Monday, 31 January 2011

Chinese Noo Year

Hello Evewybody,

Dis is Bernie.

Bernie bewy happy about Chinese Noo Year because Bernie has a bewy bootiful chinese lady for his aunty.

Dat is Bernie's Aunty Lily.

Bernie Luvs his Aunty Lily to bits.

When she comes to bisit Bernie, Bernie hear her voice and den he wuns bewy fast to see her and she gib him a big cuddle.

Bernie will put a pikcha of his Aunty Lily giving Bernie a cuddle on his blog.

De uvver day Bernie send his Aunty Lily a ecard saying Happy Noo Chinese Year.

It hab some Chinese witing on it but Bernie dont know wot it say.

Aunty Lily send a email back and say "sanks you" and she send a big smilie face for Bernie.

Bernie ask his Aunty Lily how we gonna celebwate Chinese Noo Year.

She say her pamily hab a big nice Din Dins to celebwate.

Bernie fink dat is de best way to celebwate any fing.

Bernie always like nice big Din Dins.

Wuv fwom Bernie

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Teaching Heidi about elefants

Huwwo dere evewybody,
Last week I told you how litta Heidi saw a cockwoach and fought it was a elefant.
I pwomised to find a pikcha of a elefant on google and show it to her.
Well as soon as Gwandma went to cook de Din Dins, we went to de 'puter. Bernie was twying to type elefant in google but Heidi was twying to help.
She walked on de keyboard and put in "elnnnsgjhtuer" Dat gib us a pikcha of a big puppy dog called. eln sgjh tuner.
Heidi said "Ooh look Me find a effalump"
Bernie say "No dat is a big puppy dog"
Me tell Heidi to sit away fwom the puter so Bernie can type it and den we get a pikcha of a elefant.
She say "OOOOH dat is a very cute thing. Me loveth effalumpth.'
Den she get a bewy sad face and say "Ooh me do not like dat naughty monthter wot eat all de effalumpth"
"Well dat's OK" say Bernie. "Bernie dot a email fwom his dood fwend Oscar an he say Bernie must have a bad dweam cos dere was no monster and he did not eat all de elefants"
Litta Heidi Larffing den.
Did you ever see a pussy cat laughing? Bernie put a pikcha of a pussy cat laughing in his blog so people can see it.
Bye for now fwom Bernie and Heidi.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Bernie noo blog

Huwwo evewybody,
You will be vewy pleased to hear dat Bernie, your favwite email witing pussy cat now has a blog. If you miss out on hearing my email you can always wead it again on my blog. It is
You can see a pikcha of Bernie and see how handsome he is.

Well yesserday I told you how a big monster came and ate all de elephants in Temora. Well you can imagine wot a big surpwise I dot when Heidi came wunning up to me and said "Quick Unca Bernie. I found a effalump in the garage"
I said "A elephant in de gawage? How could a elephant get in de gawage? He can't fit fwoo de door."
Heidi said "I think he thnuck under the door" Bernie follow Heidi and soon see wot she is talkin about. Bernie say "Dat not a elephant, Heidi. Dat is a cockwoach." Poor Heidi, she look quite cwest fallen.
Bernie say "Oh dear, Heidi, doesn't you know wot a elephant look like?" She put her head down low and say "Oh no Heidi ith a thilly puthy tat. Heidi duth not know wot a effalump lookth like"
"Well" say Bernie, "Dem is big and gway and has a loooong nose..." an Heidi say "Like Mr. Nicklas?" and Bernie say "Oh no Heidi, Mr. Nicklas is not like dat. Mr Nicklas is a bewy cleber handsome wadio person" Heidi blush a bit ahind her pwitty fur and so Bernie gib her a litta lick on her head to cheer her up. Den he say "When Gwand-ma is cookin de din dins, Bernie will get on de 'puter and Bernie will google for a pikcha of a elephant and show you."

So tomowwow Bernie will tell evewybody how we get on wif dat.

