Monday, 31 December 2012


Evewybody likes dem pwesents vewy much. Aunty Kim bwing Tilly a pwesent what is a tunnel for her to wun in. She play in it  lots and lots.
Me was vewy glad dat Gwand-ma send dat slidey fing to my Katy and my Hughie cos Bernie do not like playing wif fings wot got water.
Our garden is turning into a pwetty garden and Tilly and Bernie does lots of helping. My Gwand-ma say soon she put a pikcha of it on de internet so evewybody can see it.
Luv fwom Bernie

Thursday, 27 December 2012

We had a Kwismuss

We had a Kwismuss. My Aunty Lily and Uncle Tim came to visit. Aunty Lily is fwightenedf of Tilly cos Tilly might scwatch her.
Santa Claus come and put some pwesents in a stocking wif a pussy cat on it for Tilly and me.
Bernie got a handbag of him own cos me likes handbags.
Tilly got some more balls and a little playing mousie to chase.
We also got some packets of Tweats what we like.
We has to keep Tilly out of dat lounge woom so she do not pull de Kwismuss twee down.
Aunty Lily do some weeding in our garden. She love doing weeding.
Luv fwom bernie

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Saw a birdie

Today Bernie saw a birdie out de door. Me wanted to get out quickly so my Gwand-ma move dat little table away from de cat door so me can wun out quickly. De birdie fly away but dat did not matter.
Tilly was playing outside a bit today but she always wun  back inside quickly. She is getting a bit good.
Luv fwom bernie

Nuffing to talk about

Nuffing to talk about so here it is:
Luv fwom Bernie

Monday, 17 December 2012

Getting to be a bit better

Today Tiily show dat she can spend some time wif Bernie and do not bite my tail.  She was eating her dindins. And she did not push Bernie away because she always wants to eat him Dinner instead of her dindins
Dis is a dood pikcha of us having dindins togevver.

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Bernie miaow getting better

When Bernie say miaow it starting to sound a bit better.
Me only has to have dat medicine one more time and den me finished it all.
Today when Tilly bovver me, my Mummy turn on dat little puppy dog what goes Woof woof wooof wooof woof and den Tilly wun away. She fwightened of it.
Luv fwom Bernie

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Tilly getting to be a little bit good

Tilly did not annoy Bernie so much today. Sometimes she sit dere and watch and do not bite Bernie tail. Dat is vewy dood.
Bernie is getting a little bit better. Dat is because me is a dood pussy cat and take my medicine vewy dood.
A fwend made us a nice dinn er and bwing it wound to our place cos Gwand-da help her do her assignment and she got a dood mark. Den Aunty Mavis come to visit and she have some of dat din dins too.
Tomowwow Gwand-ma and my Mummy goes to see Beff. Uncle Tim and Aunty Lily dwive her to Harden to meet dem and dem has dindins dere.
Bernie sad cos Bernie cannot go.
Me does not like widing in de car.
But Uncle Tim and Aunty Lily coming de next weekend to visit us for Kwissmuss. Dat dood.
Luv fwom Bernie

Friday, 14 December 2012

A quiet day for sick Bernie

Today my Gwand-da take my Gwand-ma somewhere early in de morning and my Mummy gone to school. Before she gone to school, my Mummy make sure dat Tilly and Bernie is in differwent parts of de house.
Dat so Tilly cannot bovver Bernie.
When my Gwand-da and my Gwand-ma comes home dem still keeps her away fwom Bernie.
When we wants to get wid of her we puts her in de lounge woom and tells her to play wif de Kwissmuss Twee.
Dat a dood plan.
Luv fwom Bernie

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Bernie is sick

Bernie got a vewy stwange voice. When me say Miaow it sound vewy stwange.
My Mummy take me to de vet. De vet say me got a sore fwoat or me got a fywoid pwoblem. My little fywoid is bigger but dat might be because me is getting to be a old pussy cat.
Dat vet give me some medicine.
Now evewy  time Tilly bovvers Bernie, Gwand-ma and Gwand-da puts her in de cat basket cos she not allowed to annoy poor sick Bernie.
Luv fwom Bernie

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Kwismuss Twee scwuffle plonk

My Gwand-ma and Aunty Mavis put de Kwismuss twee up and den my Gwand-ma and my Mummy put some decorwations on it.
Tilly help dem.
She tell Bernie she help dem but Bernie do not fink she is a dood helping pussy cat.
First she climb wite up dat twee and a little black and white face looking out of dat twee.
Den my Mummy puts pwetty wound balls on de twee and Tilly push dem off and chase dem wound de woom and out de door and down de hall. Wumble wumble wumble plonk when dem hit de wall.
Den a visitor lady come and Gwand-da bwing her in de lounge to see de pwetty Kwismuss twee but Oh dear it not a pwetty kwissmuss twee. It a scwaggy ol waggy kwismuss twee. De pwetty gold chains hanging down de side and de baubles all over de place but not on de twee.
If we wants to have a pwetty kwismuss twee we needs to keep dat Tilly off it.
Luv fwom Bernie.

Monday, 10 December 2012

Gardening talk

My Gwand-ma and my Gwand-da was outside in de fwont garden pulling out de weeds. Bernie was helping. Me watch to make sure dey do not pull out any dood flowows.
My Gwand-ma was bending over wif her bum pointing to de woad past our house.
Aunty Mavis dwive past in her new little white car and she blow de horn at us.
My Gwand-ma say "Oh she is a naughty Aunty Mavis. She blow her horn at my bum. But dat alwight. Me farted back at her"
Luv fwom Bernie

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Miaowing at de door

Dis blog is just like sitting and miaowing at de door. No body comes only sometimes my Mummy comes and sometimes my Gwand-ma or my Gwand-da. In future, Bernie do not wite a blog until he get a weply to de last one.
Luv fwom bernie

Friday, 7 December 2012

Anuvver Day

Anuvver Day come.
Dat always happen after de night.
How come dat always happen?
Maybe one day we has anuvver night  after de night. Dat be a dood change.
Luv fwom  Bernie

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Working OK

Dis plan of keeping Tilly away fwom Bernie is working OK. However, sometimes Bernie hear her cwying cos she want to play wif Bernie. Dat makes Bernie sad. Bernie will like to play wif her but not get my tail bitten. Maybe soon she learn to play a bit quiet.
Today Bernie stay outside a lot. Me stay in my Mummy courtyard. My Gwand-ma bwing me speshul dindins out dere and me also has a speshul bowl of water on de vewandah.  It quite nice out dere. Bernie finds a nice cool pwivate place to have a little sleep.
Luv fwom Bernie

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Pwotecting Bernie

Evewyone  had a talk and dey decided dat dey will pwotect Bernie fwom dat norty Tilly.
She not weally norty because she is just a baby pussy cat but she annoy poor Bernie. She do not give Bernie any peace. She likes to bite Bernie's tail all de time and Bernie do not like getting him tail bit.
So now Bernie stay up one end of de house and Tilly stay de uvver end. Sometimes when someone minds Tilly so she can't annoy Bernie, den we allowed in de same part of de house.
Me hopes dis idea works.
Luv fwom Bernie

Monday, 3 December 2012

Kwismus cloves

My Gwand-ma is making some nice Kwismus cloves for my Katy and my Hughie. Dem kwismus cloves is for dem to wear to Kwismus parties and Kwismus shopping and all dem Kwismus fings what dey do.
Bernie liked dose cloves so much dat me had a dood sleep on dem and decorwate dem wif Bernie Kwismus fur.
Luv  fwom Bernie

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Waining and fings

My Gwand-ma keeps dat naughty kitten called Tilly away fwom Bernie because she is very naughty and she bovvers Bernie.
De uvver day in de night time, Bernie went out and caught a little bunny wabbit. Bernie bwought it inside to show everybody and dey all scweamned for my Mummy to come quick and dey make Bernie let go of it. My Mummy pick it up and pet it but my Gwand-ma say "It dead. It's neck is bwoke". Bernie bite dat bunny hard wound its neck. Me wanted to show Tilly what happen to her if she keep bovverwing Bernie.
My Mummy wouse at me but Bernie do not care. Bernie got lots a farmer fwends and dem do not like Bunny Wabbits.
Luv fwom Bernie

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Big storm

Today we had a vewy big storm and a big twee blow down acwoss de woad. Dat is all
Luv fwom bernie

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Too hot day

Today is a too hot Day.
Aunty Lily try to weed de garden but Gwand-ma and Gwand-da tell her to stop doin dat cos she will get a sun stwoke.
So she come inside and eat some chewwies.
Me do not want to wite any more blog cos it too hot.
Luv fwom Bernie
PS Me can still luv peoples even when it is hot.

Friday, 23 November 2012

Evewyone tired

Today evewybody be tired except my Mummy gone to school.
Dat naughty Tilly scwatch my Gwand-ma vewy bad so when my Mummy come home she clip Tilly claws. She do it gently and do not cut in de bit what hurt but Tilly still do not like getting it done. She bite hard.
But now she is OK and Berni twying to tell her not to scwatch.
Luv fwom bernie

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Kwismus cards

Today Gwand-ma and Gwand-da was witing out Kwismus cards for all de fwends. Bernie wanted to wite on  some cards for Bernie fwends too so Bernie find some nice ones and me wite on dem for my best fwends.

