Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Helping wif de dindins

Evewybody knows dat when someone is cooking dindins, Bernie has to help. It is my vewy important job to taste de meat and see if it OK.
Bernie always do dat.
Bernie knows de sound of de micwo-wave oven what we put de meat in to get un fwozen.
Today Bernie was out de fwont of de house and me hear dat micwo-wave oven going. Dat means dat someone is going to cook de dindins and Bernie was not dere to help.
Bernie is a vewy vewy good pussy cat and me knows dat it is my dooty to be dere so me wun to de fwont door and meow and meow but nobody let me in. Don't dem know dat Bernie has to help? What if dat meat not nice? Dem will be vewy sowwy when dem has howwible meat cos Bernie do not taste it.
You know what me has to do? Bernie has to wun wound to de uvver side of de house and go in de cat door vewy quickly and den me jump up on de bench and wun up close to de micwo-wave and look in. Yes dere be some meat in dere getting un fwozen.
Just den Gwand-ma call my Mummy and tell her to take Bernie away while she cooking dindins. WHAT? WHAT SHE TALKIN ABOUT? SHE GONE CWACKERS! BERNIE IS SUPPOSED TO HELP!
Oh Gingies, my Mummy take me away and me nearly got a sore fwoat meowing to get out. Den in de end, after Gwand-ma nearly finished making de din dins and put it in de oven, den my Mummy let me get out and my Gwand-ma give me de little bits of meat she save for Bernie to taste. Yes dem is good so fank goodness for dat!
Luv fwom food tasting Bernie.


  1. Katy says:

    Daddy is a wonderful cook, especially when it comes to golden syrup dumplings!

    Hughie says:

    Exactly what Katy said!

  2. Now i want golden syrup dumplings

  3. Big Bwuvver says:

    This is the recipe I use: