Saturday, 20 September 2014

A New Visitor

Today a visitor came. It is my Aunty Barbi. Bernie likes Aunty Barbi cause she is the Mummy of my good fwend Brr. But Brrr did not come cos he got dead. Bernie is vewy sad and I miss my good fwend Brrr.
Aunty Barbi is in a diffwent car but she is the same.

Tomowwow my Mummy goes away for a holiday and Bernie cannot go with her because I HATE going places. I only like to stay home.
My Mummy can send me some postcards and I will like that.
Luv fwom Bernie

1 comment:

  1. Katy says:

    Q doesn't like going away. He's only gone away once though

    Hughie says:

    His private parts got cut off!