It take me a long time to wite on dem cos it hard for pussy cats to hold a pen. My Gwand-ma had to help me but we got it done and my Gwand-ma wite de addwess on de envelope.
My Gwand-da say him will buy some dood Kwismus stamps to put on Bernie cards.
Now me wait and see if anybody send Bernie some kwismus cards.
Heee heeee. Tilly do not even know about Kwismus. What will she fink of de Kwismus Twee.
Oh Oh Bernie knows what she will fink!  Here come kwismus twee balls evewywhere.
Luv fwom Bernie

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

long plastic sausages

Some mans came yesserday and dig holes in de fwont garden. Den dey put pipes in dem. Den dey cover dem up. Maybe dem pipes is dead and dat why dey buwwied. Today annuver man came and put long bwown plastic sausages all over our garden. He say dem is hoses and dey will water our garden whenever we tell it to. He put de instwuctions in de box and now dat hose knows when to water our garden. Dat vewy clever. Bernie fink dat is vewy dood because now my Gwand-ma and my Gwand-da and my Mummy does not have to get de hose and water de garden. And you know why dat is dood? Dat is dood because sometimes when dey is waterwing de garden dey gets mixed up and dey accidentally on purpose waters Bernie.
Now de hoses and pipes what de mans put in our garden yesserday and today is clipped in place and dem cannot jump up and water poor little Bernie.
Me vewy pleased about dat.
Luv fwom bernie

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Dwiving me nuts

Dat Tilly is dwiving me nuts.
Bernie is sick of getting his tail bit. Tilly finks it is a funny game to bite Bernie tail but Bernie do not want to play dat game any more.
Please tell Tilly dat Bernie is sick of dat silly Tilly game.
Gwand-ma put some of Bernie dindins up on a high bench what is too high for Tilly to jump up to so Bernie can jump up dere and get away fwom silly Tilly.
Today my Uncle Matt come to visit because he got Tilly's bwuvver pussy cat what is called Basil and Basil is now Uncle Matt's cat. So we is welated to each uvver now by cat.
My Gwand-ma and my Mummy and my Gwand-da is covered wif scwatches fwom dat naughty little pussy cat what do not pull her claws in yet.
Sometimes she be vewy soft and gentle and pat someone very soft wif no claws out but she has to learn to do dat all de time. Oh dear. Me suppose it is Bernie job to teach her dat.
Luv fwom Bernie

Monday, 19 November 2012

A adventure

Today Bernie decided dat me wanted to have a adventure.
But me did not know what sort of a adventure.
Maybe Bernie could twy and find buwied tweasure.
So me went awound looking for places dat Bernie could dig in. Bernie looked all fwough de house and de only place dat Bernie could find dat me could dig in was Tilly's kitty litter.
Well Bernie digged in dat and Oh my Oh yukky my! Me found sumting what was definitely NOT tweasure.
Oh Poopy poo. No dood buwied tweasure dere.
So den me went out fwough de cat door and looked under some of de mulch what de peoples put evewywhere.
No buwied tweasure dere. Just hard gwound and some weeds.
Oh dear. Dis was not turning out to be a dood adventure.
Den Bernie looked in his Mummy vegabul garden. Guess what me found? Me found a dood tweasure for my Mummy.
It called a onion.
My Mummy likes dat so me found a dood buwied tweasure after all.
Luv fwom Bernie

Sunday, 18 November 2012


Today Bernie was vewy busy helping wif de garden.
First me had to watch Gwand-ma waterwing de garden for a long time.
Den me had to watch Gwand-da weeding de garden.
Dat taked all morning.
Den Bernie was tired out so me had to have a sleep. Bernie decided dat he would have a dood sleep in de garden so dat what me did.
Luv fwom Bernie

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Quiet day

Evewybody has a quiet day today. We is still wecovewing fwom all de work to make de house nice and cook lots of fings for de ladies what came to visit.
Dem was dood ladies cos dem washed up after it.
Now we is making sure dat de house looks vewy nice and clean and tidy and we is taking pikchas of our dood house so we can put dem on flickr.
Den my Katy and my Hughie and my Saffy and my Uncle Matt can see dis house. But Uncle Matt alweady saw it when him come to visit.
And guess what!
My Uncle Matt gone and got one one Tilly's bwuvvers to live wif him. It was a little boy kitten called Basil. Now we is welated to my Uncle Matt by cat.
Luv fwom Bernie

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Lots of ladies

Lots of ladies come today and farver  Fil. Dey walk awound de house and spwinkles holywater. But Bernie cannot see any holes in it. Gwand-ma tell Farver  Fil dat de blessings should be much bigger in hot wevva and him should spwinkle lots of water not just a little bit. Bernie happy for just a little bit.
Den evewybody has arfternoon tea and de cakes we made turns into lots more cakes cos dem ladies bwings hundweds of cakes.
Evewybody loves little Tilly. She wun awound and show dem how bootiful she is. Den she fall asleep on a lady's bag.
Now evewybody gone home so we can have a dood west.
Luv fwom Bernie

Busy Day

Evewybody was vewy bsy today getting weady for someting tomorow what Bernie do not know what it is.
Lots of ladies coming to visit.
Bernie had to mind Tilly.
Me give her lots of licks and cuddles and she likes dat.
She likes cuddles fwom evewybody.
She climb wight up someones twousers and on to de person's shoulders or head. If de person is not wearing twousers you will hear a big yelling noise what sounds like "oooOwwww Tilly dat is my legs you are putting your claws into."
She just likes to have cuddles so she climbs up and gets a cuddle when she wants one.
Dat a dood idea.
Luv fwom Bernie

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Beam her out Scottie

Hee hee, Bernie and my Gwand-ma and my Gwand-da and my Mummy is all laughing at a little joke.
Dat little Tilly goes in de little tunnel to de cat door. She do not know it is a door what can push open to go outside.
She see Bernie go in it and den she wun up and get in it but Bernie not dere. Bernie gone outside. She do not know how Bernie gone outside. She fink it magic.
She look all wound it inside dere to find a magic hole but she can't find one.
One day when she get bigger she might bump dat door and den she find out.
Luv fwom Bernie

Monday, 12 November 2012

Just hangin awound

Bernie do not do much today. me just hangin awound. We has to be careful because dat little kitten  called Tilly nearly learned how to go out de cat door. If she go out she might get lost and we do not want dat to happen.
Gwand-da speshully  like dis little kitten because she wemind him of him vewy own speshul favwite pussy cat called Aussie.
Here is a pikcha of Aussie so you can see how him look like Tilly. Aussie had a pikcha of de shape of Austwalia on him face. Dat why him called Aussie. It a bit hard to see.


Sunday, 11 November 2012

Git it a bit wong

Bernie finks dat little pussy cat called Tilly has got a bit mixed up. She has a funny way of eating out of our double bowls. My Mummy take a picture so Bernie can show all his dood fwends what he means.
Hmmm we has to tell her somehow.
Luv fwom Bernie

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Wash dat bum

Me forgot to tell evewyone.
Yesserday me found out dat de little kitten called Tilly what come to live here do not know how to wash her bum.
So Bernie wash it for her.
Me wash and wash it for a long time until it nice and clean.
She just stand dere and let Uncle Bernie wash it. Me do not want to be her Daddy cos my Mummy do not want to be a Gwand-ma.
So now Tilly has a clean bum.
Today our fwend come to visit.
He is Kyroun and he is 10 years old and he knows all about pussy cats and he is playing wif Tilly. Dem is having dood fun and so dat means Tilly stop twying to catch Bernie tail. Fank goodness.
Luv from Bernie.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

A sad fing what happened

When Bernie was not doing his blog, a vewy sad fing happened.
Dat bootiful pussy cat called Polly got vewy sick and died.
My Uncle Tim and my Aunty Lily bring her here and she is buwied in our garden. She has a nice blue bird barf on her gwave. My Gwand-ma said it is not finished yet so she is not going to give me a picture for it until it is all finished. We will get a little sign wif witing  (writing) on it to say what it is.
Evewybody was vewy sad and we all was cwying.
We did plant some speshul flower bushes near it what birdies love so dem will come to dat bird barf. Polly loves birdies.
Luv fwom Bernie.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Dat kitten still here

Dat kitten called Tilly is still here. She learning how to give Bernie a kiss. She wun awound evewywhere vewy fast. Dere is a little black ball of fur wunning awound wif a teeny tiny tail sticking up. She always wanting cuddles and she cwawl down de fwont of my Mummy dwess and peak out de top and play peep bo wif Bernie.
I fink she belong to Gwand-da cause him fink of her name and she nearly knows her name alweady.
She knows how to use dat kitty litter which is dood cause we does not want to clean up a mess.
She has her dindins in Gwand-ma and Gwand-da ensuite and Bernie sneak in dere and have a little taste. It taste OK. It is baby kitten dindins.
But you know what? She has a taste of Bernie big pussy cat dindins too sometimes. But Bernie does not wouse at her. She do not eat much cause her tummy is too little.
Well now you knows all about Tilly,
Luv fwom Bernie

Monday, 5 November 2012

Back to de blog

Well Bernie did not post to his blog for a long time because me was vewy busy.
Me was hatching some little chickens and my Mummy take some pikchas but she did not give dem to me yet so me cannot put dem on my blog.
Today we got a new someone come to live wif us.
It is a tiny tiny little kitten and it is a girl kitten called Tilly.
Me twy to give her a kiss but she do not kiss me back so me hiss at her.
My Mummy say she too little to know about kisses for stwange big boy cats.
Bernie will find a pikcha of her so me can put it on my blog but you do not need a pikcha if you can fink about a fat fuwy tummy - (black fur) wiggling awound wif four tiny little legs and a tiny tail and dere is also a tiny head wif dark gwey eyes. - and a big puwwy noise..
Luv fwom Bernie

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Planted dem parsnips

Today my Mummy and me planted dem parsnips and we give all de new seeds lots of dwinks. My Gwand-ma and Bernie give de martoes a dwink cos my Mummy lying down. She got a tummy ache.
We have a look at some little plants we made a long time ago and dem is gwowing dood. But we got dem mixed up and we do not know what colour dem is. We has to wait and see what colour dem is when dey gets little flowows.
It vewy complicated to be a gwowing fings person especially when you is a pussy cat.
Love fwom Bernie


Monday, 1 October 2012


Today my Mummy plant some fings in her garden. Dem is cawwots and wadishes and swedes. Tomowwow we will plant parsnips but dem is having a barf first. Dat what you has to do before you plant dem parsnips. You let dem have a dood dwink first.
My Gwand-ma sits in a chair and watch. She too sick to do anyfing. Her back still hurting and her tummy and her leg. Gwand-da spend nearly all day in bed cos he has to do lots of westing to get better fwom a opewation.
Farver Phil come and visit and Gwand-ma goes and lies down in bed and so Gwand-da sits on Gwand-ma chair and Farver Phil gets a chair and dem sitting dere watching my Mummy. My Mummy weed awound de lemon twees and give dem some dindins and a big dwink. My Mummy is de boss of de back garden where we gwows food.
Maybe my Mummy will know about how to gwow chookies.
Luv fwom Bernie


Sunday, 30 September 2012

waiting in de dark

Bernie was sitting in de study wif de light off. Me was waiting to use de 'puter but me could not see it dood enough cos de light was off.
Now my Gwand-ma came in and turn de light on and got a book and me said a quick "Miaow" wot means "Sanks you for turning de light on. Now me can wite my blog."
Today we did lots of westing. Evewybody needs to west so dem can get better.
My Gwand-ma fought Bernie was going to go and catch some little birdies but me weally went outside and had a dood sleep in de best sunny corner on de back patio. Pussy cats always find de best place to sleep.
Me did not do any more egg hatching today cos my Mummy put dem back in de fwidge.
Me has to work out how me can get dem on a cushion like my Katy tell me.
Here is some cuddles for today
Dem is mixed up


Luv fwom Bernie

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Dood Luck

My Mummy was doing some cooking and she leave de googy eggs on de bench so Bernie jump up dere and sit on dem.
My Mummy take a pikcha of Bernie sitting on dem eggs but we do not tell her why Bernie is sitting on de googy eggs. Maybe she will find out when all dem googy eggs turns into chookies!
Ha Ha Ha Dat will be a big surpwise for her won't it?
Here is some cuddles for today and a pikcha of Bernie sitting on dem googy eggs

Luv fwom Bernie.


