Thursday, 31 January 2013

Evewybody back home

Now evewybody is back home and miss Beff is here too. Dat dood fun. Dere be lots of peoples to give cuddles to pussy cats.
Today Gwand-ma and mis Beff gone acwoss de woad to see Aunty Mavis cos she fall down boom de uvver day and we need to see if she is OK.
Bernie and Tilly went too and we went inside Aunty Mavis house and we had a dood look awound and Bernie had a sleep on her coffee table. It is a dood place to sleep at Aunty Mavis's place.
When my Katy and my Hughie comes to bisit, Bernie will take dem to visit Aunty Mavis.
Luv fwom Bernie

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Dis is yesserday blog

Hello Evewybody,
Dis is what me want to put on my blog for yesserday but me was busy twying to catch a mouse for a pwesent to give to my Mummy when she come home . Me look evewywhere but me cannot find one.

Dat Tilly has super heawing.
Today Bernie  sneaked into Gwand-da’s study, scwatched him  arm chair five times, meowed for fwee minutes, and den me jumped up on him desk – dat be Bernie’s  gentle ways of getting attention. Tilly sleep  all fwough dis. Gwand-da finally stood up and went into de kitchen and opened de fwidge. Tilly stayed asleep. Den Gwand-da quietly unwwapped de paper awound de few pieces of chicken dat me did not eat alweady and immediately Tilly’s eyes opened, she wushed under Gwand-da’s feet and bit him toe. But Gwand-da is a dood Gwand-da and him still give me de chicken and when Tilly twy to take it, Gwand-da  pick her up and put her on de bench and give her a slice of her own. Bernie can has him dindins in peace, but me has to eat fast because Tilly was gulping hers down and as soon as she finished she dived down to where I was and twied to get mine. Ha, ha, she was too late!
Luv fwom Bernie

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Little Tilly get her little paw stuck.

It be a vewy exciting day at Bernie place today because little Tilly got her fwont foot caught in de cat flap. She couldn’t open de flap because her foot be stopping de flap coming in, and she couldn’t go out because her foot wouldn’t let de flap open. Luckily, Gwand-da was nearby and him hear all de noise. Him wescue little Tilly and she be vewy happy.Bernie was going to wescue her myself but me was having my dindins at de time and me do not like to leave de table before me is finished cos dat is bad table manners.
Hmmmm me was just telling you about dindins and dat wemind Bernie dat Gwand-da cooked some more lamb’s fwy and bacon today and him give me some.  Bernie like de bacon, but me wish he could understand dat gentle cats do not eat dat yucky  lamb liver.
Gwand-da tell me dat my Mummy  coming home tomowwow and dat she is bwinging someone special. Bernie fink it be Gwand-ma but Gwand-da say it not. Him must be wwong. Bernie paws need some special care because Gwand-da   ‘puter is not as nice as Gwand-ma ‘puter.
Luv fwom Bernie

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Twicking Gwand-da

Gwand-da do not be as clever as him fink. Last night Bernie chase Tilly into de bisitor’s woom and den me gone down to Gwand-da’s woom and me jump onto de bed. Gwand-da fink it be littleTilly and he start to pat Bernie and tickle him. Me fink me make a mistake when me jump on top of Gwand-da tummy  cause dem him guess dat it be Bernie because me is  a little bit bigger dan Tilly. Oh well, my Gwand-da  do not mind too much cause him love Bernie lots and lots and so Bernie stay dere until Tilly come back into de woom.
Luv Fwom Bernie

Friday, 25 January 2013

Yummy corn beef

Here is Bernie doin him blog on Gwand-da puter again. Me is vewy clever.

But Gwand-da do not know how clever dis Bernie be. Bernie was sleeping in Gwand-da study in de middle of de day and Gwand-da got up to get hisself some lunch. Him get a tin of corn beef what is Bernie favouwite - out of de fwidge and him peel it. (You has to peel it like a Nananananana). Gwand-da just finish peeling it and it pop vewy quietly – but Bernie got marvellously dood ears and me hear it. Bernie wush into de kitchen just when Gwand-da making a san-ich and him be a vewy nice Gwand-da and him give some to Bernie.  Gwand-da say Bernie has bionic ears. De best part is dat silly Tilly be outside and me do not has to let her have some first before Bernie.
Luv fwom Bernie 

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Learning about a noo 'puter.

