Thursday, 28 February 2013

Ah Chookie

Chookie for dindins again. Bernie had his up on de bench . Me had a lot. Tilly had hers in a tiny little plate on de floor but she do not want it. She must only like Bernie's dindins. Hmmmm Bernie fink me might go and eat hers now.
Luv fwom Bernie

Wednesday, 27 February 2013


Today it do lots of waining and dat is vewy dood because it cool down and do not be too hot.
Tilly do not know vewy much about wain so Bernie had to tell her. She fink Gwand-ma shower got outside.
When Bernie was waiting for peoples to come to our house so me can be de butler, me had to wait on de fwont vewandah or under de bit what stick out near de woof.
Bernie was waiting in fwont of de gawage under dat sticking out bit when Gwand-ma and Mummy come home. Bernie just say "You can walk down de parf and de fwont door is down dere"
Bernie do not want to walk down de parf cause me do not want to get wet.
But my Mummy pick me up and cawwy me down de parf.
Oh well Bernie snuggle up to him Mummy so me do not get too wet.
Luv fwom Bernie

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Who wead my blog

Bernie do not fink anyone weading him blog now cos only my Mummy wites a comment.
Dat vewy sad cos if Bernie do not wite him blog, some people wouse at him.
Today little Tilly gone to de vet to get her last injectshun.
She do not like getting a injectshun so she cwy a little bit but she OK now,
We cannot find dat little snake. How long do it take for a baby snake to gwow into a big snake?
Luv fwom Bernie

Monday, 25 February 2013

A wiggly fing

De uvver day my Gwand-da find a stwange fing in our back yard hiding behind some bags. It a wiggley fing. Him fink it be a legless lizard but Gwand-ma tell him to wing Mr. Gillard what is de wanger.
Gwand-ma and Gwand-da twy to catch it and put it in a bag. Dey do not use dem fingers  but dem use Gwand-ma pick em up fing. It too wiggly and dem cannot catch it. Tilly go and twy and help dem. She jump on it but Gwand-ma gwab her away and do not let her catch it.
Gwand-da wanted to catch it to show to Mr Gillard but my Gwand-ma say dat it easy to descwibe it to him  cause it wiggle into de fick gween gwass and dey could not see it any more. so when Mr. Gillard wing back, my Gwand-da tell him it firty centimeters long and got a diffewent looking head and it wiggle and wiggle very fast.
Dat Mr. Gillard what is de wanger say dat a vewy dood descwiption of a baby bwown snake. It poisonous but it only got little teef so it cant bite vewy hard yet. My Gwand-da say "What about de Mummy snake and Mr. Gillard say "No de Mummy snake do not look after it any more it too big. It going on it own now and it looking for somewhere nice and cool and wet". Well maybe it will sleep in de pansies.
My Gwand-da want to find it so it do not stay here and gwow into a big snake what can bite little Tilly and little Bernie.
Luv fwom Bernie

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Tilly getting better but still a bit silly

Tilly is not bovverwing Bernie so much now but she still chase my tail and dat is not nice. Today she come up to me when me was sitting dere sort of on my back wif my legs up and she sniff at my bum. ME BEG YOUR PARDON TILLY. DAT IS NOT VEWY POLITE.
She is still a little bit silly.
Early dis morning before it get too hot, Gwand-da go and mow dat fwont gwass. Now Bernie knows dat de lawn mower makes a big noise so when me sees Gwand-da get it, Bernie wun inside so me will not be bovvered about dat big noise.
But Tilly is silly. She wun outside and say "HulloGwand-da.Iwillhelpyoutomowthegrass"   And then when de lawnmower starts it makes a big loud noise and Tilly gets a big fwight and she wun inside to Bernie.
And bite my tail.
Oh well. She gwow up soon.
Luv fwom Bernie

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

My poor Mummy

My Mummy pick me up to give me a cuddle but dere must be a sumfing on Bernie fur cause it hurt my Mummy finger. It sting her and it keeps stinging for a long long long time and it still do not stop.
Bernie wants to lick it better for her but she do not let me.
Me hope my Mummy finger gets better soon.
Do you fink my Mummy will be too fwightened to give Bernie a cuddle now?
Oh No! Dat will be a dweadful fing.
Luv fwom Bernie

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Evewybody tell Bernie what to do.