PS A tewwible fing happen in de night. A big wind come and blow our little plastic seed house over and our new seeds what was gwowing spilled out. My Mummy found dem in de middle of de night and she was cwying cos she twy to pick dem up before my Gwand-ma see dem. When my Gwand-ma gets upset or wowwied, her back hurts vewy vewy much and Bernie and my Mummy does not want to make her sad or wowwied so her back will not hurt.
My Gwand-ma cwy vewy loud when dat back hurt lots and lots. She make a dweadful noise and Bernie twy to cuddle her and den he just say "Miaow" what means "Will you please stop that awful racket"
But my Gwand-ma tell my Mummy not to wowwy cos we knows how to gwow dem again weal dood.

Friday, 28 September 2012

Got de 'puter back

My Gwand-ma got vewy sick and my Mummy take her to de hospital. Den my Mummy bwing her  'puter dere too.
Bernie could not wite him blog because de  'puter is at de hospital.
Now my Gwand-ma is home and her 'puter is home too. My gwand-ma say she too sick to look at her  'puter so Bernie can use it all de time.
Me can look at my face book and look up all sorts of fings about how to gwow chookies.
Me found out dat chookies gwow out of googy  eggs,
Dat is dood because we has got lots of dem googy eggs in our fwidge. Dat must be how dem chookies gets in our fwidge. Me wish dem will huwwy up and gwow into chookies.
Here is de cuddles for today


Luv fwom Bernie

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Me had a barf

Oh dear,
When I wite dat my Gwand-ma look at it and say "A barf means the same as a puke".
Well Bernie had one of dem fings like when your Mummy put you in de laundwy sink and it got water in it and it  make you clean. Dat is de kind of barf what Bernie had.
Me was vewy dood and me let my Mummy barf me because Bernie likes to be a clean pussy cat.
Also today my Gwand-ma play a funny game wif  Bernie. She put a funny hat on Bernie. It made out of lots of little square holes tied togevver wif plastic stwing. Dat a vewy funny hat. Bernie could not get it off. Bernie walk awound wif dat funny hat on for a while and den Bernie fink of how me can get it off. Clever Bernie go in de cat door and hook it on de door and den me walk out backwards and dat funny hat come off.
Ha ha ha Gwand-ma! Bernie got dat silly hat off.
Luv fwom Bernie
PS Look at yesserday for cuddles. Dere is still a lot dere what is not used up yet.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

My Mummy home

Bernie did noit do him blog before because me waiting to see if my Mummy come home. AND SHE DO.
My Mummy bwing lots of stwange fings home. Dem is stwange fings what peoples eat. And she bwing lots of pwetty plants. Now me wowwied dat my gwand-ma hurt her back again when she planting dem plants.
Some is tiny little ones and some is big twees.
And my Mummy bwing a umbwella fwom Aunty Lily but it not even waining. Why do she send a umbwella?
Dat stwange.
Dem martoes is gwowing vewy big.
Luv fwom Bernie

Monday, 24 September 2012

Today cuddles

Me has to put today cuddles on my blog.
Here is a pussy cat cuddle    Q
Here is a hundwed pussy cat cuddles


Here is a fousand pussy cat cuddles


So here is lots and lots of fousands


and lots of hundweds of pussy cat cuddles


So peoples can get how many dem want.
Luv fwom Bernie

Waiting for skyping.,

My Hughie say he wants to Skype him dood fwend Bernie.
Me waiting all day but dat Skype do not make dat Boo boop boody boop noise.
My Mummy is not here to take de sheet off de martoes and catty cums so Bernie go to do it. But dem martoes and catty cums say "Please do not take de sheet off cos we wants to have a dood sleep in today" so Bernie do not take de sheet away. Den Gwand-ma come and take it away. Dem Martoes and catty cums does not talk to Gwand-ma. Dem only talk to Bernie.  Now my  Gwand-ma put it back on again tonight.
When Bernie walking past dem dey say "Hey Bernie, take de sheet off cos we wants to stay up and watch de TV" but Bernie say "No it only Inspector Fwost and dat make you get your leaves fwizz."  When de warm days and nights come, dose martoes will be glad dat dey had pwoper sleeps when dem was baby plants.
Luv fwom Bernie

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Mummy gone away

My Mummy gone to visit my Uncle Timmy and my Aunty Lily and my cousin Polly.
She go to see a speshul doctor to stop her howwible headaches.
Bernie does not cwy when him Mummy go away - well him cwy a little bit until Gwand-ma wemind him dat my Mummy come home soon and Bernie can play wif him Gwand-ma and Gwand-da while de Mummy is away.
Some fwends come and bwing us some dindins. Peoples is lookin after us cos my Gwand-ma and my Gwand-da is bofe sick.
Bernie is glad when dem get better.
Luv fwom Bernie

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Does my Katy and my Hughie wants cuddles?

My Katy and my Hughie does not put in a applkication for pussy cat cuddles. Maybe dem does not like pussy cat cuddles.
Oh dear.
Today a nice lady bwing us some dindins cos we is all sick. Well Bernbie is not sick but Bernie do not know how to cook dindins. My Mummy is not sick. She just vewy tired.
My Mummy and my Gwand-ma eat some of dat dindins what is called a squish. My Gwand-da do not like it. Him say it is not a boy dindins. Bernie smell it and me do not like dat dindins so me agwees wif Gwand-da. It is not a boy dindins.
Oh well, Gwand-da and Bernie just has to starve today.
Luv fwom Bernie

Friday, 21 September 2012

A quiet day

My Gwand-da do not sleep wif my Gwand-ma now cos him got a sore tummy and him do not want my Gwand-ma to bump him sore tummy in de middle of de night.
So Bernie has fwee bedwooms what me can visit in de night,
First me was in my Mummy bedwoom. Den me said miaow and my Mummy open de door and Bernie go to my Gwand-ma bedwoom. Me had a few little chats to my Gwand-ma and den me had a vewy nice sleep on Gwand-ma bed.
My Gwand-ma has got a sore back so me do not jump on her.
My Mummy gone to school and my Aunty Mavis coimes for a visit to see if dem Gwands is OK. Den my Gwand-ma and my Gwand-da sit on dem chairs vewy still and quiet for a long time waiting for de sore bits to get better,
'Den my Mummy come home and  make dem some lunch.
Den Bernie do de washing up and evewybody has a west.
Lots of wests when peoples is not feeling dood.
Now my Mummy is on holidays and Bernie is happy about dat.
Here is de pussy cat cuddles for today. Dem is human cuddles O wif little tails.
Luv fwom Bernie

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Cuddle bookings

Oh dear Miaow miaow now me has to add up all de cuddles me has to give peoples.
My Mummy want fwee evewy hour. Me has to ask de bong bong clock to count dem for me.
And Bernie count how many my Gwand-ma want and it be 10. - or is it 8? Maybe dat adds up to seventy.
Me needs to put seventy bong cuddles on my blog evewy day. Is dat wight?
Bernie is not a dood counting pussy cat.
How do you wite pussy cat cuddles? Pussy cat licks is WWWWW  and pussy cat purrrs is PPPPRRR.
Me fink pussy cat cuddles is QQQQQQQQ.
So here is dem pussy cat cuddles
Luv fwom Bernie

Wednesday, 19 September 2012


Bernie had a vewy dood idea. Me ask my Gwand-ma if she fink it is a dood idea and she say yes it is a extwemely dood idea.
Bernie wants evewy body what weads my blog to tell me how many cuddles dem wants fwom Bernie and Bernie will put all dem cuddles in  my blog evewy day and maybe some extwas for new peoples.
Den all my fwends can have pussy cuddles evewy day.
Isn't dat a best idea?
Luv fwom Bernie

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

A vewy important fing about pussy cats

My Gwand-ma tell me a vewy important fing about pussy cats.
Pussy cats help people vewy much cos pussy cats gives dem lots of love and cuddles.
Dat is de main job what pussy cats do.
We loves evewybody and we give dem cuddles and special licks and miaows.
Dat why we all miss our little Heidi.
She love her family vewy much.
Even when she fwightened she still go to Gwand-ma cos she love Gwand-ma more dan her fwighten.
Oh dear, where is our Heidi.
Maybe she in pussy Heaven.
Wherever she is she will be loving someone cos she is a vewy loving little pussy cat.
Luv fwom Bernie

Monday, 17 September 2012

Me minding my Gwand-da

Bernie is a vewy busy pussy cat cos me is minding my Gwand-da,
Bernie does not jump up on him cos him got a sore tummy.
Me just say miaow to him sometimes.
Luv fwom Bernie

Important News

My Gwand-da come home. Him walking slowly but dat do not matter.
Me glad my Gwand-da is home.
Luv fwom Bernie

Sunday, 16 September 2012

A vewy dood day

Today was a egg-sell-ent day.
My Mummy and my Gwand-ma stay home and do not go away. Dat nice. Bernie do not like being on him own all day.
Aunty Mavis come for a little visit and we had a chat.
Den my Mummy and my Gwand-ma gone and buy some chookie for Bernie
As soon as dem come home dey give Bernie some of dat chookie.
Dat a vewy dood fing.
Now me just waiting for my Gwand-da to come home.
Luv fwom Bernie.

