Thursday, 1 October 2015

A sore bum

Bernie has a vewy sore bum.
A naughty big pussy cat came to our house and walked on our woof.
Bernie say "Go away you naughty pussy cat. Dis is Bernie and Jaffa house"
But that naughty pussy cat wun after Bernie and say "Me wants this house for my house" and that naughty pussy cat bit Bernie on de bum.
Now Bernie bum got vewy sore. Bernie had to go and see my new Aunty Nicole what is my new vet since Uncle Jim gone away. My new Aunty Nicole look at it and she say Bernie needs a opewation to fix it.
So she give Bernie a needle what make Bernie go to sleep and then when Bernie wake up it is all fixed but me has a tube sticking out my bum and it bleeding and yukky and me not allowed outside.
My Aunty Nicole say that Bernie is a good pussy cat because me has had all my injections and so me do not get a howwible sickness fwom dat naughty cat.
Jaffa say "Boor Bernie. Next time you see that naughty cat you tell Jaffa and she will come and help you to send him away. Then he will see there is two pussy cats here and we bofe chase him away togevver."
Bernie keeps saying to my Mummy "OOh Mummy my bummy is cwummy"
Luv fwom Bernie

1 comment:

  1. My poor baby. You have been very brave with your crummy bummy. I hope you get better soon sweetheart, but stay away from stinky big cats. Tell your mummy and I'll squirt it with a hose. Or maybe you can tell Hucksly next door to bark and bark and bark at it and it might run away then.