Evewybody telling Bernie dat me should put in my blog about Tilly getting in Gwand-da dwawer.
Him put her in him Top dwawer and den she get down into de big dwawer wif de files and she wants to go on de TBEG committee wif Gwand-da so she gets in de file. She fink den when Gwand-da go to de meeting she will hitch a little wide and go to de meeting herself and den she wants to be de secwetawy of dat TBEG committee so she finks she can go to de meeting and dem will all say "Oh yes Tilly you can be de secwetawy".
But instead of hiding in dat dwawer and waiting til Gwand-da go to dat meeting and bwing dat file, she too heavy and dat file is old and it wip fwough and she land on de bottom of de shelf. So she bwoke dat file and Gwand-da say she cannot be de secwetawy anyway cos she is a pussy cat. Anyway Gwand-da do not bwing dat file to de meeting. He only put fings in it so dem does not get lost.
Tilly finkls it not fair dat she cannot be de secwetawy.
Bernie say to Tilly "Tilly why does you wants to be de secwetawy of TBEG? and she say "Ican'ttellyoubecauseitisasecret."  She also say "Secretariesarethingswhatkeepssecrets"
So now evewybody knows as much as Bernie knows.
Luv fwom Bernie

Up on de bench

Miaowmmmmph! Dat Tilly boverwing me again.
Gwand-ma give me some din dins and a dwink of water and a little towel to sleep on up on de bench.
She put Bernie dere and me had a little snack and a dwink and den me had a nice nap on dat towel and Tilly jumping up  and jumping up and jumping up but she cannot jump high enough to get on de bench.
Den when Bernie wake up fwom dat nice little nap me had annuvver little snack and anuvver little dwink and den me had anuvver nice little nap. No Tilly bovverwing Bernie
Ah dat nice and peaceful.
Luv fwom Bernie

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Load of wubbish

Well me decided dat art exhibitions is a load of wubbish. You has to paint lots of pikchas and put dem somewhere so people can come and have a look at dem.
It much easier to get my Mummy camewa or my Mummy tellemsphone and take pikchas,
So Bernie do not bovver wif a silly art exhibition. Oh Cat! (Wemember pussies says "Oh cat" instead of "Oh boy") Oh cat! and me was doing all dat wunning awound. Now me has to have extwa wests to make up for it.
Today evewybody doing fings. My Mummy and my Gwand-ma doing fings in de house and my Gwand-da doing fings in de shed. Bernie go backwards and forwards and check up on dem. Me has to make sure dem do not stop workin cos dem has to do lots of fings.
Phew all dat walkin backwards and forwards. Den Little Tilly tell me somefing vewy clever. She say "UncaBernieyoudoesnotneedtowalkbackwardsandforwardsYoucanturnawoundandwalkforwardsbofeways"
Tilly talk vewy fast. She do evewyfing vewy fast. She wun fwom one end of de house to de uvver end vewy fast. She skid acwoss de floor. Den she wun outside and wun wound de house like a little black and white fire engine going Wheeeeee!
Oh Cat! She make Bernie tired just to watch her.
Well dat all for now,
Luv fwom walking fwontwards Bernie.