Saturday, 15 September 2012

A little bit of chookie

Today Bernie be on him own all day again. Me was sound asleep when my Mummy and my Gwand-ma come home but me is a dood butler and me go to de door to bwing dem inside.
My Mummy say Hello to Bernie and den she say why doesn't Bernie say miaow. Me was still half asleep. My little eyes was still sleepy.
But my Gwand-ma bwing me a little bit of chookie what she save for Bernie fwom her dindins. Dat was a nice little surpwise snack. Me like dat.
Sanks you to Gwand-ma.
Luv fwom Bernie

Friday, 14 September 2012

My Mummy cwying

Oh Bernie is vewy sad cos my Mummy come home cwying. Her fwend bwing her home. Dat is My Shell. My Mummy is vewy tired fwom going to see Gwand-da evewy day wif Gwand-ma and cos she doing lots of school work for de childwen. My Mummy was wowwying about my Gwand-da. Bernie was wowwying too.
My Gwand-ma and My Shell tell my Mummy to go to bed and have a dood west so Bernie get on her bed too and we had a dood sleep.
Den my Mummy gone to see my Gwand-da again and she said him getting dood.
Luv fwom Bernie

Thursday, 13 September 2012

More minding on my own

Oh dear. Today Bernie had to mind de house again on my own because my Mummy and my Gwand-ma went to see my Gwand-da wot is in hospital. Me do not know what hospital means but my Gwand-da is in it. Me hope he OK dere and dat him can come home soon.
Den my dood fwend Matt wot is on facebook come to visit me. Matt wemembers when Bernie used to be a famous wadio emailing pussy cat. Dat a long time ago.
Now me goes to sleep
Luv fwom Bernie

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Minding de house all day

Today Bernie be on him own self all day. Evewybody gone away vewy early.
Oh dear miaow miaow it take a lot of work to mind de house all day.
Some winds come and nearly blow it away and me has to hold it tight so it do not blow away.
Some sun come and maybe it will want to cook our house so Bdernie tell it Miaow miaow miaow what means "Do not cook dis house"
Den a car  dwive past and Bernie sit dere and make sure dat is not some people coming here.
Phew! Me vewy tired after all dat minding on my own.
Luv fwom Bernie

Tuesday, 11 September 2012


We got lots of seeds gwowing in our little plastic house. We water dem evewy day and Bernie help wif dat. BUT When Gwand-ma was going out de door wif de watewing can she dwip some water on Bernie. Just because Bernie was sitting wight in de door way.
Me been twying to do a google. Me twying to find a place where me can buy some chookie seeds on line and den me can gwow lots of chookies to eat.
Me find a packet of bird seed in de cupboard what Gwand-ma buy to feed de birds and me got some and plant it in de garden but so far it did not gwow into birdies. Anyway me likes eating chookies best so me wants to find chook seeds. Do anybody know where Bernie can get some chook seeds?
Luv fwom Bernie
PS Pwefewably cooked chookies

Monday, 10 September 2012

Go away wif dat wheelbawwow

Today de tyre on  our wheelbawwow blew up. It was in de sun an d got too hot. It made a big bang. My Gwand-da went and buy it a new wheel.
Den him gone away somewhere while me and Gwand-ma shovel lots of baa lamb manure into de wheelbawwow and put it in de new gardens.
Bernie do not want to do dat so me just sit on de gwass and and watch.
Watching is a vewy important job.
Anyway me finks it is time for Bernie to wetire. Me is getting old.
Luv fwom Bernie

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Barbi Q

Today Uncle Tim finished making our new barbi Q and den we all had a Barbi Q in our courtyard. It vewy nice and Bernie has his own plate what match de uvver plates.
We been doing more gardenings and so we liked our Barbi Q.
Now me going to go back and help making de garden.
Luv fwom Bernie

Saturday, 8 September 2012

making de garden

Uncle Cwis come to visit and today we all go outside and make de vegabul garden look nice.
We got de weeds out of de edge and put pwitty stuff wound it so de weeds don't gwow.
Bernie keeps saying a vewy nice miaow near de fwidge but no-one will give me some chookie.
Now my Aunty Lily is cooking dindins and she might give Bernie some chookie if me dood.
Bernie is ALWAYS dood.
So me is just waiting for dat chookie.
Luve fwom Bernie.

Friday, 7 September 2012

A windy day

Bernie got de sheet off again dis morning and de wind help me. Dat make Bernie vewy happy but de wind do not know how to put it fwough Bernie cat door so we bofe leave it dere in fwont of de pot wif de plants.
We is tidying up de house so my Uncle Tim and my Aunty Lily can come and visit.
Bernie help my Mummy to tidy up de cwaft woom so we has woom to put anuvver bed dere cause Uncle Cwis is coming tomowwow to help us wif de garden.
Today my Mummy and my Gwand-da gone and got somefing in de twailer for de garden. Bernie do not know what it is cause it got a cover over it.
Luv fwom Bernie

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Bernie takes care of it again

Dis morning Bernie had to get de sheet off again because evewybody was asleep and dem would not wake up. So dood Bernie went and got it off. But Bernie can bwing it inside. It too heavy and it wont fit fwough de cat door.
Oh dear. Me just leave it dere.
Luv fwom sheet dwagging Bernie

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Well Bernie do it den

Dis morning my fwend de bong bong clock did de wight number of bongs so Bernie go and miaow at my Mummy. She sleeping. Den Bernie go and miaow at Gwand-da and Gwand-ma. Dey sleeping.
What me do den?
Oh bovver, me gone out my cat door and get dat sheet off de martos and cattsicums.
Me can get it off but me can't put it on again so dem peoples better wake up before de bong bong clock do dat many bong bongs again.
Wemember, when dat clock go bong bong bong bong bong bong - dat when we put de sheet on.
(and take it off)
Luv fwom Bernie

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Now me getting mixed up

Today me be dood again.
Me woke my Gwand-ma up and tell her to go and take de sheet off de little plants.
Den at de wight time me tell my Mummy to put it back again. Bernie was outside de fwont door when me heard dat bong bong clock doing de wight number of bong bongs. Me Miaow at de fwont door vewy loudly and my Gwand-ma let me in and den me wun to my Mummy bedwoom and get her. My Mummy was sick today so she come home fwom school. Bernie was looking after her all day.
My Mummy went and put de sheet back on de plants but now de bong bong clock go bong bong again and Bernie lose count.
Is it time to put dat sheet on or off?
Oh No! Dat is a too hard job for a little pussy cat like Bernie.
What me do?
Oh miaow miaow. Me wants to be a helping pussy cat.
Luv fwom Bernie

Monday, 3 September 2012

Me did my job

Bernie is a dood pussy cat.
First de bong bong clock goes to sleep in de night and it do not go bong bong. But it wakes up and does de bong bong when it goes "bong bong bong bong bong bong"
Dat just de wight number of bongs so Bernie wun and say "Miaow miaow" to my Mummy, My Mummy get up but it time to take de sheet off de plants not put it on so she take it off and goes back to bed.
Den in de night me hear dat bong bong clock do de wight number of bongs again so Bernie wun to his Mummy and say "Miaow Miaow" again and dat wemind her to go and put de sheet back on de little plants .
Bernie is a vewy dood weminding pussy cat.
Love fwom clever bong bong counting Bernie.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Bernie got a important job

Today my Mummy planted some little plants in black pots.
Dem is called cattsicums and martos.
Dem is is in black pots and dem is sitting unner de window.
Dem do not like dat fwost what is white stuff what is cold and gets on de gwound in de morning. Bernie do not go outside when dat cold white stuff is dere. Me stay on my Mummy nice warm bed.
But Gwand-ma tell Bernie evewy night when de bong bong clock go bong bong bong bong bong bong , Bernie has to wemind my Mummy and my Gwand-ma and my Gwand-da to put a dwess on dem plants so dem does not get dat cold white stuff called fwost on dem.
Oh Miaow miaow. Me hope me can wemember dat.
Luv fwom Bernie

me getting a ensuite

Sometimes peoples leaves de door shut and Bernie cannot go to him kitty litter in de night.
Dat vewy embawwassing. Me twy to cwoss my back legs but dat vewy hard. Me can't walk like dat. One night Bernie find a dood bit of plastic so dat do not make a mess on de carpet.
Last night me find a empty icecweam fing and me use dat for a little wee.
My Mummy say Bernie is vewy dood so she and my Gwand-ma is going to make Bernie a special ensuite. Me do not know what it look like cos dem did not make it yet but when it is made me will ask my Mummy to take a pikcha of it so Bernie can put it on him blog.
Luv fwom Bernie

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Evewybody gone again

Today evewybody gone somewhere but at lunch time dem come home and my Gwand-da stay home. Den my Mummy and my Gwand-ma go back and den dey come home and den dey go to church and dey bwing my Aunty Mavis home and we all has chinese.
Bernie has him own little chinese dindins bowl but Gwand-da put some dindins on annuvver plate.
Me hopes peoples does not fink Bernie is gweedy cos him have two plates.
We watching de TV and a clever person fwom here wun in a wace and come forf.
Dat vewy dood.
Luv fwom Bernie

Friday, 31 August 2012

Peoples gone somwhere

Today peoples be going places. Bernie had to sit outside and wait in de cold all day for when dem comes home so me can be de dood butler.
And nobody take any nice pikchas of de garden for Bernie blog.
Luv fwom Bernie

Thursday, 30 August 2012

cleaning up

Today me just help my Mummy to clean up de bedwoom what is weally my Mummy's bedwoom and Bernie's bedwoom.
Den we weeding de garden and putting dat dwy gwass on it. Dat make it look vewy neat.
Tomowwow we take a pikcha of de pwetty garden and Bernie put it on his blog.
Luv fwom Bernie

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Clever Mummy

Today my clever and bootfiful Mummy wemember where she put some nice chookie so Bernie allowed to have some.
Me so glad me got such a luvly Mummy.
Den tonight a norty bad owange cat come and fight wif Bernie. It a big tiger cos it vewy big.
Bernie fight and fight cos dis is Bernie house and dat big owange cat not allowed to come here.
Den my Mummy come and tell it to go away and do not hurt Bernie and den she give Bernie a big cuddle.
Luv fwom Bernie

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

A vewy boooowing day

Today is a vewy boring day. First evewybody go away somewhere. Den dey come home and Aunty Mavis come. Den dey just sitting dere talking and talking and talking.
And me wondewing how come Gwand-da fink little Bernie talk a lot..
Me had a sleep on Gwand-ma lap for a little while.
Den my Mummy and my Gwand-ma go to the shops and dey supposed to get chookie for Bernie but now dem come home and dey do not get it.
Dem is soooo forgetful.
Hmmmm Me has to send dem a email and wemind dem.
Dat might work
Me send a email to say "Buy lots of chookie for Bernie"
Or maybe me can find out how to buy dat chookie on line.
But me need to find out de password for de Paypal account.
Oh dear dat a pwoblem. Bernie does not have a cwedit card or a paypal account.
Bernie does not even have any money.
Oh no .
How me going to get some nice chookie to eat?
Luv fwom cwanky Bernie

