Monday, 29 July 2013

Aunty Lily knitting

Aunty Lily buy a magazine what has two balls of wool, some knitting needles, and a DVD what tells you how to knit.
It got de magazine too.  My Mummy buy dat magazine too. It be a coincidence dat my Mummy and my Aunty Lily bofe buy it.
My Aunty Lily start knitting. Her Mummy teach her when she was a vewy little girl about as big as Katy.
My Gwand-ma see her knitting when she gone to visit and she take a pikcha of her. She say dat Aunty Lily knit vewy vewy neat. Dem vewy surpwised cos she did not knit for years and years.
Now tonight she wing up and ask my Mummy a question. She say she put her knitting down in de middle of a wow and now she do not know which diwection she going. My Mummy tell her how to figure dat out. My Mummy is de cleverwest knitting Mummy in de world.
My Aunty Lily say dat two balls of wool was not enough to finish what she knitting so she tell Uncle Tim to go to de shop and buy 6 more copies of dat magazine.
'Now what do she do wif six more magazines, 6 more pairs of de same needles and 6 more DVDs all de same?
Now dat a pwoblem.
Why don't Aunty Lily just buy some more wool? Dat vewy funny but akchally it cheaper to buy de magazine wif de wool dan to buy de wool on it own. Maybe dat why she do dat.
Anyway she might give dem DVD's to my Mummy so she can put dem in de school libwarwy so de childwen can learn how to knit wif dem.
Luv fwom Bernie.

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  1. Hughie says:

    Six at a time children will watch them!