Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Jaffa's Birfday

Yesserday was Jaffa's birfday. She was 2 years old. If she was a human bean she would be 21. First Gwand-ma singed happy birfday to Jaffa. Den Bernie singed "miaowy miaow day". Jaffa fink dat is vewy funny and she larf and larf. When she larf, her bell wings. Dat makes her larf more. Dat makes her bell wing more and dat makes her larf more. And dat makes her bell wing more and dat makes her larf more and den she get de hiccups. Dat stopped de larfin. So den she wun into de sewing woom. Katy bed is still dere so Jaffa likes to sleep on it so she can wemember Katy smell so she will wemember Katy next time Katy comes to visit. She had a nice sleep on dat bed.
She will not be happy today cos Gwand-da say he is going to put dat bed back in de gawage. Poor Jaffa. She wants to keep sleeping on it. Maybe someone will make her a speshul bed in dere.
Luv fwom Bernie

Monday, 2 February 2015

Katy gone home

My Katy came to visit. Bernie did not do my blog for a long time because I forgot my password. Now Gwand-ma weminded me what it is.
We had dood fun wif Katy visiting. Jaffa has been getting to know her. Jaffa does not like new people but she likes Katy. Katy knew just how to pat her and talk to her gently so she will get to know her and do not be fwightened.
Now I have to tell Jaffa dat Katy has gone home. I hope she do not cwy.
Katy has gone in dat new car what was here. Katy said it is called Clive and it is going to be her Daddy's car so they are dwiving it all the way to Tasmania and they are going over the water in a boat. Bernie VEWY GLAD that he does not have to go wif them because Bernie do not like going in a boat.
Gwand-ma went in hospital and came out again fast.
Gwand-da is sad now cos Katy and my Mummy is gone. Bernie has to give him lots of cuddles.
Bernie let Katy bwing my favourwite toy to give it to my cousin Q. Gwand-ma will have to buy a new one for Bernie.
Now Bernie has to go a do cuddles.
Luv fwom Bernie