Saturday, 14 September 2013

In our garden

We got lots of fings in our garden.
We got a apple twee and a pear twee and a nectawine twee and a plum twee. De Nectawine twee and de plum twee has got pwetty flowows on dem.
Bernie likes dem flowowers better dan dat fwoot.
We got a lemon twee and a owange twee and a mandawine twee.
We got bwoccolli - some more is gwowing - and cabbage and cauliflowow. aznd cawwots and parsnips and wadishes and garlic and parsley and owegano and beetwoot and mint and speshul cat  mint and basil and chives and lots of stwawbewwies and lettuces and silver beet and bwoad beans and peas and shallotts and soon we is going to plant some corn. And we has got gwapes and wasbewwies.  Dat is a lot of fings.
And guess what!!!
We is all vewy happy because dem gwass twees what my Mummy give my Gwand-ma for Muvvers Day has got some spikes gwowing on dem.
 Bernie will ask my Mummy to take a pikcha of dem so me can show my blog weaders.
And today we was giving dem Wawatahs some dindins. It is vewy nice din dins and dem likes it vewy much and dem eat it all up. And den we give dem a nice dwink wif de hose.
And we lets little Jaffa come outside when we doing fings in de garden and she is good cos she do not wun away and she goes back inside herself and do not cwy.
And dat is all me can fink of now. And maybe Bernie left some fings out cos dem is lots of fings to wemember.
Luv fwom Bernie

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