Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Planting baby flowows

Today Gwand-ma planted baby flowows. She teach me what dem called. She say "Bernie these are Zinnias".
She tell Bernie dat we got pink ones and purple ones and lots of diffwent colour ones.
She get dem speshul tways wif speshul dirt. Jaffa was watching too cos she do not know about gwowing flowows. Wont she get a big surpwise when dem gwow?
Jaffa say "Is Grand-ma making some speshul litter trays for us?"
Bernie say "Oh no  little Jaffa. Dem is not litter tways. Dem is tways for baby flowows and fings." Den me show Jaffa de big boxes where my Mummy gwow fiungs. Me say "Dat where dem gwow when dem big. When dem baby fings dem gwows in little tiny boxes cos dem little and tiny." Jaffa say "Is everything little and tiny when it is a baby?" and Bernie say "Yes except dinosaurs. Dem is big even when dem first get born. Den dem gwow up gigantic and huge."  Jaffa say "Oooh Bernie you are a very clever pussy cat because you know everything." and Bernie say "Yes me is de cleverwest pussy cat in de whole world."
And you know what? dere is a sad fing too. Today be Tilly birfday. She be one year old today.
We plant dem on Tilly birfday to wemember Tilly.
Love fwom Bernie.


  1. Oh Bernie, Jaffa is very lucky to have you to tell her all about things isn't she.

    Woudln't it be lovely if Tilly could come home, and Heidi too. Think of how lovely it would be to have all of them together. But at least we have little Jaffa, and it is very important that you look after her, ok?

    I'll be home tomorrow. Big hugs.

  2. Hughie says:

    Don't remind me about Tilly! [In a very sad voice]