Saturday, 10 October 2015

Jaffa is a bit mixed up

Yesserday Jaffa caught a birdie and eat it. She left the feathers and yukkie bits on the lounge woom floor.
Gwand-da cleaned it up.
Now today she caught another bird and she left lots of feather evewywhere again.
Bernie said "Jaffa you should not be catching those little birdies. You should let them keep flying awound and singing birdie songs"
Jaffa said "But they are tweety birds and Gwand-ma always gives us tweats when we are good pussy cats"
Bernie had to tell her that it is a diffwent sort of tweat. Tweats what Gwand-ma gives are tweats. That is diffwent to tweetie birds."
Oh how can Bernie explain that to his little sister pussy cat?"


  1. Katy says:

    Learn how to use an "R"?

    Hughie says:

    Eat Superman's underpants.

    Katy and Hughie giggle inanely.

    Daddy goes and does something else.