Monday, 27 August 2012

OH no it boil over

Whenever someone put some fing on de stove to cook, Bernie sit dere and watch it. Me dood at dat.
Tonight my Gwand-ma put some fings on de stove to boil and she gone away but Bernie was sound asleep on Aunty Kim's new Pussy cat tea towels and me did not know it boiled over until my Mummy went and saw it.
Oh No! Bernie should be watching it.
But we all helped to clean it up.
Gwand-ma was boiling de dish cloffs to clean dem.
Wow  we got bootiful new two lips in our garden.
Luv fwom Bernie

Sunday, 26 August 2012

More chookie

My Gwand-da buy anuvver chookie and Bernie can smell it but nobody will let Bernie eat it.
Oh Miaow ow ow ngow.
Dat exactly de fing what Bernie say when he wishes someone would give him some of dat chookie.
Dis morning Aunty Mavis come and visit but Bernie do not get a cuddle. Me forgot.
Dis afternoon we all go out to do fwont garden and weed one of de pwetty gardens. Den we put stuff on it to stop more weeds gwowing. Me do not know how de weeds know dat dem is not supposed to gwow dere when dat stuff on it. It look like dwy gwass.
Now my Mummy gone somewhere and we not allowed to have dindins til she come home. Bernie stand at dat fwont door and miaow weal loud to call her home so we can have dindins and Bernie can have some chookie but she do not come.
Luv fwom hungwy Bernie

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Dat wobber came again

Dat norty wobber what eat all our chicken came again.
Bernie was sitting near de fwidge asking for some chicken for a little snack and Gwand-da looked in de fwidge and dere was no chicken in dere.
Gwand-da say "There is no chicken in there! The naughty robber must have come and eaten it all again. Look Bernie!" and Gwand-da pick Bernie up and show him in de fwidge. It twue. Dere was no chicken in de fwidge. Me wish me could catch dat norty wobber and bite him on de bum.
My Aunty Kim came to visit.  Bernie was sitting outside on de back patio and Bernie wanted to come in de door. Evewybody tell Bernie to go in de cat door. Dat embawwassing! Bernie do not want his Aunty Kim to see him coming in de cat door.  Bernie wait until she not looking den me sneak in de cat door. Den me go to my Aunty Kim for a cuddle.
Den me sneak out de cat door and wait at de door again so Aunty Kim will not n otice dat bernie must have come in de cat door.
Den me go wound to my Mummy bedwoom and go in de door at her woom. Bernie is allowed to go in dat door cos dat is Bernie woom too.
Now my Gwand-0da is going to get lots of chinese dindins for us tonight. Bernie like chinese dindins like his Aunty Lily. Bernie is soon going to learn how to use chopsticks.
Luv fwom Bernie'

Friday, 24 August 2012

Nearly locked in de shower

Bernie likes to lick some water fwom de floor in de shower when someone has finsihed having deir shower.
Gwand-da had a shower and him leave lots of nice water on de floor so Gwand-ma let Bernie go in de shower and lick some of dat water.  BUT de door slam shut. Gwand-ma was cleanin her tooths so Bernie had to wait until she finished  before she open dat door and let bernie out.
Phew! Dat was close. Me did not want to get left in dat shower all day while my Gwand-da and my Gwand-ma goes to Wagga to take my Gwand-da to de hospital and while my Mummy gone to school.
Me was a vewy wowwied pussy cat.
We got some more pwetty flowows coming in our garden. First we got lots of  dem little blue flowows called gwape higher sins and den we got lots of yellow flowows called daffy dillys and now we getting wed flowows called two lips.
Oh and me forgot. We gots hundweds of dem bootiful little flowows called pansies.
We is getting a vewy pwetty garden.
Luv fwom Bernie

Thursday, 23 August 2012

It vewy embawwassing

Oh No! A sticky label come off de peanut butter and stick on Bernie tail.
Bernie walking awound wif dat Peanut butter sticky label stuck to my bootiful tail.
Evewybody laugh and say "Ooh here comes the peanut butter"
Gwand-ma say "Come here peanut butter. I want to spread you on my toast"
Bernie say Miaowow" what means "I am not peanut butter. I am just a pussy cat called Bernie"
Den Gwand-da say "Have you got any vegemite?" and he twy to put Bernie back in de pantwy. But Bernie say "Oh Miaow miaow. Please do not be mean to Bernie"
But den my Mummy come and say "Oh Bernie you have a label stuck on your tail like a flag" and she get it off for Bernie so peoples do not fink Bernie is de peanut butter.
Luv fwom Bernie

More chook-a-loo to eat

My Gwand-ma is my favouwite person cos she buy more yummy chookie for little Bernie to eat.
Now evewybody just has to wemember to give Bernie some. But me miaow weal loud and wemind dem.
Some mans come and put more lights in our house. Now we can see better. Dem put a light near where Bernie eat him dindins. Dat a vewy important place. Me needs to see my dindins and peoples needs to see where to put Bernie dindins.
So now peoples can see when Bernie needs more dindins.
It waining lots and lots today. When Bernie go outside to be de butler me get wet.
Luv fwom wet Bernie

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Me and Gwand-da

JUst me and gwand-da here today.
My Mummy is at school teaching de childwen
Some of dem is my fwends on facebook.
One day me is going to sneak in my Mummy bedwoom and look on her desk and find de answers to de homework and me will put it on my facebook so my fwends can see it. Hee Heee. Dat will twick my Mummy.
Me did not do anyfing today just snooze and sometimes chat to my Gwand-da.
Me is talking to him again.
Me is a dood pussy cat.
Me does not hold a gwudge.
Especially since me had pea and ham soup for lunch.
Bernie loves pea and ham soup.
Luv fwom Bernie

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Turned off de computer

Today Gwand-ma go somewhere and turn off her 'puter so how can little Bernie wite him blog?
Me had to wait until she come home and turn it on to see her emails and den when she gone to get a cup of tea, Bernie sneak in and do my blog.
Me did not do vewy much today. Me watch dem birdies and me nearly forgot again and go outside to catch dem but Gwand-ma weminded me not to, so me come back inside.
But Gwand-ma tell me a sekwet.
One day we might get annuvver little kitten for Bernie to take care of because Heidi gone away and we do not know if she is going to come home ad Bernie is lonely when evewybody go somewhere all day. Bernie need someone to keep him company and a cute little kitten what Bernie can be a Daddy for is a dood idea.
But it a sekwet.
Luv fwom Bernie

Monday, 20 August 2012

Cleaning de kitchen floor

Dis morning Bernie went out his cat door and was just pwetending to stalk one of de little birdies what comes and eats its din dins near our back patio when Gwand-ma come and open de blind and look out.
Bernie stop stwaight away cos me was only pwetending. Me do not weally stalk dem little birdies.

Today Gwand-ma was cleaning de kitchen floor. Lucky Bernie notice before it too late. My Gwand-ma always take my dindins away and she get me a clean pussy cat bowl and she wash my place mat.
But she take it away to do dat while she clean de floor. Poor Bernie cannot get any dindins for about a whole quarter of a hour.
Me nearly starve to deaf.
Lucky me notice dat she taking it away and me wun up and eat de bits of my dindins what spilled out of de bowl so me has somefing in my little tummy while me wait for evewy fing to be fixed.
Den me go and sit on de mast and watch while dat blue and white mop go swish swish on de floor and make it clean and shiny.
It is a funny blue and white tongue on a long stick. Me twy to catch it and have a look but me can't catch it.
Oh well!
Luv fwom Bernie

Sunday, 19 August 2012

More plantings

Today we plant lots more twees and woses and fings. Now our garden is turning into a dood garden.
Bernie help because me sit and watch carefully so me learn how to do it and so me can make sure dat evewy one put dem twees in de wight place.
Evewy twee has a dwink of water wif bwown fishy smelly stuff in it what Gwand-ma say dem plants likes to dwink. Dem plants is clever plants because dey knows dat fishy fings is dood to eat. Bernie likes to eat fishy fings too.
And guess what! Some weally big birdies called a chook and a wooster came to visit our place.
Dem lives acwoss de woad but dey come and visit us.
Bernie do not twy to catch dem. Bernie is dood.
Me only like to eat chookie what is in a plastic bag.
Luv fwom Bernie

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Peoples needs to know sumfing

Bernie is still not talking to Gwand-da. Me just sit dere and have a little snooze.
Dis morning me went outside and watch my little birdie fwend when she came to eat dindins in our garden wot is not a dood garden yet but it will be one day.
That little birdie was not fwightened of Bernie. She just hop awound and show Bernie how she can fly and flutter.
When Gwand-ma open de door, Bernie go inside cos it cold out dere.
Bernie was sitting on Gwand-da shoes and Gwand-da want to put dem on.
Gwand-da say, "I want to put my shoes on now Bernie" so Bernie lean wight over dem and get comfable having a little west on dem.
Dat is important you know.
If Bernie wants to have a west on someone's shoes, den dat is de important fing. Someone shoud not take shoes away fwom Bernie when he is westing on dem.
Also Bernie is now back to being de butler in dis house. When me hears a car come to dis new house, me wun outside fwough de laundwy cat door and me wun awound to de fwont and me buttle dem inside de house.
Luv fwom dood butler shoes westing on Bernie

Friday, 17 August 2012

Not speaking to Gwand-da

Yesserday Gwand-da say Bernie talk too much so today Bernie not speaking to Gwand-da.
Gwand-da come into de kitchen but Bernie is sitting on de couch in de family woom.
Me does not even say hello to Gwand-da.
Gwand-da walk past  de couch and say hello to Bernie so Bernie just say "Ma" which mean "Hello but me not talkin to you"
All morning me not say anyfing else. Me do not even sing wif de bong bong clock.
Now Gwand-da will wonder what is happening.
Love fwom Bernie

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Poor little Bernie

Today evewybody is wousing at Bernie.
Me did not do anyfing naughty just a little wee on my Mummy carpet but it nice clean wee.
Den just because me twying to talk to Gwand-da all de time and tell him all de news, Gwand-da tell Bernie to stop talking and be quiet or he  do somefing what was big howwible words what Bernie do not understand.
Bernie is such a dood dood pussy cat and me is a vewy fwendly pussy cat what chat to evewybody so why do people wouse at poor little Bernie?
Me vewy sad.
Luv fwom sad Bernie

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

What sort of day?

