Monday, 11 March 2013

Lots of News today

My dood fwend Brrrrr has gone home again wif my Aunty Barbi. It was vewy nice having my fwend to visit.
He is a vewy quiet pussy cat and him is nearly blind so him can't see vewy dood. Him walks awound vewy slowly looking at de gwound carefully. If de colour of de gwound changes he is vewy careful to put a foot acwoss and feel de new gwound to make sure it is OK to walk on before him walk on it.
Also Tilly had her little operwation so she do not gwow any pussy kittens in her little tummy. Dat is vewy dood because Bernie is sick of kittens.
But since Tilly come home she is mad. Gwand-ma gave her a bowl of nice fwesh water to dwink and she scoop it all out wif her paws and make de floor wet and her foots wet and her tail wet. Gwand-ma did not know how she got it all out so she mop it up and clean de place and get her anuvver bowl and den she do it again. Anuvver bowl of water all over de ensuite floor.
Tonight she jump up on de bench to get a dwink out of de sink. She vewy naughty. She not supposed to jump up on de sink when she got stitches in her tummy. Tilly twying to get water out of de sink but she splash it everywhere. Gwand-ma fink it because she do not like getting her foots wet so she give her a nice bowl of clean water on de bench. Sp den she scoop it all out fast as fast.
We fink dat annas fetick  made her gone mad.
Oh well, Not much diffwent.
Luv fwom Bernie

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  1. Hughie says:

    Tilly, you are the silliest pussy cat in the world of pussy cats.