Sunday, 31 July 2011

Good bye Monsieur Claude

Today Monsieur Claude came to visit. He tell litta Heidi dat he going to lib in Sydney to be near his litta cousins what is Mr. Nicklas gwand-childwen.
Heidi say she vewy sowwy to say good bye and she hopes he have a dood time in Sydney.
Den she come and tell her Unca Bernie.
Me wun out and say Goodbye to M. Claude and den he wun home to Mr. Nicklas. He say he has to make sure dat Mr. Nicklas pack his din dins bowl.
Luv fwom Bernie

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Peep-Po Games

Bernie see litta Heidi sittin dere wif a wowwied look on her cute litta face. Bernie say "Wot is you wowwied about Litta Heidi?"
Litta Heidi say "Me worried about my Grand-ma. Thee ith going thtrange"
"Oh dat is quite normal for Gwand-ma" say Bernie, "But pwecisely wot is you wowwied about now in particuticuticlar?"
"Well," say litta Heidi. "Me wath thitting there and Grand-ma put her head around de door and thay 'Peep-po' and pull her head back quick ath quick.
Then thee do it again. Then thee go down lower and do it again.
Alwayth thee thtickth her head around the door and thay that 'Peep-po'"<
Bernie say "Well Gwandma is just playing a litta game wif Litta Heidi. It called a Peep Po Game."
"Oh ith that what it ith" say litta Heidi.
Then Heidi thinks for a few minutes and then she say "Unca Bernie, you know that funny owl bird what cometh in that tree thumtimeth and thitth there thaying 'Hoot Hoo'?'
Bernie say "Yes me wemember dat"
"Well maybe," say litta Heidi, "it playing that game too and it saying 'Poop Poo'"
Bernie fwown and say "Dat not vewy nice to sit in a twee and yell out 'Poop Poo' all night. Next time it come we betta go and ask dat owl birdie if he want to play Peep Pos"
So Bernie will let evewybody know what happens next time dat owl birdie comes and sits in our twee outside and makes dat funny noise all night.
Luv fwom Bernie an Heidi

Friday, 29 July 2011

Sittin on coats

Yesserday litta Heidi found Gwand-da suit coat on de bed. She get up and have a dood sleep on it.
When Gwand-da come and see her sleepin on it, him twy to wouse at her but him larfin.
Bernie fink "Oooh dat a funny fing for a pussy cat to do. Me can do dat too"
So today when Gwand-da was gettin dwessed to go to a speshul place tonight he got him bestest suit coat out and put it on de bed while he has a shower. So Bernie jump up and have a litta sleep on it.
Gwand-da come and he say "Oh oh just because Heidi did it, Bernie thinks he can do it too"
Hee hee dat wight. Bernie got de idea fwom Heidi.
We all had a big larf.
Love fwom Bernie

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Heidi waitin an waitin

Heidi still waitin for her gumnut twee to gwow.
She sittin dere an waitin an waitin.
Me go out to see her and she say "Unca Bernie, how long do it take for a gumnut tree to grow?"
Me say "Me do not know but me ask all de peoples wot wead my blog. Maybe sum one will know."
Heidi say "Oh thankthyou Unca Bernie. You ith a very good Unca Bernie"
Den me say "Why doesn't you come inside litta Heidi? It is too cold to be waitin outside all de time. You needs to come in an have a dood sleep in fwont of dat warm heater. An you needs to have soime din dins"
So Heidi comes inside for a litta bit. When she sittin in fwont of dat heater she say "Do you know what me thaw Unca Bernie? Me thaw George plant a bone in the garden at hith houthe. Maybe he goin to grow a big thumthing. What thort of thing will he grow from that bone?"
Bernie do not know what gwows fwom dat bone but Bernie do not want to see it. Bernie get a bit fwightened.
Me and Heidi hopes sumone can tell us how long it take for her gumnut twee to gwow.
Luv fwom Bernie

