Wednesday, 31 August 2011

A day off for de Butler

Evewybody is allowed to have a day off. Even butlers. So today Bernie decide dat he has a day off.
When Gwand-ma come home, Bernie goes to meet her but he do not want to show her de way inside.
She orta orlweady know dat way inside anyway.
Bernie just woll over on de parfway in de sun and stick his legs in air so he get lots of nice sun shining on his tummy.
Dat vewy nice.
Me do not want to be de butler ALL DE TIME.
Me has a litta holiday.
Luv fwom Bernie

Monday, 29 August 2011

More Flower Cats

Well Litta Heidi likes sitting in dat flower pot. She sit dere lots today. She sitting dere in de warm sun. She say she not de only flower cat because my dood fwend, Aussie wot died and got buwied in de back yard is gwowing into a Daffodil. He always gwows into a Daffodil evewy Spwing. He do not have his flower yet but when he do have his flower my Mummy will take a dood pikcha of it.
Luv fwom Bernie

Sunday, 28 August 2011

A Flower Cat

All my dood fwends wot wead my blog know dat Heidi is a white tortoise shell pussy cat. You can see dat when you look at her pictures.
My Aunty Lily tell me dat in China dem pussy cats is called "Flower Cats" cos dem look pwitty like flowers.
Me tell litta Heidi dat so guess what she do!
She go and sit in a flower pot.
My Mummy taked a pikcha of her so we can show evewybody and my Aunty Lily.
Luv fwom Bernie

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Tidy up de garden

Today we be vewy busy and tidy up de garden.
My Mummy mow lots and lots and my Gwand-da cut bwanches off dose messy twees and also cut branches off dat messy pommy gwan ate twee wot had funny pommy gwan ates on it.
My Aunty Lily love dose pommy gwan ates so we give de best ones to her.
De uvvers take a big twailer full of wubbish away and get wid of it.
Heidi an me get vewy tired just watchin.
But it look nicer when it tidy except we don know where to hide. Hmmm we can still find places to hide and we got a big play yard to play in.
wuv fwom ol Bernie.

Friday, 26 August 2011

Lots of butlewin work

You knows how Bernie is de butler?
Well when sumbody comes here Bernie ORLWAYS goes and bwing dem inside.
He wuns out to meet dem at de car and walk wif dem to de house and when dey open de door, Bernie wun in first to show dem de way.
Dat cos Bernie is a BEWY DOOD butler.
Today me got vewy busy doin my butlewin.
Gwand-da car come and stop out de fwont and Bernie just wunning out to get him when Gwand-ma car come and stop out de fwont too.
Oh Meow Meow! Two peoples need de butler at once.
What I do? I wun from Gwand-da to Gwand-ma and back to Gwand-da again.
Den I tells dem to bofe come in togevver and so dat wot dey do.
Me work it out dood.
Bernie is de best multi skill butler in de world.
Wuv fwom Bernie

Thursday, 25 August 2011

A galloping Heidi

Bernie orlweady tell evewyone about how it be a nice sunny day today.
Well Heidi was having lots of fun wunning vewy fast and she make a galloping noise cos she wun so fast.
Bernie say to her dat she should not make dat galloping noise when my Mummy at home because my Mummy fall of a horsey when she visiting my cousin Bethany and if she hear a galloping noise it might fwighten her.
Heidi say "Oh that ith very thad. I did not know that Aunty Anne fell off a horthey.
Did thhe hurt herthelf?" and Bernie say "She got lots of howwible bwuises"
Then Heidi say "And did thhe drop any thtittheth from her knitting?"
Bernie say "Me do not know about dat. Me do not know if My Mummy was knitting when she widing dat horsey."
Heidi say "But Aunty Anne ith alwayth knitting tho thhe mutht have been doing her knitting."
Oh dear my poor Mummy. She fall off a horsey and muck up her knittin!!!
Luv fwom Bernie.

Sunny day

Today it be a nice sunny day.
Yesserday it be a sunny day too
Heidi and me gone outside and played lots of games in de nice sunny day. Den we has a litta nap in a warm sunny spot but we puts our paws over our eyes so dat sun dont get in dem while we is having a nap.
We has cat naps cos we is pussy cats.
Me just wun inside bewy kwik to wite dis blog for my fwends to wead.
Now I wuns outside again to do more playin and nappin in de sun.
But first I go and get a litta snak.
Luv fwom Bernie

Monday, 22 August 2011

A nice new chair for Bernie

My Mummy and my Gwand-ma go in de car and when dey come home dey bwing a nice new chair for Bernie.
Bernie be vewy kind and let Gwand-da sit in it but it weally be Bernie's chair.
Today Aunty Mavis come and she hab a sit in it and also my Mummy have a sit in it but Bernie sit in it most of de time.
Gwand-da sit in Gwand-ma's chair when he weadin his book cos dat new chair be Bernie's chair and Bernie was sittin in it.
Luv fwom Bernie