Wuv fwom Bernie

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

A big monster come to Temora‏

Hello evewybody, Dis is Bernie.
My Gwandma came home so she turn on her puter and now when she go and peg clothes on de line, Bernie jump up and send a email to his dood fwend Mr Ian Nicklas so he can wead it to all my listeners.
De uvver day, a Big monster come to Temora and he eat up all de elephants in Temowa.
Bernie wun and tell Heidi all about it. She say "Wow a big monthter come and eat all de effalumpth? When did he do dat ?" Bernie say "Just now while Bernie was asleep" Heidi say "Me woth awake and me did not thee the monthter." Bernie say "Well he come and eat up de elephants bewy fast".
Den Bernie get a dood idea. He say "Heidi, climb up in dat twee and see if you can see any elephants" So Heidi climb bewy high in a gum twee and she look all awound. She say "No, me can't thee any effalumpth" So Bernie say "Of course, dat is because the big monster come and eat dem all" Heidi litta eyes get bewy big. She say "Wow will dat monthter come back?" Bernie say "Dont wowwy litta Heidi. If dat Monster come back, just wun inside. He will not go in da house." So Heidi bewy glad she knows how to escape fwom dat monster.
Bernie wondering if anybody else see dat big monster. Maybe his cleber fwend Oscar see it when he flyin in his hekkalopter?
If anybody else see it, Bernie be bewy glad to hear fwom dem.
Luv fwom Bernie.

Bernie wants to go on jury duty too‏

Bernie very impressed wif that cat in Merry Car wot got called up for Jury dooty.
Bernie fink he can do dat too. He pwactising how to look vewy clever and listen carefully but he always fall asleep.
Is dat wot people does wen they on jury dooty?
Gwandma has to go away and help Bernie's Unca Tim for 5 days so she buy a big huge bag of pussy cat dinner before she go. Wow it is de biggest bag of pussy cat dinner in da world.
(Mr. Nicklos read de next bit soft so my Gwandma don't hear.)
We gunna have a pussy cat party while she away but dont tell her.
Monsieur Claude is takin Heidi to de party an Bernie takes Wosy wot is de pussy cat dat live next door wif Rani and George and Mr. Weekes and Vicky and Marie.
Bernie might not be able to send emails while Gwandma is away cos she might turn her puter off.
Now Bernie must go and talk to Heidi cos she wants to go and join de Wed Cwoss. She say she want to be a first aid kitty.

FW: About your Radio spot‏

Hello again evewybody,
Here is Bernie.
Bernie did not wite a email yesserday cos his Gwandma was a bit sick and he was taking dood care of her.
Now I have a email fwom my Mummy about dat bird I catched. You can hear wot she says. Den I tell you a litta pwoblem dat we have.

Dear Bernie, I have been very excited to hear about your emails on the radio, I think it's wonderful that you are becoming famous.
But I was a little worried about something I heard you had written the other day.
It was about the bird you caught. Bernie, I am very proud of the fact that you can catch mice and birds (as long as they aren't native birds. But you know not to catch them). What I was a bit angry about when I found you with the bird you caught for dinner the other night wasn't that you had caught a bird but rather that you might leave it somewhere. Now I know you are a very loving cat, and you like to leave your mummy presents. But I was worried that you might leave that dead bird in my shoe (I know how much you love to snuggle up to my shoes), and then when I went to put them on in the morning I might get feathers all over my foot. Or I thought you might leave it in my handbag, and when I went to pay for something at the shops I might end up paying with a dead bird instead of money. Or I was worried that you might decide to save a bit for later, and then forget about it (you have done this before my love) and I would find, in the weeks ahead, a half eaten birdy corpse behind my desk. That wouldn't be very nice now would it? I did not mean to make you think that I didn't appreciate your bird catching prowess. I just didn't want bits of bird anywhere.
I love you lots and lots
Anny Mummy.

Well de pwoblem is dis. Bernie forget where he hide dat bird. Oh Miaow Miaow Wot I do now? Bye fwom Bernie

A good fing about cats‏

Dear evewyone,
Do you know a bewy dood fing about cats? Cats always like to share. When a pussy cat catches some din dins, they always share. Even big lions and tigers share deir din dins. We are sharwing cweatures.
When Heidi catched her bewy first mousie she came and gave it to her Unca Bernie. Bernie was so pwoud of her. He was pwoud cos she catched a mouse and also cos she knowed dat pussy cats share. Bernie ate dat mouse all up. It was da best mouse Bernie ever ate cos it was speshul.
It was catched by his litta Heidi and shared wif him. Dat was a vewy pwoud day.