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Doin sum diggin

Bernie Mummy gwow sum dood fings in de garden. She be vewy cleber.
Bernie and Heidi wants to gwow sum fings too so we go out in dat backyard to talk about it.
Heidi say "Doeth you know how to grow thingth Unca Bernie?"
Bernie say "Of course me does litta Heidi. First we gotta dig dat garden."
"Oh me very good at digginth" say litta Heidi and stwaight away she start diggin in de garden.
She vewy dood. She dig and dig. Bernie do sum diggin too.
Just den Bernie look up and see Litta Heidi sittin in de middle of dat patch wot she dig.
Bernie say "Why you sittin dere litta Heidi?"
Litta heidi say "Ooopth me forgot. When me dig a hole dat ith uthually to go toilet but me forgot. Ooh dear. What I do now Unca Bernie?"
"Bernie say "Jus cover dat up and we dig annuvver hole somewhere else" so off we go to dig more holes.
Den me say to litta Heidi that we has to get seeds. Heidi say "Oooh me knowth what theedth me get. Me get thome gumnut theedth and gwow a gum nut tree"
So off she wun and get a gumnut in her litta mouf and she put it in dat hole. Den she cover it up and she sittin dere waitin for it to gwow.
Luv fwom Bernie

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Bernie beed busy mindin de house

Today bernie beed vewy busy mindin de house cos his Mummy and his Gwand-da was at school and his Gwand-ma was at dat wadio stashun.
First Bernie walk all awound de inside of de house. Den Bernie have a bit of din dins and a litta sleep on de comfy chair.
Den Bernie walk outside and den Bernie has a litta sumfing to eat.
Den Bernie has a sleep on de comfy chair.
Den Bernie eat some din dins and den he have a litta sleep on dat comfy chair.
Den Bernie has a sleep on de lounge woom floor and den he look out de back door.
Den Bernie go inside and have a nice din dins and a nice long sleep on de comfy chair.
Den Gwand-ma and Mummy come home for lunch time so Bernie go out de fwont door.

Bernie has a nice sleep all afternoon on de chair on de fwont vewandah. It a comfy chair wif a padded cushon.
Bernie Mummy stay home but Bernie still takin care of de house.
Litta Heidi helps. She goes for a sleep on dat comfy chair in de lounge woom while Bernie mind de vewandah.
When Gwand-ma come home, Bernie walk down de fwont parf to meet her and woll on de gwound to get a tummy tickle. But silly Gwand-ma do not give Bernie a tummy tickle. She just say "Oh Bernie, the butler is not supposed to roll over on the ground" and then she go inside. Bernie go inside too so he can have some din dins.
You see how hard Bernie work all day mindin de house.
Luv fwom Bernie

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Bernie got a Gwand-da too

Evewybody fink dat Bernie jus got a Mummy an a Gwandma and a litta Heidi.
But Bernie got a Gwand-da too. Bernie ask his Mummy to take a pikcha of Bernie an his Gwand-da havin a dood sleep togevver after we had a dood man talk.
Here it is. Bernie will get pikchas of evewybody else and show dem to de peoples wot wead his blog.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Vewy exciting fing

My Mummy got a new magic book. It a eeeee-book.
Me find it and have a look at it.
Me goin to find stowies about snuggle-pot and cuddle-pie and learn about Gumnut babies.
Love from Bernie.

Monday, 11 July 2011

Gumnut babies

My Mummy and My Gwand-ma was doin some lots of knittin.
Dey maked jumpers for Katy and Hugh. Dat jumper for Katy was not as warm as dat uvver one and sometimes it beed dark. My Mummy taked a foto and I tell her to put dem fotos on my blog for me so evewybody can see dem. You can see how dat jumper do not be vewy warm and it is dark too.
My Mummy also knitted litta hats to match dem jumpers. My Mummy knitted a litta knob on top of dem hats so dem looks like gumnuts. Bernie told litta Heidi about dat so guess what she did!
She go and play wif a gumnut again for such a long time.
Evewybody laughing at her. She jump on dat gumnut and chase it all over dat kitchen floor.
My Gwand-ma say dat Katy and Hugh look like Gumnut Babies.
Bernie do not know what Gumnut Babies is.
Sum one has to tell Bernie about dat please.

You can see how dis jumper be not vewy warm.

And you can see how dis jumper be vewy dark.

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Wasted our time

Well Bernie an Heidi has been goin outside evewy now and den to make sure dat nobody pinched our backyard. Now my Mummy told me dat nobody pinch our backyard cos it too big and dey needs vewy big twailer to pinch it.
We been wastin our time!
Today a vewy nice pwincess come and I sit on her lap and hab a cuddle. She bees vewy nice and me hopes she come back sumday.
Luv fwom Bernie.