Thursday, 31 March 2016

Blogging again

Bernie got sick of witing in him blog. Then Uncle Tim keeps saying "Why doesn't Bernie wite in his blog any more?' and then Katy and Hughie came to visit and they said "Bernie why don't you wite in your blog any more?"
Bernie said "Miaow" wot means "Hmmph! I don't want to wite in my blog" But Gwand-ma said that maybe Bernie should wite in him blog cos all my fwends wants to wead it cos dem loves Bernie.
So Bernie is witing in him blog but only for his fwends wot loves him. If you do not love Bernie then STOP WEADING MY BLOG!
Jaffa caught anuvver birdie. It was a big birdie. It was a pigeon type of birdie. My Mummy took it to de vet. Jaffa has been looking for it. Now next time she has to go to the vet she will think that she is going to get that birdie.
We are going to have a sundial in our yard. That is a old fashioned clock. My Gwand-ma left it outside and she was checking what time it said and my Mummy say "Oh I thought you left it outside to charge". Silly Mummy. Even Bernie knows that it do not have batterwies. It is a solar powered clock.
Love fwom Bernie

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