It be a vewy confusing day for poor Bernie today. First of all me could not find My Mummy or or my Gwand-ma and Gwand-da tell me dat dey  gone to Canbewwa to play games with Uncle Tim. Den he wemind me dat  me has to have a pwactice on Gwand-da 'puter cause me cannot use Gwand-ma puter dis week cos she take it away wif her.
Gwand-da put Bernie up on his desk and tell me to start typing but me is not silly – Bernie look awound carefully and decide me do not want to use Gwand-da 'puter cause me do not twust anyfing what is on de end of a mousie tail. Bernie do not like mousies except to eat dem.. Gwand-da say dat dis be a diffewent sort of mousie  what do not fwighten Bernie. 
Bernie practise vewy dood  and den me get vewy tired so me lay down. Den Tilly come into de study and she also decide to lie down even though she did not do any work at all. Bernie do not want to talk to her so me pwetend to be asleep and den she go to sleep too. Grand-da decide to take a pikcha of  us sleeping togevver but de click on his camewa woke up silly Tilly and she start to bite Bernie tail. Dat was de end of Bernie dood sleep and dis is de end of my message today what me wite on Gwand-da 'puter.
Luv fwom Bernie
PS Here is a pikcha of Gwand-da showing Bernie how to use his 'puter.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Leaving puters off

My Gwand-ma and my Gwand-da go away somewhere and dem take de puters wif dem so Bernie cannot wite him blog. Dat a noosance because me had lots of fings to tell to peoples dat me wanted to put on my blog. Now me forget what dem was.
It still vewy hot here and Bernie always has to find a nice cool place to have a little nap.
When dat anughty Tilly is bovverwing Bernie too much, Bernie jump up on de kitchen bench. Dat what my Gwand-ma tell me I is allowed to do.
Tilly cannot jump dat high so me can get away fwom her.
But she is gwowing vewy fast and soon she can jump up dere. She can jump up and touch de bench but she cannot get hold of it and get on it. Me has a nice west away fwom her when she can't jump up but me suppose soon she will be able to jump up so my nice westing place will not be a nice westing place any more. Oh dear! What me do den?
Luv fwom Bernie

Friday, 11 January 2013

My Mummy stay in bed

My Mummy is vewy tired and getting a cold so she stay in bed all day. Bernie finks dat is vewy useful because den me always knows where she is.
Bernie does not stay in bed all day because me is not sick and me has lots of fings to do. Bernie has to have a little bit of dindins fwom my Bowl and fwom Tilly bowl and me has to have a little nap in all de dood places just to make sure dey say stays dood. Dis is quality contwol.
Tonight we had vewy nice fishy for dindins and we is vewy happy.
Luv fwom Bernie

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Gone again but comed home before de night

My Mummy and my gwand-ma gone away somewhere but dem come home before de night. Bernie had dood cuddles fwom gwand-da but dat silly Tilly always wants to push in and get de cuddle what Bernie is having. She is a party pooper. Dat is a person what stops uvver people fwom having fun.
My Mummy planted lots of fings to gwow in her garden where she gwow fings to eat, But Bernie do not like eating dem. Bovver! Me wish she gwow chookies.
My Gwand-maand my Gwand-da plant lots of baby flowers so me and Tilly can sleep in dem when  dem gwow big.
Dat dood.
Luv fwom Bernie

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

My Mummy home now

My Mummy is home now so Bernie is a happy pussy cat. Now me has to go and play wif her and get more cuddles.
Luv fwom Bernie

My Mummy coming home tomowwow

My Gwand-ma tell me dat my Mummy coming home tomowwow. Bernie is vewy glad about dat. Bernie miss his Mummy vewy vewy much.
Gwand-ma say she can always see how happy Bernie is to see his Mummy when she come home fwom being away somewhere.
She say Bernie wun up to her vewy fast. His little tummy go wobble wobble wobble wobble fast while his little legs go wun wun wun wun fast under de wobbling tummy.
She say Bernie never wun dat fast for anyfing else dese days - hmmmm except when Bernie is twying to wun away fwom dat silly Tilly.
So here comes a fast wun fwom Bernie
Luv fwom Bernie

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Ice Cweam is for hot days.

Today Gwand-ma made little ice cweams for her and Gwand-da because it hot. She say to Bernie, "Would you like some ice cream too Bernie to cool down?" So she put some ice cweam on a little plate and Bernie eat it all up. Ah dat nice and cool.
Now Gwand-da amd Gwand-ma was tidying de gawage and dey find de cat scwatching post. Gwand-da show Tilly how to use dat scwatching post and she learn stwaight away. Now she playing wif it. Dat dood. Me hope she likes playing wif it instead of wif Bernie tail.
Luv fwom Bernie

Monday, 7 January 2013

More hot days

Today was anuvver one of dem hot days so Bernie has to sleep wif his foots in de air. Dat no pwoblem.
My Mummy is going to twy it out.
She is at a Backpacker place wif lots of uvver peoples in de woom. Me hope dey do not mind if my Mummy sleep wif her foots in de air. Maybe she will tell dem dat it is a dood way to keep cool and den dey will all sleep dat way.
Dat little Tilly is getting much bigger but she still a noosance. She still likes to bite Bernie tail ALL DE TIME.
Me sick of dat. Please stop biting Bernie tail!
Gwand-da tell me to hit her hard but Bernie do not want to weally hurt her. She is only a baby pussy cat.
Luv fwom Bernie

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Here is how to sleep to keep cool

Bernie always knows a dood way to keep cool.
When you is outside you should sleep in de middle of all de flowers. Dat is a cool place.
When you is lying down you should put your feet up so de air can go wound dem. My Gwand-ma take a pikcha of Bernie showing evewybody how to sleep when it is hot.
Luv fwom Bernie