Bernie catched a birdie and he bwing it in to gib to his Mummy. Did she say Bernie was dood?No!! She scweamed and yelled at poor Bernie and told him to take it away. She did not know dat Bernie was twying to help. Bernie wanted to help get de din dins. Bernie was vewy hurt. Mummy said "Take that away you naughty Bernie. You must not catch birdies" Bernie fink "Hmmmph. Mummy eats big birdies what she gets in a plastic bag all hot wif no fevvers"
Bernie vewy vewy sad. He take dat birdie and he hide it where Mummy can't see it. Heidi come and look at it and she say "Unca Bernie, Me thinkth you ith a very clever puthy cat."
Bernie wuvs his litta Heidi.
Wuv fwom Bernie

More gardening‏

Hello evewybody,
Here is your ol fwend Bernie again. I does not have alot of noos today because we jus spend the weekend helpin wif de gardening. It is bewy hot. Heidi been lookin for Mr. Claude to ask him why we havin dis hot wevver. Mr Claude say he going to fix it. When she find Claude he told her dat we has to have dis wevver cos it is de only wevver left in de wevver shop. She told him to go and find anuvver wevver shop but he say he going home.
Heidi and me vewy sorry to hear about dose bad peoples what muck fings up. My gwandda say dey bewy immature and childish. Dem fink it funny cos dem just stupid. Even pussy cats is not so stupid.
Gwandma was diggin in de garden. She dont let Gwandda dig cos he got a fing in him fwom de operation and she fwightened if he dig it might stick out somewhere.
My Mummy can't dig cos she still got a bewy sore paw.
So Gwandma dig and me and Heidi helps her.We helps her by sittin near by and westing. Then when she tired she look at us and we send her some of our "westing vibes". Heidi was sittin on de dirt what Gwandma digged. I ask Heidi why she sittin on dat dug dirt and she say "I ith hatching" I say "Wot is you hatching Heidi? Show me" and she stand up and Bernie see that she is sitting on a pile of ants eggs. Bernie say "Oh you silly pussy cat. You do not need to hatch ants eggs. Get off there before they crawl on you and bite you" So she come over in the shade and sit wif Bernie while we watching to make sure Gwandma do it wite.
You can see how we help bewy dood.
Luv fwom Bernie.

Speshul Noos but mostly Voos fwom De Boos

Dear Evewyone.
Dis is Bernie, your speshul email corrispondent.
First a big apology to anyone who heard dat bewy loud cwash dat I made yesserday.
Bernie twy to use de spell checker so his spellin be a bit betta for Mr. Nicklas to wead but it made de 'puter cwash.
Oh Miaow miaow, Bernie knowed dat his spellin is not so dood but it so embawwassing when using de spell checker makes de 'puter cwash.
Oh well Bernie is a bwave pussy cat so he just wait until somone find de 'puter and turn it back on and den he come and wite his email to TEMFM.
First I tell all my listeners de noos. My Gwanda is back home and him do not have dem bad pains any more. Dose doctors what is human vets fixed him up weal dood.
Me and Heidi and Gwandma and my Anney Mummy is all bewy happy now. However, - (dat a dood word Bernie learned )- however, Bernie's Anney-Mummy has a sore paw. It be bewy hard for a human when dey got a sore paw cos dey only walks on two and if one is sore dey has to hop like a kang - a woo.
My Anney-Mummy use a stick so she got a extwa paw to walk on. Bernie go and lick dat sore paw to make it better. Now here is de bewy important fing wot Bernie needs to say and maybe ask de listeners if dem can tell Bernie what to do. My Mummy hear our email de uvver day about dat cow - mow - noo - ah. So she explain to Bernie wot it is and why Gwandma put it on de litta plants. Den Bernie tell litta Heidi. Heidi say "Tho plantth eatth old dead plantth?" Me said "Hmm mow mow I fink so" Heidi say "Dat dreadful. Dat meanth dat plantth ith cannibalth. They eat theirthelveth"
Bernie agwee wif Heidi cos she is cleber. She know lots of fings. But here is annuvver fing wot we fink about. You know how pussy cats put little fings here and dere awound de place so other pussy cats will know dat dis place belong to Heidi and me? Well wot we do when one day dat cow come here and smell his smell and say "moo moo moove oot you poosy cats. Dis here is mooo cow territory" We wowwy about dat. Maybe some listeners can tell us wot we do about it.
Wuv fwom hoping Bernie.

