Friday, 20 June 2014

Nearly finished learning de woad wules

Bernie is nearly finished learning de woad wules. Soon me is going to go and do de test at de RTA place at de council where my Gwand-da goes for council meetings cos him is Councillor Sleigh cos him got elected. And my Uncle Wick is de Mayor.
Bernie has to do de woad wules test on a puter so me is vewy glad dat me can wite on a puter.
Den Bernie will have a L plates and me can dwive awound wif L plates if my Mummy sits next to me in de car. Jaffa has been pwactising to sit on de accelerwater and den jump on the bwake when Bernie tell her too. She is a vewy dood pussy cat. But we has not weally been dwiving yet. Only in de dwiveway cos Bernie do not have L plates yet.
Luv fwom Bernie.

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