Sunday, 13 September 2015

A Vewy Important Investigation

We has got a leak in our kitchen cupboard. The floor of tht cupboard under the sink gets vewy wet.
Gwand-ma wanted to find out where that leak is coming fwom so she dwied it wif a towel and then she spwinkled talcum powder all over it.
Bernie and Jaffa vewy kindly offered to help her.
Well we did not weally offer. We just decided to help her.
We bofe helped. We checked up on each uvver.
We wanted it to be a pwoper investigation. Pwoper investigations are done double blind. So that means we bofe shut our eyes tight.
Den we went in de cupboard and had a dood look. It is vewy hard to have a dood look wif your eyes shut but it vewy important to do de investigation as a double blind investigation so we did.
Then we walked out and all awound. Pussy cats can smell fings so we was OK.
Here is our wesult:

Dat talcum powder tastes yuk!

We do not charge Gwand-ma for our expert opinion. We does it for luv.
Luv fwom Bernie.
Here is a picture of our investigation.