Monday, 4 March 2013

More chatting wif Brrrr

Today Brrrrr and Bernie do more chatting. Brr tell Bernie all about de twip down here. It waining and waining and dem had to turn awound and go de uvver way. When dem got to Temorwa  dem dwive down our stweet and Brrr got a surpwise when dem did not stop at de old house. Dem keep dwiving. Brrr fink Aunty Barbi got lost but she stop at dis nice noo house and den when Brrrr got out he find him dood Fwend Bernie lives here. Bernie tell Brrrr dat we got dis dood house to live in now and it better dan de uvver one.
Brrr fink it vewy nice and he larfing about how him wonder why dey did not stop at de old house.
Now Brrr has a dood old larf and fink it funny.
Brr tell Bernie some uvver fings what is confeedentshul so Bernie do not put it on dis blog.
Bernie can tell evewyone some fings what Brrrr say. Brrr say dat Bernie lucky cos him stay at home cos Brrr car bwake down and dey has to wait for dat NWMA and it come wif a flashing light what fwighten Brrr.
Now Bernie has to go and say nigh night to Brrr and go to bed.
Luv fwom Bernie

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