Evewybody wush out vewy quickly dis morning. Bernie do not know where dey go.
Peoples do not tell Bernie where dey going. Dat a nuisance. If someone wings up on de tellems phone and ask Bernie where someone is, den how can Bernie tellems  on de tellems phone if dey do not tellems Bernie?
Oh well  Bernie cannot answer de phone anyway so dat lucky.
We has got some cooked chook in our fwidge. Dat vewy dood. Bernie likes it when dey get a cooked chook for dindins  because dey do not finish it all and dey put it in de fwidge. Den Bernie wait in de kitchen and when my Gwand-da comes into de kitchen Bernie stands near de fwidge and say a vewy sweet Miaow what means "May I have some of dat yummy chicken please?" And Gwand-da say "Oh you are a very good pussy for asking so politely" and he gives Bernie some.
Den a few minutes later when my Mummy comes into de Kitchen, Bernie stand near de fwidge and say a vewy sweet Miaow what means "May I have some of dat yummy chicken please?" and so my Mummy say  "Oh you are a very good pussy for asking so politely" and  she gives Bernie some.
Den a few minutes later when my Gwand-ma comes into de Kitchen, Bernie stand near de fwidge and say a vewy sweet Miaow what means "May I have some of dat yummy chicken please?" and so my Gwand-ma say "Oh you are a very good pussy for asking so politely" and she gives Bernie some.
Den a little while later when my Gwand-da comes into de kitchen Bernie stands near de fwidge and say a vewy sweet Miaow what means "May I have some of dat yummy chicken please?" And Gwand-da say "Oh you are a very good pussy for asking so politely" and he gives Bernie some.
Den a few minutes later when my Mummy comes into de Kitchen, Bernie stand near de fwidge and say a vewy sweet Miaow what means "May I have some of dat yummy chicken please?" and so my Mummy say  "Oh you are a very good pussy for asking so politely" and  she gives Bernie some.
Den a few minutes later when my Gwand-ma comes into de Kitchen, Bernie stand near de fwidge and say a vewy sweet Miaow what means "May I have some of dat yummy chicken please?" and so my Gwand-ma say "Oh you are a very good pussy for asking so politely" and she gives Bernie some.
Den a few minutes later someone comes into de kitchen and say "I think I will have a chicken sandwich for lunch" and dey get de chicken out and dey say "Oh who ate all the chicken?"  and bernie say a vewy indignant Miaow what means "Fancy dat. A wobber came and eat all our chicken"
Luv fwom Bernie

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Tidy Mummy's bedwoom

Today Bernie was helping his Mummy to tidy up de study part of her bedwoom. She had lots and lots of books dere what she use to make dood lessons for her childwen.
Bernie twy to put dem back on de shelf in de wight place but dem too heavy. So Bernie bite dem. But dey get wipped. Oh No!
Den a ball of wool fwom my Mummy knitting fall on de floor.
Bernie say "Miaow" what means "You is a naughty ball of wool. Get back in de knitting bag". But it do not get back in. So Bernie bite it and it twy to wun away. Den it put its long woolly self all over de place. It go under de bed and Bernie chase it and bwing it out but it go wound de chair so Bernie chase it under de chair and it woll under de desk. What a naughty ball of wool.
Den me hide behind de desk and wait to pounce on it. Just den my Mummy come and say "What happened? How did this wool get everywhere?" and Bernie say "Miaow" what means "It is a naughty ball of wool what wolled evewywhere" but my Mummy pick it up and she say "Oooh it is all soggy! Have you been chewing it Bernie?"
Bernie say "Miaow" what means "Me twy to catch it" but my Mummy say "Well you did try to be a good pussy cat but in future leave the wool alone because I do not like soggy wool."
OH dear. And Bernie is such a dood wool catching pussy cat.
'Luv fwom dood wool chasing Bernie.

Monday, 13 August 2012

Fixing de parfs

Today we fix some parfs so dey can get made soon. Bernie watch carefully so me know how to do dat.
My Mummy got a big pink parcel fwom our vewy dood fwend called Seher. It got lots of Bernie's favouwite dindins in it and some knitting books and some other fings.
Bernie has to tell his Mummy to huwwy up and make all dem dindins so Bernie can eat dem up before dem gets stale.
Dat is vewy important about dindins. You must not let your dindins get stale.
My Gwand-da and my Gwand-ma were pulling weeds out of our new lawn. Dey are going to teach Bernie how to get weeds out wif my little paws so Bernie can help. First me has to learn which ones is de weeds. Dat is a vewy hard fing to learn. My Mummy would not be vewy happy if Bernie pulled out all her tulips and daffy dillies.  Me will not pull out de woses because dem is pwickly.
Soon Bernie will know all de flowers in our garden and if it is not a flower it will be a weed and Bernie will pull it out.
Bernie is vewy clever.
Luv fwom Clever Flower Knowing and weed pulling Bernie.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Vewy nice dindins fwom my dood fwend Seher

My dood fwend Seher send us some litta packets wif dindins in dem. My Mummy make dat dindins and Bernie helped.
First my Gwand-ma put dat fwozen chicken in de micwowave to thaw out. My Gwand-ma say "Tell me when it is thawed out please Bernie" and she go to do some works for my Unca Tim on de 'puter.
Den Bernie say "Miaow" but my Gwand-da say "Liar liar Your pants are on fire" because him say dat de micwowave is not finished. Dat silly. Bernie do not wear pants.
So Bernie wait. Me sit on de bench and me watch dat chicken going wound and wound in de micwowave. Den de micwowave go 'bing' and den Bernie say Miaow again and my Mummy say someone has to cut up dat chicken while she go to de shop and buy some other things to put in it.
Bernie say "Miaow" what means "Bernie will cut it up" but Gwand-da come and he cut it up but dat is OK because he give some to Bernie to taste and make sure it is dood chicken.
Den my Mummy make dat vewy nice dindins what my vewy dood fwend called Seher send and it taste vewy nice and Bernie is allowed to have a little bit. (Bernie has lots of little bits. Me get some fwom my Mummy and some fwom my Gwand-ma and some fwom my Gwand-da.)
Luv fwom Bernie

More twees

Today we planting more twees.
Den my Mummy got a fing what makes water come out vewy fast and she clean Aunty Mavis's mower and den she clean de fwont vewandah.
Oh Cat! Bernie wun away fast when he see dat water fing. It like a hose but dat water come out much faster.
Bernie do not like fings what has water coming out of dem.
Bernie loves all de twees. Dem looks vewy nice. Bernie is vewy happy because we are getting a vewy nice garden.
Soon it will be dood fun to walk along de parfs and look at our garden.
Luv fwom Bernie

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Gardening day

Today we all twying to plant twees in our garden.
Bernie got left inside de house.
Bernie was miaowing and miaowing to get someone to come and open dat door so me could go out and help evewybody in de garden but dem all too busy.
Poor Bernie had to go out de cat door and walk awound.
Bernie was vewy glad dat he wemembered about dat cat door.
My Mummy and my Gwand-da and my Gwand-ma did some weeding in de garden too. Bernie sit dere to make sure dey do not pull out any Pansies or Tulips or Daffy dillys.
Luv fwom busy gardening Barnie

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Dat birdie do not like our seeds

We put lots of seeds dere for our birdie fwend but him do not like dem. He keeps eating de weed seeds out of de gwound. Gwand-ma say he is a dood birdie cause of he eat de weed seeds den dey will not gwow in our garden.
Den Gwand-da and Gwand-ma went away all day and my Mummy went away and come back and went away and come back and went away and come back and de postman come and de phone wing and all sorts of fings and den my Mummy gone away to a meeting and Gwand-da and Gwand-ma come home and Bernie is de butler again and me buttle dem inside.
And it wained and watered our new garden.
Luv fwom Bernie
PS It wet de clothes on de line. Oh Bovver. Me twy to get dem off but me can't weach.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Birdie dindins

Evewy morning Bernie sit in de family woom and look out de window at a speshul litta birdie what always come and get seeds out of de gwound at our place.
Him eat dem seeds for him dindins.
Gwand-ma put dat blind up a litta bit so Bernie can see under it.
Bernie is vewy dood.
Me do not go out de cat door and twy to catch dat litta birdie. Me just sit and watch him.
Hmmmm maybe him is a girl birdie. How can Bernie find out if him is a girl birdie?
Today my Gwand-ma buy a big box of speshul birdie seeds so we can put some on de gwound for my dear litta birdie fwend what does not even know about Bernie.
My litta birdie fwend do not know about Bernie cos she cannot see fwough de glass so she cannot see Bernie watching her.
She just hop hop quickly and flit her litta tail and put her litta head up and down vewy quick and pick up seeds. Soon dere be no more seeds left in dat gwound and my litta birdie fwend will go somewhere else so dat why Gwand-ma buy dem seeds.
Soon we put dem seeds out dere so she can have some dood dindins tomowwow.
Luv fwom Bernie

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

where my yesserday blog gone?

Bernie wote a blog yesserday but it gone away. Where it gone?
Luv fwom Bernie

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Naughty twicking howwible peoples

Dis evening when it time for Din dins my Gwand-da and my Gwand-ma dwove away in Gwand-da car and my Unca Tim and my Mummy dwive away in my Unca Tim car and den after a long time my Gwand-da and my Gwand-ma and my Mummy all comes home in my Gwand-da car. My Unca Tim gone home to see my cousin Polly. Dey has been to de supermarket. Dey put de supermarket bag on de bench in de kitchen but dem do not make Dindins.
Bernie miaow and miaow at dem to huwwy up and make dindins. Now my Gwand-ma tell me dat dem went to a  place and had deir dindins dere.
Dey did not take Bernie.
So now me cannot have nice dindins wif de family only dat yukky dwy cat food.
Dem is howwible twicking people
Bernie sad now
Luv fwom sad hungwy Bernie.

