernie got all mixed up cos of de noise and lots of peoples wunning awound and dat fwighten poor old Bernie and me wouse at little Jaffa lots and lots. Oh miaow miaow miaow it not Jaffa fault. Bernie just all mixed up. And evewybody wouse at Bernie again.
Now dem gone home and it be quiet again here and me and Jaffa had a little talk and a cuddle and we fwends again and Jaffa say "Don't worry Bernie Daddy, you did not hurt little Jaffa."
Next time my Katy and my Hughie comes to visit Bernie has to wemember dat people is much noisier when you see dem dan on de blog or on de puter in dat Skype.
Me hopes my Katy and my Hughie still luvs deir Bernie fwend.
Bernie is going to help Gwand-ma to find dood embwoiderwies to put on dem cloves for my Katy and my Hughie.
Luv fwom Bernie

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Are dey here yet?

Are dey here yet?

Are dey here yet?

Are dey here yet?

Are dey here yet?

Are dey here yet?

Saturday, 6 July 2013

One more sleep

Doodness gwashus, it is only one more sleep before my Katy and my Hughie comes to visit me. Dat vewy exciting. Bernie goes to sleep now.
Nigh night.
Luv fwom Bernie

Friday, 5 July 2013

A gigantic cat door

A amazing fing happen. Dem cars is inside de house. Cars is not supposed to dwive inside a house. Dat vewy stwange.
Dem has a vewy big gigantice huge enormous cat door and it go up and let dem cars go in and out.
When someone comes home in a car, Bernie wun out to meet dem cos Bernie is de butler.
But de car just slow down and den dat big cat door open up and de car dwive in de house.
Oh Miaow Miaow miaow. What happen next.
Bernie get all  discombobulated now.
Luv fwom  befuddled Bernie

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Wool evewywhere

My Gwand-ma puts all de balls of wool in plastic boxes wif lids. Jaffa find one wifout a lid on tight so she get a ball of wool out and put wool all wound de house. Dat one was a gween one.
Den she go back and get annuver ball of wool and put more wool all wound de house. Dat time it was a pale blue one.  Den she go back and get annuver ball of wool wot is dark blue  and put more wool all wound de house.  Den she go back and get annuver ball of wool wot is annuvver pale blue one and put more wool all wound de house.Den she go back and get annuver ball of wool and put more wool all wound de house. Dat was a little one wif blue and gween togevver on it. Den she go back and get annuver ball of wool and put more wool all wound de house. Dat time it was a mauve one. Den she go back and get annuver ball of wool and put more dark blue wool all wound de house. Den she go back and get annuver ball of wool and put more wool all wound de house. Dat time it was a purple wool. Den she got a bill ball of silver wool but she do not unwavel dat one she just fink it is a big ball.  She say she is knitting a carpet.
What a silly kitten.
Luv fwom Bernie