Cleber Claude an sad pussy cats‏

Dear fwends,
Yesserday we bewy impwessed because our fwend Claude talked to his valet, Mr, Nick-las and now we had weather wot was not so hot.
Heidi finks Claude is the clevewest cat in de countwy.
Meanwhile, we has been bewy sad cos our Gwandda is bewy sick.
Gwandma taked him to hospital and see de human vet wot is called a doctor.
Him got sum pwoblem dat is too comp - a - cated for Bernie to unnerstand.
Him got lots of bad pains.
Heidi was cwyin and cwyin but Bernie lick her all over and gib her a pussy cat kiss and den she stop cwyin.
In case our listeners does not know what a pussy cat kiss is, It is when two pussy cats say hello and they touch their noses togever. We only do dat to uvver cats and humans dat we luv.
Luv fwom Bernie
PS Tomowwow I be a happy pussy cos my Gwanda be home.

Claude "catting up" Heidi‏

Dear Listeners.
Dis is your ol fwend Bernie here telling you da Noos and Voos fwom DeBoos Stweet.
Yesserday Bernie was jus lookin out de back door when he see Mr. Claude, who is de orange pussy cat owned by Mr Nicklos, going into our gawage.
Now Bernie knew dat his litta fwend, Heidi, was in dat gawage cos she have a favowite place to sleep in dere.
Claude was walking in dere and swingin his hips and waving his tail like he be someone bewy important. So Bernie sneak up bewy quietly and listen just ahind dat door. Claude say "Bon jour ma cherie. and 'ow ees my little lovely today?" Heidi say "Oh hello mithter Claude. I ith dood. How ith you?" Den Claude say "Ah ma cherie! the day ees much 'appier for Monsieur Claude when 'e can see 'is little 'eideee" Heidi just do a little pussy giggle. and so Claude keeps on talkin to her like dat.He say "Ah c'est tres chaud ma cherie n'est-ce pas?" and Heidi say "wot dat meanth Mithter Claude?" So Claude say "It is very 'ot my sweet'eart, is it not?" Den Heidi shows Mr. Claude dat she is a bewy cleber pussy cat cos she say "Well of courthe it ith hot Mithter Claude. Dat ith becauthe of the weather!"
Den dat Mr Claude twy to show off to her. He say "Ah ma cherie! You know that your Claudey Claudey can do sometheeng about thees 'ot weatheeeaaar" Heidi just look at him cos she wunderin de same as Mr. Bernie. "How someone change de weather?" Den dat Monsieur Claude say, "I veeel speak to my valet, Monsieur Nicholaaas and I will ask 'eeem if 'e could get the weather fwom someone else in de future. If he could get it fwom someone who does not 'ave such 'ot weather."
"Ooooh Meow" says litta Heidi "Oooh you ith thuch a cleber puthy Monthieur Claude"
Bernie notice dat Claude is gettin bewy close to litta Heidi so Bernie walk in dat gawage door and say "Huwwo my dood fwend Mr. Claude. I see you is gettin bewy fwendly wif my litta Heidi." Claude get a big fwight. He jump up an say "Mieow mieow mais oui mon ami.... er I mean Oh yes my friend. I was just discussing the weather with thees dear little creature 'ere" Well den, say Mr. Bernie, "Why doesn't you come wif Bernie and he will show you a dood place to west in da shade."
Claude look at Heidi and den at Bernie and den back at Heidi. Heidi was settling down to have a litta cat nap on her favowite spot in de gawage so Claude come out wif Bernie.
When we outside, Bernie stand up bewy tall and say to dat Claude "Well ol chap. As de guardian of dat bootiful litta pussy tat, I must ask you if you has dood intentions toward her? "
Claude get a bit flusterated and he say "Mais oui ... Oh yes your Baronship. My intentions are totally honourable" Den Bernie frown at Mr. Claude and say "Baron Bernard must ask dis important question. " Has you had dat snip?" and Mr Claude face go a stwange gween colour and he say "Gulp glurg oui. Monsieur Claude 'as 'ad de 'snip' as you put it" But Bernie still keep fwowning and he say "An is your injekshuns up to date?" Claude say "Oh yes yes mais oui my best friend Baron Bernard. My injections are certainly up to date.": Bernie say "An your worming and flea control?" and Claude say " But of course Monsieur."
"Hmmmm " says me - dat is Bernie...."If you had dat snip, how comes you is showing speshul interwest in Heidi? Pussy cats wot has had da snip is not supposed to be interwested in girl pussy cats"
"Ummm " says Mr. Claude "That may be ze truth afteeer all my good Baron but Monsieur Le Claude ees a french pussy cat and you know 'ow ze french are always interested in romance, even when they may not persue it too far."
"Well," says me, "dat is OK den." an we shakes our paws on it.

