Thursday, 27 November 2014

Mousey and birdie

Jaffa caught annuver mousie. I do not know if it was the mousie that I caught and what got away after it ate lots of mousie dindins (peanut butter in a big milk bottle lid for a mousie dindins bowl)
She chased it awound until the poor thing dies of fwight and then she did not want to play with it anymore because it would not wun away.
Then yesserday she caught a big Wosella. She is vewy vewy naughty. We told her not to catch birdies but she say she did not catch it. She say it ask her if it can come and play with us so she just bwing it inside. BUT it was dead so I do not believe it asked her anyfing. She is a naughty naughty fibbing Jaffa as well as a naughty naughty birdie catching pussy cat. She plonk that dead bird on the kitchen floor and ate a hole in it. YUK. Then my Mummy swept it up and put it in the bin. Now my Gwand-ma is wowwied that one of the neighbours who has birdies will come and say "Your naughty pussy cat caught my birdie" and he will want to chop Jaffa head off.
Gwand-ma say that the twouble is that Jaffa is the same colour as the tan bark and so the birdies cannot see her. My Mummy is going to buy a cat collar with a bell on it and she is going to put it on Jaffa so the bell will go tinkle tinkle and the birdies will hear her coming and they can fly away.
Luv fwom Bernie


  1. Hughie says:

    We used to have a small tree outside the window, so fairy wrens keeped coming and sit on there and just playing, and our cat Q kept jumping up there and looking at the birds.

    Katy says:

    And sometimes he'd bang into the window and fall down the crack behind the couch.

    Hughie says:

    And our cat got a new bowl a few days ago or yesterday or today, I'm confused. It's silver and beautiful and he drinks out of it or eats out of it, oops.

    The end.

  2. Bernie got a new bowl for my birfday and it has got pictures of pussy cats on it.