Saturday, 2 March 2013

De 'puter is back

My Gwand-ma and my Gwand-da and My Mummy went away to see My Maddie get mawwied. Now Bernie has a new Unca James.
My Mummy tell me a funny storwy.
At dat wedding, my new Unca James Daddy say dat dey vewy happy dat my cousin Maddie change her name. Now she be Mrs. Woldhuis. James Daddy say she do not have to be Mrs. Woldhuis. She can stay being Maddie Pond if she want to. Or my Unca James can change him name to Pond if him like and den him be "Pond, James Pond"
Bernie larf and larf and larf at dat joke.
Aunty Mavis come and visit us while evewybody gone cos it just Bernie and Little Tilly here.
Little Tilly was never on her own before and she lonely. When Aunty Mavis come, little Tilly twy to go home wif her.
Now evewybody back home and even my Aunty Barbi comes to visit.
Bernie is vewy happy about dat cos my Aunty Barbi bwing my DOOD OLD FWEND wot is called BRRRRR.  (But you know Bernie says 'Bwwwww')
My Aunty Barbi let dat bootiful old pussy cat walk in along de parf and Bernie so happy to see him. Me wun out along de parf and me say "Miaow" to him and we wun up to each uvver and have a nice nose kiss. We does not hiss cos we is dood fwends.  Little Tilly come out and she put her back up in de air but we tell her dat it is OK cos Brrrr is a dood fwend. Soon she will get to know dood ol' Brrr.  Maybe she can chase him tail for a while.
Luv fwom Bernie

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