Friday, 3 May 2013

A bit quiet now

Bernie fink it be too quiet here now dat Bernie is de only pussy cat. Bernie do not have anyone to talk pussy cat to. Maybe Bernie should go over de woad and talk to Uncle Dawwen's pussy cat.
Or maybe me could be fwends wif Mr New's pussy cats. One of dem is like Heidi and one is like Tilly but dem is not Heidi and Tilly, so it just make Bernie sad.
We is still planting plants. We has got lots to plant.
Bernie was just out dere talking to dem plants dis morning when my Gwand-ma come and water dem. Bernie jump out of de way quickly quickly so me do not get wet. Bernie sit up on top of de Barbecue.
My Mummy tell me dat de parf do not say Bernie. it say Bernie's uvver name wot is Sleigh. But evewybody in dis house has got dat name. Dat is cos we is de Sleigh Family.
Luv fwom Bernie


  1. I'm sorry you're lonely little man. I hope that Tilly and Heidi could both come back one day.

    Your name is very special, but I love your last name because that's the way people know that I am your mummy, and being your mummy is the best thing in the whole wide world!

  2. Hughie says:

    I've got Sleigh in my name as well as my Dad!