Friday, 27 May 2011

Dis mousie fing

Oh dear dere is mousies evewywhere.
Gwand-ma put a gwey fing on de floor wif peanut butter in it.
It vewy dood. It catch a mousie for Bernie and Bernie just have to go and eat it. Bernie do not even have to chase it.
It taste nice like sartay.
Heidi had dood fun playin wif a mousie today outside but she let it go away when she sick of playin wif it.
Den Bernie was playin wif anuvver mousie inside de lounge woom and Gwand-ma put her foot on it to stop it wunning away and she nearly bwoke it so Bernie just bite it hard and den it dead. Bernie do not want to eat sumfing wot sumone stepped on.
Gwand-ma say we should not let litta mousies suffer.
Luv fwom Bernie

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Dat why mousies taste dood

Gwand-da say he fink dose mousies eat some pussy cat din dins.
Bernie say "Oh dem is NORTY MOUSIES' Dem is not allowed to eat pussy cat dindins.
So Bernie catch dem and eat dem up. Dey got pussy cat din dins inside dem. Dat why dem taste so dood.
Hmmph! Bernie eat two of dem last night. Well me did not finish eatin bofe of dem cos me tummy full up but me catch and eat any more mousies wot eats pussy cats din dins.
Luv fwom Bernie

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Heidi got a sore eye.

Today my Mummy bwing litta Heidi to see Unca Jim wot is de vet.
Heidi got a sore eye.
My Mummy baved it wif salty water an it get a bit better but she take litta Heidi to de vet just to make sure she be OK.
Now she got ointment and medicine to take.
Unca Jim say Heidi beed in a fight and got a sore eye.
It got infected.
Poor Litta Heidi. Bernie give her cuddles.
Luv fwom Bernie again.

Mousies again

Dere be so many mousies here dat Heidi an Bernie finks it is dood fun.
Bernie catched a mousie and bwing him inside and eat him all up. Him taste vewy nice so Bernie fink "Hmmm dat taste nice. Me go and get a second helping" so me go and find annuvver mousie.
Me come wunning inside wif dat new mousie in my mouf and twying to tell Gwand-ma dat Bernie got annuvver mousie wif my mouf closed.
It vewy hard to cawwy a mousie in de mouf and say meow at dat same time. Me was talkin out de side of my mouf.
Bernie bwing dat mousie in and put him down so me can say Meow to Gwand-ma and dat silly mousie start wunning away. Bernie keep catchin it but it get away.
Now me need to go and get annuvver mousie!!
Wuv fwom Bernie

Monday, 23 May 2011

Evewybody is at home now

Hello to my dood weaders.

Bernie and Heidi is happy pussy cats now cos evewybody is home now.

We can get lots of cuddles now.

Heidi catched a mousie last night but me did not see if she eat it or if it wun away. Me ask Heidi but she do not tell me. Maybe it is a sekwet.

Dat norty fing wot got de punkins now got de Vincas which is pwetty flowows dat Bernie like vewy much. Now dem all is gone gwey and howwidable.

My Mummy say dat Jack Fwost got dem. Gwand-da watch Jack Fwost on de telebishion. How he jump outa dat telebishion and got our punkins and Vincas?

Dat is a mystewy. Bernie find a pwitty pikcha of dose Vincas.

Luv fwom Bernie.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Lookin for my Mummy and my Gwand-ma

Evewy night Bernie go out and looks for his Mummy and his Gwand-ma.
Bernie want dem to comes home cos Heidi got a sore eye and she might need to go to dat vet.
Bernie look all night and den he come home and he vewy tired so he goes to sleep on his Mummy bed. Bernie cwying and cwying.
Oh where is my Mummy?
and where is my Gwand-ma?
Me loves Gwand-da. He be a vewy dood Gwand-da but him go to work evewy day and he cant stay home wif Bernie and Heidi.
We is sad pussy cats.
If anybody sees my Mummy and my Gwand-ma, please tell dem to comes home.
Wuv fwom Bernie.