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Unca Tim visits

Unca Tim come to visit and he help us to do fings in de garden. Today he make a wood edge all along near de fence.
My Mummy and my Gwand-da pull out de weeds and it is going to be a dood garden. Bernie help. Bernie sit on fings to hold dem still and when my Gwand-da weeded a dood nice sunny spot, me sit in it and have a litta cat nap.
We also plant some new twees. Dem is apples and pears and nectawines and plums. Dem all is yukky. Bernie do not help to plant dem cos dem is yukky.
Why can't we plant a mousie twee?
Luv fwom Bernie.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Hard to be de official tasting pussy cat

As you know, Bernie is de official tasting pussy cat. When someone goes in to de kitchen and starts making some dindins Bernie has to taste it.
Sometimes dem say "But you do not like this, Bernie"  Bernie say "miaow" what means "But me has to taste it to see if me like it"
So den dey give me a piece. Sometimes dey give me yukkie gween stuff. Bernie just sniff it and go away because if dem is going to cook silly yukky fings den Bernie do not want to be de official tasting pussy cat.
Dere is only one gween fing what Bernie likes and dat is pea and ham soup. Dat is yummy and me eat it all up and lick de pot.
But me do not like onions and beans and lettuce and capsicum. Why anyone make a dindins wif dem silly fings? Sometimes Bernie fink evewyone in dis house is vewy silly except for Bernie. Bernie is de most sensible person in dis house.
Luv fwom sensible Bernie.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Speshul Parf

Some mans come and make a speshul parf out de fwont near our letter box. My Gwand-ma say dat because dey did not do our dwiveway and Unca Geward did it so dis mans do a speshul parf instead.
Dis morning Bernie twick his Mummy wif a vewy clever twick. When dat clock start going bong bong, Bernie start singing wif it and saying miaow evewy time it say bong. But Bernie keep saying miaows after de clock stop doing it bong bong bong and my Mummy say "Ooooh it's late. I'd better hurry or I will be late for school" and she get up quick. Dat a funny twick to make someone fink it late and dem has to get out of bed.
Luv fwom funny twicking miaowing Bernie

Monday, 30 July 2012

Making Parfs

Today a man come wif a twactor and make lots of dirt parfs on our big garden. It was a noisy big fing and Bernie wun away cos me do not like big noises.
Gwand-da gone somewhere and my Mummy gone to school.
Now my Mummy is home and my Mummy and my Gwand-ma say dem is going to plant twees and flowers and bushes and make a nice garden.
Dat be dood fun. Bernie likes doing dat.
Bernie tell his Mummy to take lots of pikchas of Bernie helping in de garden.
Luv fwom Bernie

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Bernie helped a lot today

My Mummy and my Gwand-ma and my Gwand-da  and Bernie was outside making  marks wif white stuff on de gwound. We going to make a dood garden. First we get a long stwing and put it from Aunty Margwet fence next door wight along to de litta pink peg at de end of our garden and pull it stwaight so we get a nice stwaight line. Den my Mummy paint dat line. She is in charge of de painting.
Den my Mummy wind up dat long stwing and Bernie help her. Me help her to catch it when it twy to wiggle away. It a vewy wiggly stwing.
Den later when we come inside, my Gwand-da has to dwaw a big circle on a big piece of paper so he can make somefing for my Mummy.
When him dwawing dat circle, Bernie sit on it to keep it still. Gwand-da say "What are you doing Bernie? Now I can't see what I'm doing" but dat do not matter cos Gwand-da alweady done dat bit.
Bernie is a vewy dood helping pussy cat.
Phew lots of helping today
Luv fwom Bernie

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Back to my blog

Now me can wite my blog again.
Me wote it de first day when my Gwand-ma was in dat hospital because de 'puter was left on and me could find my blog but den someone close my Gwand-ma 'puter so me cannot wite my blog any more.
Now my Gwand-ma come home and Bernie go to her and say "miaow" what means "Can I wite my blog now?" and she say "Yes" and she go and turn on her puter and find my blog for me and now me witing it.
You see, Bernie can't use dat mouse. It too big for my litta paw and anyway me always twy to eat it cos it a mousie and dat what pussy cats do to mousies. Except for litta Heidi. She used to squash dem.
My Gwand-ma say dat litta Heidi pwobably do not come home so maybe we get annuvver pussy kitten to keep Bernie company.
Gwand-da do not want to cos he love my dood fwend Aussie wot eat one of Gwand-ma pills and got dead and now him love litta Heidi and now she gone and we all vewy sad so maybe we do not want to get sad again so we do not want to get annuvver pussy kitten cos somefing might happen and we lose dat litta kitten and den we all sad again.
Oh Miaow miaow what we do?
Luv fwom Bernie
PS Bernie lonely.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Empty Howse

I is getting to be a bewy worried pussy cat.

First my litta Heidi runned away. She has been gone for so long and I look and look but I can not find her.
Then my Mummy went away but she came back, but then my Gwand Da went away but he came back then Mummy went away again and then she came back and then Gwand moogi went away but she came back but den she went away again. My Mummy said she was in the Hopspital.

But now my mummy and my Gwand Da goed away dis morning, and dey don't come back. My Mummy say she take my Gwand Da to the Hopspital too. Oh Meow meow, why do all my famawee go to the hopspital? Is dat where Litta Heidi is too?

Oh! I hear the car coming home. Me go see if Mummy back. Maybe she bwing Gwand da and Gwand Moogi and Litta Hiedi back home.


No, she just bwinged home Gwand da. Oh well, one out of fwee isn't too bad!

Love from Bernie

Monday, 16 July 2012

De Childwen visit

Aunty Mavis come to visit and bwing her gwandchildwen.
Dem vewy nice. My Mummy come home fwom school and she make evewybody a cup of tea and give dem a choccy biscuit.
De childwen have a cup of tea and a choccy biscuit too.
Den we all has a little play togever.
Bernie is a litta bit shy because me is always a little bit shy when me first meet someone but if dem comes back tomowwow den me will soon get to know dem.
Dey is Wochelle and Syndawa.
Luv fwom Bernie

Mummy gone

Now my Mummy gone away.
Where she gone? Bernie is miaowing and miaowing for her vewy loud but me cannot find her.
Gwand-ma say she gone at school but me fink she sick so why she gone at school?
Luv fwom Bernie

Sunday, 15 July 2012

wanderin awound

Today Bernie do not do much except wander awound because evewybody sick.
What me do to make dem all get better. Maybe my Katy know a dood twick.
Gwand-ma say "Just shoot me"
Luv fwom Bernie

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Singing a song wif de bong clock.

Just when Bernie walking past dat clock start going bong bong bong bong. Bernie stop dere and look up at it and say miaow miaow miaow miaow.
Evewy time it say bong, me say miaow
We made a funny song.
Bong miaow bong miaow bong miaow bong miaow.
Den we laughing.
Sometimes when it see Bernie walkin past it say Bong which means Hello Bernie do you want to sing our funny song again?
Everwybody still sick except for Bernie and de clock.
Luv fwom Bernie

Friday, 13 July 2012

A quiet day wif yowling

Today be a quiet day except a black pussy cat wif a collar come to visit. He in Bernie backyard.
Bernie yowl at him and ask him if he see litta Heidi.
Him say no he do not see her anywhere. Him wants to come and eat her dindins. Me say her dindins is inside de house and him not allowed to come in.
Gwand-ma come and tell me to come inside cos she needs Mr Bern to help look after my Gwand-da wot is a bit sick so me go inside and dat black cat wif a collar go away.
It not waining today but it feels a bit wet cos we had lots of wain yesserday.
My Gwand-ma finished my Mummy's gween slippers and she twied dem on. She say dem is vewy comfy.
Luv fwom Bernie

Thursday, 12 July 2012

More visitors

Today a new lady comes to visit my Gwand-ma and dem all sit in my Gwand-ma bedwoom and talks to her.
Bernie goes and say Hello cos me is a vewy polite pussy cat.
Den my Gwand-da take my Gwand-ma somewhere and den dem comes back home.
Den my Mummy goes somewhere and my Gwand-da goes to bed and my Gwand-ma gets up and makes lunch. Bernie do not eat any of dat lunch cos it dem googy eggs.
Den Aunty Mavis comes to visit and tells us about her new car and Bernie has a cuddle wif Aunty Mavis.
It waining today so me stay inside de house.
Den my Mummy comes home and makes evewybody a nice cup of tea and Farver Phil comes and has a cup of  tea too and we all talkin but Bernie goes to sleep on de couch.
One exciting news is Aunty Mavis gwand-childwen is coming to visit her soon and Bernie will be able to play wif dem.
Me is lookin forward to dat.
Luv fwom Bernie

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

De boys takes care of de girls

Today my Gwand-da and me is taking care of my Mummy and my Gwand-ma.
Dem bofe sick so we tell dem stay in bed and we take care of dem.
Also when dem is up out of bed, dem keeps making a big mess so it better if we make dem stay in bed and do not mess up de house.
My Mummy got a new tellemsphone and she going to let Bernie have dat old one. Maybe me can wite my blog fwom de tellemsphone. Bernie is a vewy clever pussy cat. Me is vewy teckno sumfing what means dat me knows all about 'puters and stuff much more dan uvver pussy cats.
Anyway now me has to go and put de cloves on de line and do de vacuuming.
Luv fwom Bernie

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Now my Gwand-ma home.

My Gwand-ma got sick and gone to dat hospital. Now she comes home but she stays in bed. Bernie is a dood cuddling pussy cat cos when peoples is sick, dat is de pussy cat job to give dem cuddles.
My Mummy got a sore fwoat so she do not talk much. Dat useful cos now she do not scweam at Bernie if he scwatch somefing.
Today is a waining day so we stay inside and just do knitting and cuddles.
Luv fwom Bernie

Monday, 9 July 2012


Dis is a yesserday blog. Me been cuddling my Stan and my Purrr. My Mummy and my Gwand-ma was doing lots of knitting and my Gwand-da was sick in de morning.
Nuffing else happen.
Luv fwom Bernie

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Purr de Pengiun

Me twying to call my new penguin Pete cos Katy and Hughie both say Pete is a dood name. But me can't say dat dood. Evewy time me start out to say Pete me end up saying Purrrr. So me has to call him Purrr but him weal name can be Pete.
Me hope Katy and Hughie likes dat name.
Today we twying to do some gardening but it make Gwand-da sick. Gwand-da getting too old to do heavy fings. De doctor tell him it will make him sick cos him do not bweave dood.  Gwand-ma is getting too old and sick and she still got bwoken paws.
Unca Tim say he will come and visit and help us do dat gardening.
My Mummy do some too. And Bernie can do some digging but me can't lift a spade and put de dirt in de wheelbawwow but me can have a wide on de wheelbawwow.
Me give evewybody cuddles.
Luv fwom Bernie

Friday, 6 July 2012

A name for my pengiin

Well Katy say me should call my penguin Meaow and Hughie say me should call him Bear.
Dere is a litta pwoblem, wif dem names.
First of all dat Meaow means Bear so bofe of dem names is de same. But him not a bear. Me has a litta teddy bear somewhere. Me go to find him now.
We all needs to fink of annuver name.
Luv fwom Bernie

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Bernie and Stan and the Penguin.

Ok, so here are photos of Bernie cuddling Stan the Stingray. On the left you can see his penguin, who doens't have a name yet. Maybe somebody that reads Bernie's blog could think of a good name for the penguin.