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Oh deawie me Meow

Gwandma was just giving me a nice cuddle and den she put me down but she do not look where she puttin me and she put me in de bin.
Bernie was a litta bit offended and me walk away vewy quickly wif a speshul bum wiggle wot mean "Hmmmph! is dat wot you fink of Bernie!"
But me is OK. Gwandma was just asking Bernie if he will help her make de din dins. Of course Bernie will help make de din dins. Bernie loves to help make de din dins. Bernie is de main tasting person for when anyone is makin din dins. Bernie always has to do de tasting.
So Bernie is just going to go and sit on de kitchen table now on top of de new gwiller wot Gwandma buy cos de uvver one bwoke. Me will wait dere until Gwand-ma come and cook de din dins.
Luv fwom Bernie

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Waining again

Today it beed waining again so Bernie make a dood wesolushion.
Bernie is not going to play outside on any day wot ends wif a "ay" sound cos dose days is always got wain. Me notice dat.
Today be Wensday and it be waining and last Wensday it beed waining and it beed waining on a Sunday and a Munday. All dose days has a "ay" sound on de end so now Bernie notice dat so if de day has a "ay" sound on de end of it, Bernie stay in bed cos he know it going to be waining.
Bernie is vewy clever to notice dat. It save Bernie lots of twouble cos he do not have to go outside and get wet before he know it be waining.
Luv fwom Bernie

Monday, 15 August 2011

Spwing coming

It be vewy exciting. Me fibnk spwing is coming. Dat gwass is startin to gwow and so is dem weeds.
Heidi and me plays lions and tigers wunning in de long gwass. Now Heidi find a twee stump and she sit on it and be queen lioness lookin awound.
Bernie ask Gwand-ma to take a pikcha of her sitting dere but she jump off when Gwand-ma cweeping awound dere wif de camewa.
Now we be tired and go back to sleep
Luv fwom Bernie

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Meow, purr, lick

Dis what I wants to put in my blog.
Meow meow, purr purrr litta lick.
Lie down and have a sleep
purr purr look awound get up sit down and rub my face against a owange folder. Give Gwand-ma a cuddle and rub my head on her face. Den more licks
pur purr lick lick
luv fweom Bernie

Saturday, 13 August 2011

My Mummy home now

Today is a vewy dood day cos my Mummy come home.
Gwand-da tell me dat my Mummy come home soon and Bernie should go and wait for her.
Me go outside and wait at de back gate but she come home to de fwont.
Dat twick me a litta bit but me hear her callin me when she come home and me wun inside and get a cuddle fwom my Mummy.
Bernie is a vewy happy pussy cat now.
Luv fwom Bernie

Friday, 12 August 2011

Bov-ver! Got de day wong

Bov-ver Bov-ver Me know dat my Mummy come home on Sattyday and me fink today be Sattyday. Me been sittin out dere waitin for my Mummy.
Now Gwand-da just tell me dat today be Fwiday and tomowwow be Sattyday.
Me must have lost count when me countin my sleeps.
Oh Meow meow. It not easy bein a pussy cat!
Luv fwom Bernie

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Cold again

It always being cold here. Maybe we turning into Tasmania so soon we can see Katy and Hughie.
Last night Bernie had a little accident. Well it was not weally a accident cos me did it on purpose.
Me and Heidi was in Gwand-ma and Gwand-da bedwoom. We sleepin on deir bed.
Den Bernie get off cos he want to go and do a wee. Bernie cannot open dat door so he look in dat ensuite to find a litter tway but it not dere.
Bernie say his speshul little mow what means "Bernie needs to use the litter tray" but Gwand-ma do not know what dat means so she just say "Oh what you want Bernie" and she go back to sleep.
Bernie cwossing his legs but den he see a hole in dat floor. It be de dwain hole so Bernie do his wee in dat hole. Hmmm it vewy hard to scwape on de tiles to cover it up. Gwand-ma hear Bernie twyin to scwape so den she know what Bernie was talkin about.
She come in de ensuite and she say Bernie is a vewy dood Pussy cat cos he do his wee down dat hole.
Now Gwand-ma knows dat when Bernie say dat speshul little mow, dat because Bernie need de litter tway.
Luv fwom Bernie

