Monday, 1 October 2012


Today my Mummy plant some fings in her garden. Dem is cawwots and wadishes and swedes. Tomowwow we will plant parsnips but dem is having a barf first. Dat what you has to do before you plant dem parsnips. You let dem have a dood dwink first.
My Gwand-ma sits in a chair and watch. She too sick to do anyfing. Her back still hurting and her tummy and her leg. Gwand-da spend nearly all day in bed cos he has to do lots of westing to get better fwom a opewation.
Farver Phil come and visit and Gwand-ma goes and lies down in bed and so Gwand-da sits on Gwand-ma chair and Farver Phil gets a chair and dem sitting dere watching my Mummy. My Mummy weed awound de lemon twees and give dem some dindins and a big dwink. My Mummy is de boss of de back garden where we gwows food.
Maybe my Mummy will know about how to gwow chookies.
Luv fwom Bernie


1 comment:

  1. Katy says:

    We're doing a lot of lying and being sick and sore.

    Hughie says:

    You need eggs, plant them, and chickens will grow up on bushes!

    Katy says:

    Don't listen to Hughie!

    Hughie says:

    (They won't, actually!)


    Katy says:

    Dig a hole, or ask someone to dig a hole for you, do what I told you to do last, put the egg in a hole, and bury it. It will take a few weeks for it to hatch, but make sure you sit on it sometimes. Oh, and put something there so you can remember where it is. And it won't come out of a bush. You have to dig it up in a couple of weeks and sit on it, and then take it -- well, grab something soft first -- take the egg out of the hole and put it on that soft thing, then take it back inside and sit on it for a couple of hours.

    Daddy says:

    Bernie, my daughter is very silly.