Sunday, 28 December 2014

We had Kwissmuss

I lost my book wif spellin in it.
We had Kwissmuss and Jaffa and Bernie got pwessies. Lots of toys to play wif and lots of yummy tweats.
We like them.
The other day my Gwand-ma got mixed up when she was getting dwessed and put her slacks on first and den her unnerpants. She looked like a Super Gwand-ma.
My Gwand-ma asked Bernie to look on the internet and find some dood fishies to put in our pond. Bernie found de best one called Berney's Catfish. Bernie wants dat one.
Luv fwom Bernie

Thursday, 4 December 2014

My Mummy's Birfday

Tomowwow is my Mummy's birfday. She is making her own birfday cake cos she likes cooking and it is a good excuse for her to make a nice cake what she likes wif smelly stuff in it.
Bernie still has not got my Mummy a pwesent but my Gwand-ma said she will go and get the pwesent what I told her to get tomowwow. Bernie always tells Gwand-ma what to get for my Mummy. One day Bernie might buy sumfing on line for my Mummy. I am a clever computer using pussy cat so I could do that good.
Luv fwom Bernie and Happy Birthday to my Mummy.
PS I wonder if she would like a nice new bowl with a pussy cat picture on it or would she like a human picture on it?

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

We saw Santa

Bernie and Jaffa went to the Open Day at our Vet's place. We saw our Aunty Shauna and she gave us both very big cuddles. We were very happy to see her.
Then we got a pwetty thing on wound our necks for Chwistmas and we had our photos taken with Santa Claws. We liked Santa Claws cos he smells just like our Uncle Dewek who lives with our Aunty Shauna. And he knew what our names are and everything. And we told him that we have been good pussy cats and he is going to bwing us a pwessie for Chwistmas.
Here are the pictures that we got taken.

Luv fwom Bernie