Thursday, 11 July 2013

A vewy embawwassing visit

Bernie was looking forward to seeing my Katy and my Hughie.
Den when dem come Bernie get vewy excited and got all mixed up.
Dem makes lots more noise and Bernie did not know dat Katys and Hughies makes noise. Dat made Bernie get all discombobobobulated.
Me twy to give my Aunty Liz some lovely Bernie smell to take home in de case and me do a special little wee in de case but den devewybody tell Bernie dat is norty so me vewy embawwassed. Me vewy sowwy about dat.
My Miss Beff what Bernie luvs and luvs give me some dood cuddles so dat make Bernie feel a little bit better. Miss Beff knows Bernie cos she visited before and so Bernie not fwightened of her.
Den Bernie got all mixed up cos of de noise and lots of peoples wunning awound and dat fwighten poor old Bernie and me wouse at little Jaffa lots and lots. Oh miaow miaow miaow it not Jaffa fault. Bernie just all mixed up. And evewybody wouse at Bernie again.
Now dem gone home and it be quiet again here and me and Jaffa had a little talk and a cuddle and we fwends again and Jaffa say "Don't worry Bernie Daddy, you did not hurt little Jaffa."
Next time my Katy and my Hughie comes to visit Bernie has to wemember dat people is much noisier when you see dem dan on de blog or on de puter in dat Skype.
Me hopes my Katy and my Hughie still luvs deir Bernie fwend.
Bernie is going to help Gwand-ma to find dood embwoiderwies to put on dem cloves for my Katy and my Hughie.
Luv fwom Bernie

1 comment:

  1. Hughie says:

    Hello Bernie! Love Bernie more than anything! In the world!

    Katy says:

    I love you lots and lots but why did you keep scratching all of us? I thought you would be peaceful and like cuddles, but instead you started scratching people!