Thursday, 29 December 2011

Unca Timmy wif a tail

Now my Mummy send me dat vewy funny pikcha wot she took of my Unca Timmy wif a tail.
It is a bootiful tail wot me and my Gwand-ma make for a kwismus pwesent for my Aunty Lily. My Aunty Lily sneak up behind my Unca Tim and pin it on him and den my Mummy quickly quickly take a pikcha.
Unca Timmy do not know how to wave dat tail like bernie and heidi and Polly do.
It is not a weal tail. It is a fing what my Aunty Lily can use to play wif pussy cats.

Here is dat funny pikcha.

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Heidi and Polly is fwends

Heidi and Polly is getting to be fwends. Dem do not lick each uvver yet or touch noses but dem do not hiss at each uvver. Dem just looks at each uvver and walks past.
Polly got some nice diffewent dindins and she let us have some. We lets Polly have some of our nice dindins too. It dood funs to share dindins.
Today Polly has a litta walk outside but she do not wun away. She find some dood places to have a litta sleep. She is vewy clever at finding dood sleep places.
Me likes having Polly here for a visit cos Polly and me used to live togevver and Polly was my pwetend Mummy when I was a baby kitten.
Luv fwom Bernie.

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

A Pussy Cat visitor

My Unca Tim and my Aunty Lily has gone on a litta holiday and my cousin Polly stay wif us while dey gone away.
Bernie and Polly knows each uvver so we do not hiss at each uvver but litta Heidi do not wemember Polly so she hiss at her.
Polly do not wemember litta Heidi so Polly hiss back.
Bernie tell dem dat dem can be fwends cos we is all cousins so now dey stops hissing and just looks at each uvver.
Evewybody got vewy tired at Kwismus so we all has lots of wests.
Now we feelin better and we is going to have funs.
luv fwom Bernie

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Umm Maybe she got mixed up

Bernie make a nice pwetty pwesent for his Aunty Lily.
It is a pussy cat playing fing. She supposed to play with Bernie wif it but she get a bit mixed up and she fink it is a tail for Unca Tim and she pin it on him when him not looking.
Me fink my Aunty Lily only likes fings what got tails. Dat why she love Bernie.
Now she love Unca Tim cos he got a tail too.
Bernie is a clever pussy cat.
Maybe my Gwand-ma will take a pikcha of Unca Tim wif his new tail on.

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Making a pwesent

Bernie is making a dood pwetty pwesent for his Aunty Lily.
Me hope she like it.
Luv fwom Bernie

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Waiting for Evewybody

Now Bernie is waiting waiting.
Me waiting for my Unca Tim and my Aunty Lily to come and visit for Kwismus.
Oh no me did not get a pwesent for my Aunty Lily!
Me has to ask Gwand-ma if she can get a vewy nice pwesent for Bernie to give to his Aunty Lily. Maybe Bernie should get a pwesent for his Unca Tim too but dat not so important as a pwesent for Aunty Lily.
Bernie also waiting for Santa Claus to come. Bernie beed a dood pussy cat so Santa bwing him a pwessie.
Some peoples say Santa is not twue but dem peoples fink pussy cats can't wite blogs so dem is silly.
Santa is twue for pussy cats who wite blogs.
Luv fwom Bernie de blog witing pussy cat.

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

We buyed pwesents

Today my Mummy and my Gwand-ma and my Gwand-da go to de shops and buy some pwesents for Bernie to give to his Mummy.
My Gwand-ma say she use some of my butler pay so dat vewy dood.
My Gwand-ma and me had a dood litta talk and we fink about what I give my Mummy for Kwismus. Now she buyed a dood pwesent but me can't put it on my blog because my Mummy will wead my blog and spoil de surpwise.
De lady at de shop wap it up in pwetty Kwismus paper cos Bernie can't wap it up. My Gwand-ma tell her dat it fwom Bernie to his Mummy and she say she unnerstand dat vewy dood cos her pussy cat gives pwesents to her too and she knows dat pussy cats can't wap up pwesents.
My Katy and My Hughie give me vewy dood ideas for pwesents but me keep it a sekwet if I use dem dood ideas so my Mummy wont find out.
Hee hee me like sekwets. Dem is fun.
Luv fwom Bernie

No money

Oh Miaow miaow. Me just wemembered. Me hasn't got any money so how me get a pwesent for my Mummy? Oh dear! Bernie do lots of work cos me is de butler but me do not get paid. Hmmmm maybe Bernie go on stwike until he get paid. Me hear about dat on de television. Dat a dood idea. Bernie glad he fink about dat.
So now Bernie go on stwike. Den me can buy a dood pwesent for my Mummy.
Luv fwom Bernie