Thursday, 19 May 2011


Hello to my dood fwends
Bernie usin Gwand-da 'puter again acause Gwand-ma is away bisiting my cousin Polly Pussy Cat and she turn her 'puter off. Bernie do not know how to turn a 'puter on so he wait until sumone using deir 'puter and goes into a diffwent woom and den he use dat 'puter to do his blog.
Now Bernie use Gwand-da 'puter. Gwand-da say dat OK.
Bernie and Heidi is vewy wowwied about dose Punkins.
Dey gwowd all over dat backyard wif big big leaves and now dose leaves goin gwey.
Bernie and Heidi do not know why dem punkins leaves goes gwey.
We hopes my Mummy do not fink Bernie and Heidi make dem go gwey cos we did not make dem go gwey.
Why is dat? Dem look vewy funny gone all gwey.
Also dere is a new white pussy cat living somewhere near here. It is a cute pussy cat but me do not know what it name is yet.
My Gwand-da sumtimes do not feel so dood lately. He be vewy glad when my Gwand-ma and my Mummy comes home.
Luv fwom Bernie

Monday, 16 May 2011

Heidi catchin more mousies

In de middle of de night, Bernie hear a fast wunning noise. Bernie was sleepin on his Mummy bed but dat fast wunnin noise wake him up. Bernie goes to see what makin dat noise and he sees dat Heidi comes wunning in vewy fast.
She see a mousie. It wun into Gwand-da bed woom and den into Gwand-da barf woom. She chasin it vewy fast.
Bernie watchin her and so is Gwand-da. She is such a vewy vewy clever mousie catchin pussy cat.
Bernie vewy pwoud of her. Bernie teached Heidi how to catch mousies. Now she can catch dem dood.
She catch dat naughty mousie and she eat him up.
Her Unca Bernie (dat's me) is vewy pwoud of litta Heidi cos she so dood.
Wuv fwom Bernie

Had to find a 'puter

Hi to evewybody wot wead Bernie's blog.
Gwand-ma and My Mummy has gone away sumwhere.
Dey went yesserdayyesserdayyesserdayyesserday.
Bernie and Heidi know sumfing happenin acause dey getting lots of fings and put dem in bags and put dem in de car.
Bernie know dat means dey go sumwhere.
Bernie do not like it when his Gwand-ma and his Mummy goes away so Bernie twy to sit on dat bag so his Mummy can't get it but she pick it up wif Bernie on it and bwing it out to de car and Bernie do not like dat.
Bernie hate goin in de car, so Bernie jump out.
Poor litta Heidi was fwightened. She do not know what is happenin and she sit dere on top of de garbage bin and watch wif big fwightened eyes.
Gwand-ma say dat Gwand-da stay home so he take care of us pussy cats.
We glad about dat.
Den dey go away and we vewy sad.
We gone inside and den Bernie see dat Gwand-ma turn off her 'puter so how can Bernie do a blog?
Bernie vewy busy lookin after litta Heidi but after a while she not fwightened any more cos Gwand-da come home and give us cuddles.
Den Bernie see dat Gwand-da leave him puter on so Bernie sit and look at it for a long time and now he find out how to wite on Gwand-da 'puter so now he do a blog.
Bernie is a vewy clever pussy cat.
Luv fwom Bernie

Monday, 9 May 2011

Sumting funny

Hee hee, Bernie is stilling larfing about sumting funny dat happen yesserday when litta Heidi catchin dem mousies.
She wun awound de lawn and chase dem.
Den she twy and sit on dem to squash dem cos she is a famous mousie squashing pussy cat, but she do not stay sitting on dem for long.
Bernie ask her later why she do not stay sitting on dem for very long and she say "Well uthually me thquathh them inthide my blankie but when me thit of them they tickleth my tummy tho me cannot thtay thitting on them for very long."
Bernie fink dat vewy funny.
Dat is de twials and twibulations of a mousie squashing pussy cat.
Wuv fwom Bernie.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Fwee mousies

