Thursday, 7 August 2014

Lots of dindins in tintins

Oh dis is vewy confusing for a pussy cat. My Gwand-ma buy lots of dindins for pussy cats and it be in tins. So we got lots of dindins in tintins and now Bernie confused cause me do not know if me has dindins or tintins.
Dem tintins is vewy hard to open. Dem has a little handle to pull but Bernie twy and me can't pull dat handle.
Bernie is going to look on ebay and see if me can find a special fing to help Bernie open dem tins. Den Bernie will not have to bovver anyone when Bernie want my dintintindins.
Bernie knows what to do when it nearly wunned out of pussy cat tindins. Me wite it on de shopping list. Dat is a bit hard cos dat shopping list is high up on de fwidge so Bernie is going to pwactise jumping up to it to wite Pussy cat din tins on dat list.
Den when you wite it on de shopping list, soon it get back in de cupboard. It magic.
You see what a clever pussy cat Bernie is.
Jaffa was a bit cwanky de uvver day cos she spend lots of time putting all her ping pong balls in dood places awound de house. She specially likes to put dem under de lounge and under de book shelves and in de pantwy and places like dat. Den Gwand-ma and Mummy goes and picks dem all up and puts dem back in de basket. Jaffa say "Bovver! Now Jaffa has to go and put them all back in the proper places under the lounge, under the bookshelves and in the pantry. It is not easy to remember which bouncy ball goes where."
So dat is poor little Jaffa dilemma.
Bernie sometimes helps her cos she is my little sister.
Luv fwom Bernie

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  1. Hughie says:

    Q, who also owns a helicopter, likes to scatter round marbles in our house and make everyone trip over and kill themselves.

    Katy says:

    But not kill themselves!