Monday, 19 December 2011

Chwistmas shopping

Bernie is twying to fink what he can get for his Mummy for Kwismus.
Me had a look awound de place and me decide dat my Mummy will not like a nice yummy mousie cos she always say dem is yuk.
My Mummy always wouse at Bernie if he catch a birdie so me cannot get her a birdie.
Heidi say she going to get a lizard for Gwand-ma but me tell her not to get dat cos Gwand-ma always put dem back outside.
Maybe my Gwand-ma will help Bernie to get a dood pwesent for his Mummy.
Me twying to fink of a dood idea so if anyone knows a dood idea for pwesents for Mummies, please tell Bernie. But please tell Bernie in sekwet so my Mummy won't find out.
Luv fwom Bernie

Sunday, 18 December 2011

My Mummy home now

My Mummy is home now and Bernie is happy.
When my Mummy come home Bernie was shut in Gwand-ma and Gwand-da bedwoom.
Me hear my Mummy and me miaow and miaow but she walk past and go to de kitchen. She calling me and me Miaowing but she can't hear. My Mummy go outside and my Gwand-ma come and find me.
Bernie wun outside fast and when he see his Mummy he wun up to her fast as fast and my Mummy pick me up and give me a cuddle.
Me happy now,

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Dat where my Mummy is

Bernie come to his blog to put a message about where is my Mummy.
Bernie walkin awound evewywhere saying Miaow Miaow twying to find my Mummy.
Me don't know where she is.
Me lookin evewywhere.
Gwand-da say "Why is Bernie miaowing so much? Maybe he looking for his Mummy"
Yes dat wight Gwand-da. Me twying to find my Mummy.
Pussy cats and uvver peoples always cwying when dem can't find deir Mummy. Don't you know dat?
Now when me come to wite a message in my blog about "Where is my Mummy" me see a message wot my Mummy wite about she visiting my cousin Polly.
So now me know where she be.
But me still miss my Mummy.
Even Aunty Mavis notice how Bernie miss his Mummy.
Please comes home soon Mummy.
Luv fwom Bernie

Bye Bye Cuzzin Joel

Now our cuzzin Joel has gone home. Dat was just when Heidi was gettin used to him.
Oh dear. Bernie likes to have visitors cos dem always gives Bernie a pat and Bernie likes pats.
Now my Gwand-da is wetired. Gwand-ma say dat means him does not go to school evewy day.
Dat good. Me can play wif my Gwand-da all day now.
Now me go and find a dood game to play wif my Gwand-da and it don't have hoses in it.
Luv fwom Bernie

Monday, 12 December 2011

A visitor

Today we got a new visitor. It is a cuzzin called Joel.
He is a big man. He is big upwards but not outwards.
He is a vewy nice man and Bernie likes him. Heidi is getting used to him.
He says hello to us and gives us a pat so we knows he is a dood fwend.
Heidi and me had a litta sleep on his bed today. Dat was to make sure it is a dood bed. We do not want our cuzzin, Joel to sleep on a yukkey bed.
My Gwand-ma taked a pikcha of us.
Luv fwom Bernie

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Dem silly birdies

Bernie was waiting for his Gwand-ma to come home. Bernie is de butler and it is de butler job to meet peoples and bwing dem inside.
Bernie waiting patiently.
A birdie was sittin on de letter box and anuvver birdie was sittin on de wailing near de fwont vewandah.
When Gwand-ma car come and stop dey just sit dere and watch.
Den Bernie get up and he walkin out very dignified like he always do.
Bernie say "Miaow" to welcome Gwand-ma and dem silly birdies fly away.
Bernie was not going to catch dem. Bernie was lookin at Gwand-ma and me say hello to Gwand-ma. Can't dem birdies unnerstand plain cat?
Oh well, Dem was not in plastic bags so I do not catch dem. My Mummy tell me only catch birdies in plastic bags wif no feafers.
Luv fwom Bernie

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Dem pikchas

A long long time ago, Bernie was twying to get some pikchas off his Gwand-ma camewa and put dem on his blog.
Bernie twy vewy hard. He get lots of sticky tape and sticky tape dat camewa to his blog and he look at dem keys but he can't find dat key what say "put de pikchas on de blog" so Bernie has to ask his Gwand-ma to do it.
Now Bernie Gwand-ma take a pikcha of Bernie doin dat but she take dat pikcha on her tellems phone (dat is de fing what you use to tellem someone sumfing).
Bernie ask Gwand-ma if she can put dem pikchas on Bernie blog too but she don't know how to get dem off her phone. Bernie twy to take a pikcha of Gwand-ma getting de pikchas off her phone using de toaster but dat don't work dood. De flash don't work on de toaster.
Den Bernie look in de fwidge to get some more sticky tape but just den de micwowave wing and so Bernie has to go and answer it.
Bernie say Miaow but it must be de wong number cos nobody dere.
Den my Clever Mummy come to de wescue and she get dem pikchas off dat phone and put dem on dis computer so now Bernie can show evewybody how hard he be twying.


