Saturday, 27 July 2013

Sekwets evewywhere

My Hughie has lots of sekwets.
One is about a sumfing what he is going to get for a vewy little someone telling her how to do sumfing but Bernie is not allowed to tell her.
Bernie is vewy excited about dat sekwet.
And My Gwand-ma tell Hughie a sekwet what him is allowed to tell peoples if him wants to but it do not happen for a long time.
But Bernie do  not like dat sekwet for a speshul weason.
Dis is annuver sekwet what my Mummy do not know
De uvver mornin my Gwand-ma hear a vewy loud  " Baaaaaa" outside de bedwoom window. She call Gwand-da and him come wunning in and look out but nuffing dere. Den Gwand-da wun out and look out de fwont door and five big big Baaa sheep is in our garden eating our plants. Gwand-da shooo dem away and dem eat de clover in de gwass.
Little Jaffa look out de fwont door and see dem big sheepses.  She get such a big fwight. She wun back inside weal fast and jump on Gwand-ma bed so she can get a big cuddle.
We do not want Jaffa to go outside so we always tells her dere be a big bogey man outside. Now we glad she see dem big sheep cos now she fwightened to go outside.
Luv fwom Bernie


  1. Hughie says:

    I looked on eBay and I couldn't find a good enough book for kittens about learning to knit, so I'm gonna make the ultimate kitten knitting book! It will be how to tell kittens how to knit their own clothing.

  2. Ok Miwow My Hughie is vewy clever. Me going to wite a email to my Aunty Lily and tell her. My Aunty Lily has decided to knit. Me going to wite about her in my blog.