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Cuddles appointments

Dis morning, Gwand-da gone to school and Gwand-ma getting weady to go and do sumfing and my Mummy not here cos she away visiting my cousin Befany.
Gwand-ma say to Bernie "I am sorry Bernie that I won't be here to give you cuddles. Maybe you should arrange with Heidi to give each other cuddles".
Bernie fink dat a dood idea so he say to litta Heidi, "Litta Heidi, do you fink we can gib each uvver cuddles when dere is no-one at home to give us cuddles?
Heidi say "Hmmm I think I needth to look in my diary"
Bernie say "Wot? Has you got a diary, Litta Heidi?"
Heidi say "Well me doeth not know. What do a diary lookth like?"
Bernie say "Well if you does not even know what a diary looks like, why do you have to check it?"
and Heidi say "Well that ith what Grand-da alwayth thayth when thomeone athkth him if he can do thomething. He thayth 'I need to check my diary.'"
"Well what do Gwand-da diary look like litta Heidi?" asks Mr. Bern.
"It black" say litta Heidi.
Now we lookin evewywhere to see if we can find a diary wot is Heidi's.
We get so tired lookin everywhere dat we curl up togevver on de chair and has a sleep.
Luv fwom Bernie

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Anuvver cold day

Today be anuvver cold day and Bernie miss his Mummy.
Bernie has to go and get cuddles fwom Gwand-ma and she wonder why Bernie keeps comin to get cuddles all de time.
It just because Bernie misses his Mummy and Bernie likes cuddles and Bernie Mummy is not here to give Bernie all his cuddles what he needs evewy day.
So dat why Bernie go to Gwand-ma to get cuddles all day.
Oh when my Mummy comes home?
Luv fwom Bernie


Bernie forget to do some blog yesserday cos it cold and wainin and Bernie stay inside and sleep on de chair in de warm lounge woom.

Monday, 8 August 2011

Oh dat wot it is.

Clever Katy tell me wot it is. It be Shakes beer. My Mummy tell me when you shakes beer it get all fizzy and we must not do dat. It is a bard fing to do. Dat why dat man called Shakes Beer is called dat bard.
Today Farver Fill came and visited us and Bernie and him played a twick on my Gwand-da.
Bernie was playin at a house up dis stweet when Farver Fill came past on his way walkin to visit us. We walked back to dis house togevver cos we is dood fwends.
Farver Fill goes to de back door and Bernie goes to de fwont door.
Farver Fill wing de back door bell wot sound zactly like de fwont door bell. Just den Farver Fill call out “Helloooo” and Bernie call out “Meeeoooow” at de same time.
Gwand-da say “Ooooh which door do I go to?” and he come and open de fwont door and in walk Bernie. He say “Do you wing dat door bell Mr. Bernie?” Farver Fill walk in de back door at dat same time and Gwand-da get a big surpwise.
Heee heee heee we larfin.
Luv fwom Bernie

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Fizzy Dwink

Today my Mummy has gone to see my cousin Befany and teach her all about dat fizzy dwinks.
Me telling Heidi about it.
Heidi say "Ith you thure thhe teaching Bethany about Fiththy drinkth?"
Me say "Well it sumfing like dat." Maybe it be 'wobble milk' or 'wiggle tea'"
Me can't wemember wot it be but me know it sumfing like dat.
Me has to fink about it lots and lots so me can figure it out.
Me wemember finkin about sumfing wot my Mummy dwink gettin all wiggled.
Ow Meow meow. Wot it be?

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

A stwange litta habit

Me notice dat litta Heidi do a stwange litta habit.
Sumtimes before she eat sum dindins, she need to hab a cuddle.
She go near dat dindins bowl and say 'meow' and den she lift up her back to show Gwand-ma dat she want a cuddle.
Gwand-ma pick her up and give her a litta cuddle den she jump down and eat sum din dins.
Dat vewy stwange.
Bernie ask litta Heidi why she do dat.
"Well," say litta Heidi, "Alwayth when me want thome din dinth me say 'meow' to Grand-ma and thee alwayth pick me up and thay "Wot do you want little Heidi? Do you want thome din dinth?" and then she get me thome dindinth. Me only do that when the din dinth bowl ith empty and Grand-ma needth to put thome more din dinth in it."
Bernie say "Oh me did not notice dat. So now you fink you must always hab a cuddle before new dindins?"
"Yeth," say litta Heidi, "It ith nithe to have cuddleth and dindinth"
Bernie fink she is wight about dat.
Cuddles is always nice and so is dindins.
Luv fwom Bernie

Monday, 1 August 2011

Dat sweet litta pussy

Today Bernie was standin just outside dat glass door out de back and me could see into de lounge woom.
Me wanted to come in but dat door was shut.
Me sitting dere waitin.
Den Litta Heidi see me and she wun acwoss to Gwandma. Me could hear her saying her litta 'Mew' what she say when she asking politely for sumting. She always scwew up her litta nose when she say dat cute litta 'mew.'
Gwand-ma say "What do you want litta Heidi?" and litta Heidi say dat 'mew' again and wun to de back door and Gwand-ma follow her and see dat Bernie waitin to come in.
Gwand-ma open dat door and Bernie come in. He say 'fanks you' to litta Heidi for tellin Gwand-ma dat Bernie at de door and wants to come in.
She such a cute pussy.
Love fwom Bernie