Oh Miaow Bernie naughty

Oh No Bernie was being a litta bit naughty. Well me not naughty weally. Me did not weally tear up my Mummy books. Me was just twickin her like she twick me and Gwand-da about being in gaol.
And me did not weally want to leave Aunty Kim at de cold old wailway station in Wagga. Me would not do dat because me love my Aunty Kim. She give me nice cuddles.
My Mummy bwing some nice cuddly pwesents for Bernie.
One is a cute litta cuddly penguin and de uvver one is a cute cuddly sting way. It called Stan de Sting Way. My Mummy take a pikcha of Bernie cuddling Stan.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Mummy coming home

My Mummy is coming home tonight.
My Gwand-da and my Gwand-ma has to go and get her but we has a pwoblem.
What we do about Aunty Kim?
My Mummy buy lots of pwesents for Bernie so we might not be able to fit Aunty Kim in de car wif all de pwesents.
Ah well! Aunty Kim do not come here so many times now cos she live somewhere else so dat do not matter. We just leave her dere.
Luv fwom Bernie

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

My Mummy in gaol

Oh no, my Mummy in gaol.
Bernie hear dat telephone winging so me answer it. Me can answer dat phone dood. Me just jump up on de bench and push it off it litta plate.
Me say "miaow" what means, "Hullo dis is Bawon Bernard speaking"
Den my Mummy say "Oh Bernie is that you?"
And me say "Miaow" what means "Yes it is me"
And my Mummy say " Oh Bernie, This is my one phone call that I am allowed to make. Your Mummy is in gaol. Can you go and get Grand-da please?"
So Bernie go and say "Miaow" to Gwand-da. Then me say "MIAOW MIAOW" vewy loud and start wunning back to de telephone and Gwand-da follow me. Me jump up on de bench again and me say "miaow" at de phone what means, "Him coming now" and den my Mummy yell loud and my Gwand-da hear her and she talkin to him about it and Aunty Kim larfin. So dem just playing a twick on us. Dem gone to Melbourne to see dat Ned Kelly place and dem go and see where him in gaol so my Mummy decide to twick us all and say she in gaol.
Dat not funny. Me and Gwand-da got a big fwight.
Me gone and tear up fwee of my Mummy books cos she a norty lady.
Luv fwom Bernie
PS Now me go and tear up some more.

Monday, 2 July 2012

Vewy cold outside

Today be a vewy cold day outside so me stay inside wif my Gwand-ma and we has lots of cuddles.
Gwand=da make a nice dindins wif chicken and Bernie eats lots of it. Hee heee. But me do not eat all of it. Only what dem Gwand-persons give me and me eat de extwa egg what Gwand-da was going to use to make some more. Oh well dat do not matter cos we got lots of eggs. A faiwy leave some at our bedwoom door.
Gwand-ma is knitting dem slippers again.
She told Bernie dat while Gwand-ma is busy knitting slippers for peoples, Bernie has to look in de pattern books and find a knitting pattern for chook slippers.
Me might need to google dat.
Luv fwom Bernie

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Bernie takes dood care of sick peoples

Bernie sent him Katy some dood licks and it make her better vewy fast.
Bernie always takes dood care of sick peoples. Me has been giving cuddles to de sick gwand-persons in dis house and dem is getting better too.
Today my Mummy and my Aunty Kim gone on a holiday togevver. Dem going to Melbourne on a twain and den dem is going for a wide in a hekkalopta.
My Mummy is going to take a pikcha of dat hekkalopta for Bernie.
Bernie had to stay home and mind de house all on him own while de Gwand-persons bwing my Mummy and my Aunty Kim to Wagga so dem can get de twain from Wagga.
Why do dey get a twain at Wagga? We got lots of dood twains goes in Temowa? My Gwand-ma say dat dem twains do not go to Melbourne.
Oh well. Me just has to be a pashent Bernie and wait for my Mummy to come home.
Luv fwom Bernie

Saturday, 30 June 2012

Oh No my Katy sick

My Katy say she sick. Me hope she do not have my Gwand-ma or my Gwand-da sick cos dem is howwible sicks. How can Bernie help his Katy get better soon?
Me send lots of dood licks and miaows to my Katy  cos me luv my Katy lots and lots.
And me luv my Hughie too. Me hope my Hughie helps to take care of my Katy.
Luv fwom Bernie

Friday, 29 June 2012

more gwass

Now we got more gwass in our back yard. Unca Michael and Unca Wobert put it dere. Den dey cover it up wif sand to keep it warm in winter.
Unca Phil come and have dindins wif us.
Bernie do not like dat clock going bong bong at me just when me walking past so Gwand-ma tell it not to bong bong any more tonight and guess what! It stopped.
My Mummy wants to move de furniture in our bedwoom and she twying to work out where to put it. Me twy to help but she sitting on my chair.
Today me was a vewy dood pussy. Gwand-ma wanted a cuddle so me jump up and sit on her lap. My Gwand-ma got a sore knee so Bernie was very careful and me did not step on her knee. Me did not sit on dat dore knee eiver.
Den when me jump down me still did not step on her sore knee. Dat is because Bernie is a vewy careful, clever, dood, kind, considewate, pashent, gentle, beautiful, wonderful pussy cat.
My Gwand-ma come and wead dis while Bernie typing it. She say "Well you are certainly not modest". Bernie say "Oh no! Me do not be modest. Me fink modest is yukkie"
Luv fwom Bernie

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Bernie find out a sekwet

Today Bernie find out a sekwet. Well maybe it not a sekwet but Bernie did not know it before.
Gwand-ma used to be a pussy cat and gwand-da used to be a pussy cat too.
Me find dat out because Gwand-ma making a noise what sound like a pussy cat hacking up a fur ball and Gwand-da making a funny noise when he bweave like a pussy cat purr.
So now Bernie finking about when me gwows up and gwows into a human. Dat will be vewy dood cos humans can open doors and get my pussy cat dindins whenever dem like. Dey just get it out of de cupboard.
Dat easy.
Maybe dat what happen to Heidi. Maybe she gwowed into a human. Me looking at all de humans awound here to see if any of dem got yellow eyes and ginger and black hair like Heidi.
Me vewy happy to find out about dat.
Luv fwom Bernie

Mummy getting Gwand-da

My Mummy go away. Bernie Miaow vewy loudly at de door when she gone but my Gwand-ma tell me she gone to get my Gwand-da.
Me still mowing vewy loud until she come home.
Luv fwom Bernie

Monday, 25 June 2012

Gwand-da and Heidi still gone

Oh Miaow miaow Bernie is sad cos his litta Heidi still do not come home and my Gwand-da still do not come home.
Bernie do not like it when my family goes away. Me walk awound de house saying MIAOW vewy loud cos me twying to call dem.
Den me has to go and get a cuddle fwom someone.
Den me has a litta nap and when me wake up me go and see if me can find dem again.
Oh dear. Bernie wish he know how to find evewybody. Bernie do not want anybody to go away any more.
Luv fwom Bernie

Mummy home and Gwand-da gone

My Mummy was visiting my Unca Tim and Aunty Lily but now she come home.
Me miss my Mummy so me spend lots of time sittin on Gwand-ma lap and having dood cuddles.
Den my Gwand-da go somewhere wif Aunty Mavis. My Gwand-ma do not go cos she do not walk dood.
When my Gwand-da come home him feelin sick so my Gwand-ma wing up a lady and she say he need to go to de hospital but Gwand-ma cannot dwive him dere so she send a ambulance.My Gwand-ma wing my Aunty Mavis and she come over just when dat ambulance mans come.
Dem mans come and put a fing on Gwand-da face so him can bweave better and den dey take him to de hospital.
Den Aunty Kim come and den my Mummy come home. We was supposed to have some dindins weady for my Mummy but we did not have any food to cook except Gwand-ma found some tuna.
Den My Mummy had to take some fings to my Gwand-da in de hospital and Bernie cwying cos me fink my Mummy going away again.
But my Aunty Kim start makin de dindins and my Gwand-ma and my Aunty Mavis help her and  my Mummy come home and we all eat some dindins and watch de TV and den Aunty Kim and Aunty Mavis gone home but my Gwand-da still in de hospital.
Bernie goes and has a big cuddle wif him Mummy.
Evewybody likes to have Mummy cuddles.
Luv fwom Bernie

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Clever pussy cat talkin peoples

My dood fwend Hughie can talk pussy cat language. Me did not know dat. On my blog he say in pussy cat language :My favouwite dindins is ice cweam wif tomato sauce and some lettuce on top. Me also like cheese wif custard and bwoccolli."
Me did not know dat my Hughie like dose fings.
My Katy send me a special message in Kookabuwwa language. She say "My Daddy wearing my Mummy bwa and he put some potatoes in it so he got boobies. When he wun outside to put de cloves on de line cos it waining dem fall out and goes boing boing boing. He always put de cloves on de line when it waining and take dem off when de sun shining."
Dem is such clever talking peoples.
Luv fwom Bernie

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Miaow miaow

Miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow  purrr purrrr purrrr  miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow purrr purrrr purrrr miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow purrr purrrr purrrr miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow  achoo miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow purrr purrrr purrrr miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow.....
Oh dear! me is telling everybody what happen in pussy cat language. Me should tell you in human language.
OK me start again and say it in human language.
Nuffing happen
Luv fwom Bernie

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Bernie looks after Gwand-ma

Today my Mummy go to school to teach de childwen and my Gwand-da go somewhere else.
Dat means dat only Bernie to take care of Gwand-ma wif her sore paw.
First me go to her bedwoom and miaow at her and jump up and give her a cuddle.
Den me say "miaow miaow" wot means "Get out of bed and get me my dindins you silly old Gwand-ma"
Gwand-ma say "I can't get up on my own because I need to get my big funny boot on and I can't do that on my own"
So Bernie wun out to de fwont door and call Gwand-da and soon him come and put Gwand-ma boot on and den him go away again.
Den Gwand-ma twying to tidy some fings so Bernie sit on her lap and help her.
Dat de best way to help Gwand-ma cos she walk so funny wif dat boot and some big sticks dat she might fall over boom again so Bernie sit on her to hold her still.
Den Gwand-da come home and Bernie miaow at him to get Gwand-ma some lunch. Den Gwand-ma twying to sweep dat floor wif dat funny bwoom what Uncle Tim and Aunty Lily give her so Bernie sit on de kitchen bench and watch. First me sit on de end near de stove den me move up to de uvver end when she sweepin dere. Me watch dood so she do not miss any bits.
Phew me get vewy tired after all dat lookin after Gwand-ma
Luv fwom Bernie