How we help Gwanma and Gwanda wif de gardening‏

Hello to all my dood fwends out dere in wadio land.
I pwomised to tell you all about how my litta fwend Heidi and me helped Gwandma and Gwanda wif de gardening. First of all Gwandma was putting some stuff on de garden. It was bwown smelly stuff and she say it is called cow-mow-noo-ah.
She say it is din dins for de plants. Heidi and Bernie go and have a good smell of dat cow-mow-noo-ah. All our cleber listeners know dat pussy cats always smell fings. Dat is how we work out what fings is.
Well we went an had a good smell of dat smelly stuff called cow-mow-noo-uh and we just look at each uvver, Heidi and me, and den we go over and sit unner de Ro-do-do-do-den-den bush to have a quiet talk about it.
Heidi say "Dat don't thmell like din dinth to me" "No" said Bernie (dat's me) "It smell to me like din dins wot someone already ate" "Oooh" sayd litta Heidi, "Like when we eat our din dinth and then we go outthide in the yard and dig a hole and we do p.." "Yes" me said very quickly. "Yes dat what it smell like. I fink dat is what it weally is."
Heidi turn up her cute litta nose. She say "An Gwandma ith givving dat cow-mow-noo-ah to the litta plantth for din dins? That'th dithguthting!" Den she fink for a minute and she say "Do you think they know wot it ith unca Bernie? Oh How embarrathing!" Den we wunder how we can tell Gwandma and Gwandda about dat cow-mow-noo-uh. We hope dey listen to our emails on the wadio and den dey will find out. Litta Heidi say "Gwandma thay dat din dinth make de planth gwow up very quick." Me said "Well I weckon dat makes sense. Dey gwow up very quick so dey can get outa dere and away fwom dat smelly muck" Now I have a speshul poem dat Gwandda tell us about. He wead it in a book and he say it Just like him.
It was wit by someone called Dick Emmons "When gardening I have one gift you won't find in any manuals. I know it's strange but I can change perrenials to annuals" Dat a very dood poem.
Luv fwom Bernie

Meaow meaow‏

Meaow meaow mow mow mowow....
Oops sowwy, Bernie forgot. He supposed to send email to de wadio stashun in human language not in cat language.
Last week was a bewy busy week for all da gang in DeBoos stweet. We twied to find out what happen to Oscar but in de end we put da whole matter in da esky wif lots of ice cos now it is a cold case.
We always happy to hear any more clues dat someone could gib us. Meanwhile life in DeBoos stweet continues. We had lots of sleeps over da weekend after all our workin and investigatin. Heidi has gone back to chasin gumnuts all over da kitchen floor. She cwouches down vewy low and creeps up and den she wiggles her bum and pounces. She knocks dem under da fwidge and so Gwanma has a litta bowl full of gumnuts and when Heidi asks for one, Gwanma gib her annuvva one. When gwandma dwop it on de floor, Heidi walk past it slowly and pwetend she not lookin den she turn wound and pounce on it. She always do dat. She funny cute pussy cat. After a while Gwandma get a long knittin needle and sweep dem all out fwom under de fwidge. Heidi get such a surpwise. Her little eyes goes wound and wound and she say "WOW"
Bernie too old and gwown up to play games like dat. Bernie is a sofisisisisicated email witing pussy cat. Tomowwow Bernie tell all da listeners about how he and Heidi help wif de gardening.
Bye fwom Bernie

Continuing investigation in Noos and Voos from DeBoos‏

From your speshul email witer, Baron Bernard DeBoos.
Our inbestigation committee is still twying to find out what happened to Oscar, de famus wadio personality.