Today Heidi catch fwee mousies. She catch dem outside in de back yard.
De first one wun away.
Next time she catch one she eat it up quick as quick so it dont wun away.
Den de next one she catch, she bwing it inside de house.
Evewybody was outside doin de gardening and Gwand-ma wun inside and say "Heidi bring that mouse outside" So good litta Heidi pick it up in her mouth and she wun outside wif it. Aftyer a while it dead and wont play anymore so she eat it up too.
Heidi litta tummy will be full up wif mousies.
She do not want any din dins tonight.
Luv fwom Bernie

Friday, 6 May 2011

Mousie playg

Hello dere to all my fwends
My Mummy say dat it be a mousie playg. Dat why dere is lots and lots of mousies awound.
She say dat we need to find a pied piper and den dey will go away.
Bernie go to litta Heidi and say "Litta Heidi, does you know what a pied piper is?"
Heidi say "No me doeth not know what that ith."
"Hmmm" says me. "Me knows what a pipe is and me knows what a pie is but me do not know what dem makes when dem is stuck togevver"
"Oh" says litta Heidi, "What ith a pipe?"
So Bernie bwing her down to de back yard where we got some old pipe lying on de gwound fwom when a man fix de gutters.
Bernie say "Dat is a pipe" and Heidi say "Oh Ith that what a pipe lookth like?" and Bernie say "Yes litta Heidi. But how could it be pied?"
Heidi say "Me remember when Grand-ma make a apple pie and me thought it wath the moon coth it round and yellow"
"Yes" says Bernie, "dat is wot a pie look like."
So now we is twying to work out how to put dem togevver to make a pied piper to get wid of de mousies playg.
Wuv fwom Bernie

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Still sick

Bernie do dat BLECH again today but Gwand-ma say it mainly a fur ball. My Mummy has to bwush me lots and lots to get all de extwa fur out so Bernie do not swallow it when he wash hisself.
Dat be de main weason pussy cats has to bomit up fur balls.
Bernie catched a mousie dis morning but when me bwing it inside and put it down, it wun away.
Heidi come and twy to help me catch it but it wun fast and den my Mummy let it go out de door.
Now Bernie is a bit cwanky wif his Mummy. She not supposed to do dat.
Well me go and twy to find it again now.
Luv fwom Bernie

Monday, 2 May 2011

Bernie be sick again

Oh dear! Bernie be sick again. He bomit yesserday and today. Me might need to go back and see Unca Jim wot is my dood fwend de vet.
Bernie had some medicine wot he take and it make him a bit better for a while but now he sick again. Dat one of de weasons why he do not feel like chasin mousies.
Hee Hee. Do you know what? Yesserday in de night time, Bernie was outside and my Mummy say to Heidi, "You go and find Bernie and bring him inside" and litta heidi come and find me and she say "Unca Bernie, your Mummy wantth you to come inthide" and so we bofe go to de door togevver and Bernie say "miaow" cos he got de loudest miaow and den my Gwand-ma open de door and she say "Oh you are good pussy cats to come in like Bernie's Mummy said you must"
We are bofe vewy dood pussy cats.
Luv fwom Bernie
PS Me do not give licks when me is feelin a bit sick.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Dat where my dood fur gone

My Gwand-ma spill a cup of tea on her 'puter keyboard. Just when Bernie wanted to do a blog.
It wecked!
Gwand-da has to lend her a keyboard fwom his office so Bernie can do his blog. Den tomowwow she go and buy a new one.
My Mummy twy and fix it for her but you know what? She find it full of Bernie's dood fur. Bernie was wonderin where dat fur gone. Dat might be de fur off de back off his neck. Bernie neck is cold now cos dat fur got out and went in de keyboard.
I hope my Mummy can get me some more fur.
Also, my Katy got a blog but Bernie cannot wead it and Bernie want to wead it and tell her how dood it is cos she wead Bernie blog.
Oh well!
Wuv fwom Bernie.