Sunday, 29 May 2016

Pills and fings

You can see dat because Bernie did not post to him blog for a long time dat me forgot lots of fings about talkin and spellin.
Anyway dat do not matter cos not many peoples weads Bernie blog.
It been waining and all de plants is happy and de weeds gwowing. My Gwand-ma and my Gwand-da and my Mummy do not like weeds. Bernie finks dem is OK except for de ones what stick in Bernie fur.
Me had some fights lately wif new cats what comes to live here and dem fink dey can come in Bernie house and Bernie garden. De only pussy cats what is allowed to go in Bernie garden is Bernie and Jaffa.
My Mummy has to put medicine stuff on de cuts and scwatches. Bernie bes good and lets him Mummy fix dem cuts.
Dat is enough blogs.
Luv fwom Bernie

Monday, 9 May 2016

A Muvvers Day Pwessie for Gwand-ma

Bernie forgot to tell evewybody dat Bernie give his Gwand-ma a nice little pink tin of glass head pins for Muvvers Day. My Gwand-ma likes dem de best and she do not have many left.
Luv from Bernie

Sunday, 8 May 2016

Muvvers Day

Here is bernie witing in him blog for Muvvers Day. Bernie used to have apussy cat Mummy a long time ago but me forgets all about her and now me has a Anne Mummy. She is de best Mummy. Bernie gave her a little pwitty flowow for her Muvvers Day. It smells yukkie but my Mummy likes it.
My Mummy said we was going to go on a picnic for Muvvers Day but it is waining so we are goin g to have our picnic in de lounge woom.
Happy Muvvers Day to all dem uvver Mummies too.
Luv fwom Bernie