Evewybody knows dat kwismus comes soon.
Bernie wemember dat at kwismus evewybody eat turkey what is a big birdie wot got no feafers.
So Bernie decide dat not vewy dood so Bernie go and find a nice big birdie wif dood feafers and he catch it and bwing it inside for kwismus dinner.
My Mummy say "Oh no Bernie what have you done? You must not catch birdies. Oh the poor thing!" and she take it outside and fwow it in de garbage bin.
Bernie not vewy impwessed. Bernie twying to get a dood dinner so today Bernie go and catch anuvver birdie and he bwing it in to his Mummy bedwoom and put it on her floor.
Bernie sit dere and miaow vewy loud. Evewybody come and say "What's the matter, Bernie?"
Bernie just miawo and miaow vewy vewy loud to say "Look you stoopid peoples. Me bwings a vewy dood dindins for kwismus"
Then my Mummy see dat birdie and .......
She wouse on Bernie again!!!!!!!
My Mummy is a vewy ungwateful person. She take dat birdie away again.
Bernie not vewy happy. Bernie twy to stamp his foot but as you know, Bernie has soft foots and dem soft foots does not stamp vewy well.
Bernie walk up and down and say Miaow Miaow.
Den Bernie twy to stamp him foot again but it hurt.
Oh bovver! Bernie goes and has some dindins and goes to sleep.
Miaowmmmph! Bernie vewy cwanky at evewybody.
Luv fwom Bernie
But Bernie not cwanky at his dood Katy and his dood Hughie.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Mopping dat kitchen floor

Do you wemember how Bernie told evewybody about Gwand-ma mop dat kitchen floor and she take away our dindins bowl so we nearly starve to deaf?
Well after dat, Gwand-ma mop de floor lots of times but she do not take away our dindins bowl but today she do a mop and she take it away again.
Dis time Bernie go and say a vewy nice litta Meow to Gwand-ma and she say “Oh yes Bernie. You wants your din dins bowl. Here it is”
Den she put it on de lounge woom floor so Bernie and Heidi can have a litta snack.
We vewy glad we got dat dood awangement now.
But Heidi notice dat de kitchen smell vewy stwange.
She sniff all awound and she say “Unca Bernie what ith that thtrange thmell in the kitchen?”
Bernie say “It de cleaning stuff what Gwand-ma use”
Heidi say “It’th dithguthting. It doeth not thmell clean to me. It thmellth yukkie and I have got thticky thtuff on my litta pawth.” Bernie say “Dat because you walked on dat floor. You should not walk on it until it is dwy”
Heidi say “Oh dear. Now I hath to go and lick that dithguthting thtuff off my poor litta thenthitive pawth”
Hee hee next time Heidi will wemember not to walk on dat floor when Gwand-ma is cleanin it.
Luv fwom Bernie.

My Mummy birfday

Today wot was de day wot we jus had was my Mummy's birfday.
Bernie and Heidi give her a bootiful pwesent for her noo garden. And Bernie make her a bootiful birfday card wif a pussy cat on it and a litta birdie.
Bernie cannot wite on dat card cos me cannot hold a pen wif my paws so me hold dat card still while my Gwand-ma wite on it for me.
Bernie give his Mummy cuddles for her birfday.
Luv fwom Bernie

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Hard workin in de garden pussy cat

Today Bernie worked vewy hard in de garden. He help my Gwand-da and my Gwand-ma and my Mummy to mow dat gwass.
It is a vewy hard job for a pussy cat.
Bernie has to watch carefully so dey do not miss a bit.
Den when dey wants to mow where Bernie sittin, Bernie has to get up and move to annuvver spot.
Dat take lots of hard workin out.
Bernie working so hard dat sumtimes he fall asleep, but now all de gwass is mowed and it look nice and neat. Bernie vewy pwoud of all his hard work.
Luv fwom Bernie

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Bernie has to be clever

Last night Bernie had to be a vewy clever pussy cat.
Litta Heidi was cwying cos she hungwy and dere was no dindins in dat dindins bowl.
First Bernie fink he might go and find a mousie and catch dat for litta Heidi to eat but den he wemember dat sumtimes when a pussy cat eat a mousie he get howwible worms fwom dat mousie and Bernie do not want litta Heidi to get dem worms so Bernie decide dat a mousie is not a dood fing for litta Heidi to eat.
My Mummy and my Gwand-ma was sound asleep in deir beds and dat door was shut so Bernie cannot go and wake dem up to get din dins for Heidi.
So what Bernie do?
Bernie vewy clever. Bernie go out dat back door and he wun all awound to de fwont of de house.
Den Bernie wun up on de fwont vewandah and he jump up on de window sill of my Mummy bedwoom and he miaow fwough de window.
Bernie has to miaow vewy loud so he wake up his Mummy.
Bernie miaow and miaow and soon my Mummy wake up and she come and let Bernie inside. She say "Do you want to come inside Bernie?" So Bernie go inside but he sit dere and he keeps miaowing so she knows dat dere is sumfing else what Bernie want. Den Bernie start walkin to dat kitchen and his Mummy follow and she see litta Heidi sitting dere near dat empty bowl and den she know what Bernie twying to tell her. My Mummy get some nice dindins and put it in de bowl for litta Heidi and Bernie have some too.
It take a long time to do all dis but Bernie loves his litta Heidi and he do not mind if he has to work hard to take dood care of her.