First we was afwaid someone ate him for Kwismuss dindins.
Den we fink dat big bad cat down our back alley might caught him and eat him.
Den our cute litta fwend called Heidi wot is a white torta shell pussy cat made a important observation.
She notice dat dere is anuvver cleber birdie wot talks on da wadio and dat is Chicken Man. Maybe Oscar is weally chicken man an one of da cwooks dat he catches has got him. Now we are looking for a wansom note. Our cleber cateague (well we don't call a pussy cat a colleague - he has to be called a cateague) -Our cleber Cateague, Claude wot is a bootiful handsom owange cat and libs wif Mr Nicklos - our cleber cateague, Claude had a bewy dood look in da mailbox to find a wansom note. He find lots of letters and he looked at all of dem. Dey got a bit tore up when he opened dem so it was hard to wead dem but none of dem looked like a wansom note so we fwow dem all away. We don't want Mr. Nicklos to had a big mess of tore up letters. He would not like dat.
We tidy pussy cats. We bewy sowwy dat we cannot find Oscar. Our inbestigation is getting a bit bogged down. Bernie told dat committee dat we have to put Oscar in Gwandad's noo esky wif ice. Heidi say "Why you put Othcar in Gwandad'th ethky with ithe? Dat not nithe, Othcar inna esthky with ithe? Dat fweething!." an Claude explain to litta Heidi "Ma cherrie. Poor Oscaar , he ees a cold case now ma cherrie"

Furver Developments in Noos and Voos from DeBoos

Investigations into da disappeawance of Oscar, da famous Wadio Station Galah is continuing.
We thank my dear litta fwend Heidi for da latest clue.
She climbed up onto da fwidge and she waited for Chicken man to come on da wadio.
She wanted to catch him and eat him for Din dins.
I told her dat Chicken Man would be too much for her to eat on her own so she was planning to get all the gang to come over and help her. Then she said to me"Wow Miaow Unca Bernie. Here ith a very dood clue. Who do we know who ith a clever birdie wot talkth on the wadio? Juth like Chicken Man? Maybe Chicken man ith weally Othcar. Or maybe Othcar ith Chicken man? Maybe Othcar have a thekwet identity and maybe he got kidnapped by thome of those cwookth what he twieth to catch."
Bernie told litta Heidi dat she a bewy cleber pussy cat an we corled a meetin of our committee. They all agweed dat Heidi might be onto somefing and she a bewy cleber pussy cat. Den dey all say now when we going to catch dat Chicken man and eat him up for din dins?
Bernie say "You musn't eat him up cos he might be Oscar" Dey all got a bit cwanky den so we stop having dat meetin while we fink of wot to do next.
Den we decide to wait an see if we dets a wansom note. If some cwooks kidnap Oscar, they might send a wansom note.
We all gone home and we pwomise to look for wansom notes. Unfortunately one of de girl pussy cats from down DeBoos stweet went to da bet de uvver day cos she was feelin a bit sick. Dat vet say to her "Wot wong wif you ol girl?" Da pussy cat say "I dot fleas and I dot sore leg and I dot fur cumin out and I gets hot an cold and I don't feel like eatin my dindins any more and I got little legs stickin out ebbywhere. Lots of little legs."Dat vet say " Dont you worry any more my girl. You just got menny paws."
Wuv fwom Bernie

Noos and Voos fwom DeBoos

Here is the first article fwom your new email .......coww e spon dan ... mmm your email fwend.

Gweat concern has been expwessed about de disappeawance of a famous Temowa Wadio Stashun identity by name of Oscar.
My investigation committee compwised Claude - da pussy cat owned by Mr. Ian Nicklos, Heidi, my cute litta fwend wot libs wif me, our two dood fwends Rani and George who is puppy dogs wot libs next door to us with Mr. Weekes from White Wose Cafe and me, Baron Bernard De Boos, your cleber corri sponden.
We had a big meetin and we orl report dat many people ate big birds at Krissmuss and we afraid dat sumone eat Oscar.
A naughty cat down our lane catched a big galah and eat him all up. Maybe dat be Oscar?
We keeps lookin for clues and we keep you up to date with Noos an Voos fwom DeBoos.
If anybody see a cwashed hekkalopter please let us know.
Sum uver noos dat just came in :
Batman an Wobbin was bisiting Temowa an dey got wun over by a big cattle twuck. Now dey is Flatman an Wibbon.