Friday, 28 November 2014

A necklace for Jaffa

Our Mummy bought a collar for Jaffa but Jaffa says it is a necklace because she is a girl and girls like to wear necklaces. It is black with little diamonds on it. Jaffa says it is a velvet choker. That is a type of necklace and she says it has real diamonds. She thinks she is very smart with that new necklace on. She sort of tinkles when she walks along. Mummy said we are not to tell her that the bell is there so it will make a noise when she walks and warn the birdies. I am going to mark this entry so Jaffa cannot read it.
Our vet is having a special open day on Sunday and Jaffa and me are going to go there and get our picture taken with Santa Claus. It will be good fun.
Luv fwom Bernie

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Mousey and birdie

Jaffa caught annuver mousie. I do not know if it was the mousie that I caught and what got away after it ate lots of mousie dindins (peanut butter in a big milk bottle lid for a mousie dindins bowl)
She chased it awound until the poor thing dies of fwight and then she did not want to play with it anymore because it would not wun away.
Then yesserday she caught a big Wosella. She is vewy vewy naughty. We told her not to catch birdies but she say she did not catch it. She say it ask her if it can come and play with us so she just bwing it inside. BUT it was dead so I do not believe it asked her anyfing. She is a naughty naughty fibbing Jaffa as well as a naughty naughty birdie catching pussy cat. She plonk that dead bird on the kitchen floor and ate a hole in it. YUK. Then my Mummy swept it up and put it in the bin. Now my Gwand-ma is wowwied that one of the neighbours who has birdies will come and say "Your naughty pussy cat caught my birdie" and he will want to chop Jaffa head off.
Gwand-ma say that the twouble is that Jaffa is the same colour as the tan bark and so the birdies cannot see her. My Mummy is going to buy a cat collar with a bell on it and she is going to put it on Jaffa so the bell will go tinkle tinkle and the birdies will hear her coming and they can fly away.
Luv fwom Bernie

Monday, 10 November 2014

That mousie is vewy clever and hungwy

When my Mummy and my Gwand-ma pulled the fwidge out yesserday they got the mousie dindins out and put it on the bench. Then later Gwand-ma put it down near the fwidge again on the other side. After a while it disappeared again and when my Mummy looked she saw it way underneath the fwidge again. So she got a long stick and dwagged it out again and when they looked they saw that it had lots of little mousie teeth marks on it and some of it was gone.
Now we put it down near the fwidge again and we are waiting to see if we can catch that mousie when he comes out to dwag his dindins under the fwidge. Gwand-ma said she will not put poison in the mousie dindins because if the mousie eats poison and a pussy cat eats the mousie then it might poison the pussy cat.
Luv fwom Bernie

Sunday, 9 November 2014

A vewy clever mousie

Bernie catch a mousie but it wun under the bookshelf. Bernie was twying to weach under the bookshelf and get it but Bernie's fwont leg is too short and me could not weach. Gwand-ma came along and she know that Bernie is twying to get something out so she put her walking stick under the bookshelf and scoop the mouse out. Bernie wun after it and catch it and let go and catch it and let go and catch it but then it got away and wan under the fwidge.
Bernie was sitting there for a long time waiting for that mousie to come out fwom under the fwidge.
After a while Gwand-ma got a good idea. She got a lid off a empty milk bottle to use for a mousie dindin bowl and she put some peanut butter in it which is mousie dindins. Then she put that mousie dindins down just near the fwidge. Bernie think that is a vewy good idea so Bernie was sitting there for a vewy long time watching that mousie dindins to see if the mousie came out to get it.
Then we went away to have our dindins and when we looked back that mousie dindins was gone. Gwand-da got down on the floor and looked under the fwidge. The mousie dindin bowl was pulled in under the fwidge. That clever mousie wan out when we was not looking and it dwag that dindin bowl under the fwidge.
After another long while my Mummy and my Gwand-ma pulled that fwidge out and there was no mousie, just lots of mousie poop and little teeth marks in the mousie dindins. Gwand-ma specially made it vewy smooth so she could see if the mousie ate any.
That cheeky mousie ate the dindins, did some poops and then snuck away somewhere.
Bernie and Jaffa will be looking hard for that mousie.
Luv fwom Bernie

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Nice dindins

My Mummy cooked dat mince and made it into vewy nice dindins what we like. Sanks you vewy much Mummy.
Luv fwom Bernie

Friday, 7 November 2014

A mousie

Jaffa has been bwinging lots of little lizards inside and Gwand-ma and Gwand-da and Mummy has all had turns at bwinging dem back outside.
Now she got a mousie.
She bwought it inside and den outside and den inside and den outside and now she is inside wif it and she is chasing it and it is hiding under her dindin bowl. She do not hurt it. She just tewworwise de poor fing. Oh well she is allowed to catch mousies cos dem leaves yukkiwe poops in our dwawer.
Huwwy up and finish wif dat mousie please Jaffa.
Luv fwom Bernie

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Bernie wanted to help

Today Gwand-ma buyed some of the minced meat that she has been giving to the pussy cats for our dindins lately since the silly Bloopermarket stopped selling the pussy cat dindins what we like.
Gwand-ma was sorting out the dindins into little plastic bags wif just enough for two dindins in them.That is one for Bernie and one for Jaffa. Bernie was sitting on the barbecue in the patio and looking through the kitchen window. I was miaowing to Gwand-ma to let me in the window so I could come and help her but she did not want Bernie to help so she did not open the window. She just say "That screen does not open so come in the cat door Bernie." Bernie gets sick of her saying that. Just open the scween Gwand-ma and let Bernie in.
Luv fwom Bernie