Friday, 15 February 2013

Visit fwom Uncle Matt and a art exhibition

Today Uncle Matt came to bisit.
Him give Bernie a big cuddle. Dat is my favouwite Uncle Matt. Him tell us about Basil what is his little Pussy cat what is Tilly's bwuvver.
Dat Basil is a dood pussy cat not like our Tilly what is a naughty pussy cat.
Later on Bernie hear peoples talking about dem going to a art exhibition.
Bernie fink dat is a vewy dood idea. Bernie is going to do a art exhibition.
First me go and look in de gawage and den me wun in my Mummy bedwoom.
Den me sit and fink abit.
Den me nearly got it all worked out.
Only one more fing to do and den me be weady.
Me just need to find out what is a art exhibition.
Luv fwom Bernie

Sunday, 10 February 2013

My Mummy home again

My Mummy come home again. She had a dood fun. Bernie was de first person to see her cos me is de butler and dat is de butler job. When a car come to our place, Bernie wun out and say hello and show dem where de fwont door is.
My Mummy tell me all about what she do at Madeline chooky party. Bernie wish he could go to a chooky party cos me loves chooky.
Next time someone has  a chooky party, please invite Bernie.
My fwend Unca Matt wot is welated to us by cat cos him has a little kitten called Basil wot is Tilly's bwuvver is going to start a speshul zoo. Bernie is going to ask Unca Matt if Bernie can go to his speshul zoo sometimes and be de butler dere. And me might see Basil. Maybe Bernie will bwing Tilly and she can play wif her bwuvver.
Well Bernie goes to bed now cos him is tired.
Luv fwom Bernie

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Just Bernie and Tilly

My Mummy is still gone away and today my Gwand-ma and my Gwand-da gone away too.
It be just me and dat Tilly all day on ours own.
Tilly annoy Bernie a little bit but den she wun away and play. Bernie has lots of naps cos Bernie getting old enough to be a Gwand-da pussy cat so me has lots of Pussy Nanna naps.
It wain a little bit and we wun underneaf somewhere so we do not get wet.
Tilly wun in de place near us wot has not got a house built dere. Bernie tell her "do not go dere little Tilly cos dere might be a snake dere" but she do not know what dat means.
Me sitting dere watching out for her in case a snake come.
But she OK and den de two Gwands comes home and everyone goes inside so dat is dood.
Luv fwom Bernie

Friday, 8 February 2013

Blogging while my Mummy away

My Mummy gone away for fwee days and she say Bernie has to blog while she away.
Blog. blog blog blog blog blog blog blog blog blog blog blog blog blog blog blog blog blog blog blog blog blog blog blog blog blog blog blog blog blog blog blog blog blog blog blog blog blog blog blog
Luv fwom Bernie

Thursday, 7 February 2013

My Mummy complaining

Hello evewybody,
My Mummy complained dat Bernie did not do a post for a long time.
Bernie was too hot.
It be vewy hot here and Bernie got long fick fur.
Anyway my Gwand-ma turn de air condishuning on so Bernie can do a post in de cool.
Now we had some visitors.
First Miss Beff been visiting. She is a speshul fwend of Bernie's. Bernie loves miss Beff.
She is gwowing up into a lady but Bernie still loves her.
She is my cusin cos her daddy and my Mummy is bwuvvers and sisters.
Den when Miss Beff gone home we had a new visitor called Aunty Patwisha. She is a lady wot lives in Canbewwa and she come to visit us and she go to a Wotawy meeting and tell dem all about sumfing wot have coloured fings. Dat vewy interwesting.
Next day Mr. Bwadley come and take a pikcha to put in de newspaper and Bernie wanted to get in it but me was asleep.
Oh dear. Maybe one day Bernie will get him pikcha in de newspaper.
Hmmmmm me knows a dood way. Me wun away and den my Mummy put Bernie pikcha in de newspaper to see if anyone sees Mr. Bernie.
Dat a dood idea. So now me betta go.
Don't wowwy. Me come home when Bernie pikcha is in de newspaper.
Luv fwom Bernie
PS Me can't wite my blog when me is wun away.

Friday, 1 February 2013

Not much to do today

Bernie did not do much today only had some nice chicky chook to eat at lunch.
'Luv fwom Bernie