Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Minding 'Puters

My Mummy leave her 'puter on de kitchen table and my Gwand-ma leave her  'puter  in de cwaft woom. Bernie was vewy busy minding dem 'puters cos  'puters does not like being  in a diffwent place. Me had a big long sleep all day on my Mummy 'puter and somefing  went silly wif it but my Mummy fix it. Dat was because a norty bogey man twy to pinch it but Bernie bite him and him wun away.
Aunty Kim be here and Gwand-da helps her wif sumfing.
Little Jaffa find a plastic cwate full of balls of wool and she get de top off it again and she get all de balls of wool out and put dem wound de house again. She loves dem balls of wool. She finks she is a knitting pussy cat.
Bernie say "Look you is suppoed to knit wif knitting needles" so den she twy to pick dem up but dem is too fin so she twy to use a pencil. What a silly pussy cat.
Luv fwom Bernie


  1. Hughie says:

    Kate's got a book about learning to knit, and since reading this comment I decided I want to get a book to send to you that tells kittens how to knit!

  2. Dat will be vewy dood. Can Bernie tell Jaffa dat Hughie is going to send her a book telling pussy cats how to knit or is it a sekwet?