Doing fings

When it vewy hot in de day time, Bernie do not do much fings in de day time. Me wait until de night and it get cooler.
Last night me went on a vewy intewesting adventure and me catch a little birdie. Bernie bwing it in de house and say a vewy loud MIAOW  and Gwand-ma hear me and get up out of bed and come to see what Bernie is miaowing about so loud.
Den me show her my birdie.
Gwand-ma say dat Bernie should not catch birdies. Den she say "How did you get outside and back in again?" and Bernie just look acwoss at de cat door so she knows how. Den Bernie decide to eat his birdie so Gwand-ma go back to bed. She do not want to see Bernie eating a birdie.
She is a sookie Gwand-ma. She eats lots of birdies wot she calls chooks.
Luv fwom Bernie

Saturday, 5 January 2013

A vewy hot day

Today be vewy hot. Little Tilly wun outside when Gwand-ma and Gwand-da gone to Mass. When dey come home dey looking evewywhere for her but she sitting in a cool spot wight in de middle of de flowers.
Bernie teach her dat.
Later we bofe sitting dere in de middle of de flowers. Little Tilly's face just peek above a Pansy.
Also you knows what? Tilly dwink weal tea. She dwink tea fwom Gwand-ma mug and she had quite a big dwink. She likes tea wif milk and no sugar.
We keeping de air condishuning going all de time in our house cos it too hot.
Luv fwom Bernie

Friday, 4 January 2013

Me Miss My Mummy,

Yesserday my Mummy gone away but poor little Bernie did not know she was gone away for a long time.
Last night me was looking evewywhere for her. My Mummy was not in her bedwoom so Bernie gone outside looking for her.
De uvver cat wot live acwoss de woad and wot belong to Uncle Dawwen hiss at me and we have a cat fight but soon Bernie tell him dat Bernie is just lookin for my Mummy cos she gone away. Den dat cat say "Oh dat very sad" and him do not hiss at Bernie any more and den Bernie come home and my Gwad-ma give me a cuddle and a dwink of dwinking chocolate wifout de dwinking chocolate powder or de sugar.
Den me sleep in my Mummy bedwoom cos dat is Bernie bedwoom too.
Today  my Gwand-ma and my Gwand-da gone somewhere and den dem come home and den Aunty Mavis comes home and Dawwen comes to visit and den dey all twying to put somefing in my Mummy courtyard. WOT IS DAT?
Bernie get cuddles fwom  evewybody but dem cuddles is not as good as cuddles fwom my Mummy.
Luv fwom Bernie

Thursday, 3 January 2013

My Mummy gone away

My Mummy gone away for a little holiday but Bernie is just going to fink she is at school or down at Living and Giving and den Bernie will not miss her.
Dat a dood plan. But me has to wite my blog evewy day so she can wead it and see what little Bernie is doing.
Today me spend most of de time lying down somewhere cool. One time Bernie wanted to go out to de back patio so me go to de door and say "Miaow" wot means "Gwand-ma would you mind letting me out please?" and Gwand-ma said "OK Bernie, here you go" and she open dat door.
Wight den Tilly wace between Bernie legs and get out dere first. Bernie do not mind. But den as soon as Gwand-ma shut dat door and go to annuvver woom, Tilly go back in fwough de cat door.
She silly Tilly.
Luv fwom Bernie

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

A little bit naughty

Today we had lots of wubbish to fwow away and we cannot fit it all in our garbage bin. So you know what we do?
We sneak over to Aunty Mavis place and we pinch her bin and we fill it up wif wubbish and den we put it out de fwont of her place for de garbage man to come and get it. Dat garbage man will say "How come Aunty Mavis got all dat wubbish when she not dere cos she visiting her gwandchildwen?"
Hee heee We waterwing Aunty Mavis fwont lawn too so she do not mind if we bowwow her garbage bin.
It vewy hot here and Bernie just likes to find a nice cool place and have a sleep. Sometimes me sleeps wif my legs stuck up in  de air cos dem likes to get air wound dem.
Luv fwom Bernie

Tuesday, 1 January 2013


My Mummy say today is a speshul day called Noo Years Day so Tilly and me had a barf.
Now we is nice and clean. Dat de first time dat Tilly ever had a barf at our place but de vet gave her a barf when she first went to de vet but maybe she do not wemember dat cos she was just a little tiny  tiny baby kitten den.
De vet lady tell us dat a man bwing Tilly and her 4 bwuvvers in to de vet and dem all muddy and cwying and hungwy. He say somebody put dem kittens in him yard but dem not his kittens.
De vet lady wash dem all and give dem din dins and den dey stop cwying and dey play togevver and be happy.
Den we come along a buy Tilly and my Uncle Matt buy Basil and we do not know if anyone buy any more of dem cute kittens.
Tilly is glad we buy her cos my Gwand-da love her and spoil her. When she wants to play in de dwawer of his desk, first he take fings out of it so she can play dere. If she wants to sit in Gwand-da chair den he sit in anuvver chair.
She such a spoiled little kitten.
Luv fwom Bernie