Sunday, 7 September 2014

Gwand-ma going a bit bonkers

My Gwand-da was in the hospital and had four operwations. That is a lot so he is a bit stwange. He sleeps on the chair in the family woom and not in the bed with Gwand-ma. That is because he cannot lie down flat anymore.
He always has to have a clean towel when he has a shower so he can't use the one he used yesterday so Gwand-ma is busy washing towels and getting him new ones all the time. And Gwand-ma has to help him get dwy and get dwessed and he has a new big zip down his tummy and Gwand-ma has to dwy that first with the clean towel and she has to do it vewy gently so Gwand-da do not cwy.
My Mummy had a cold and they have to be vewy careful not to let Gwand-da get it so they do not use a mug for more than one dwink. Sometimes Gwand-ma winsed the mugs and used them again but she said that now the mugs have to be washed in the dishwasher to make sure that my Mummy's cold germs do not get to Gwand-da.
Gwand-ma is being vewy careful and she is washing our bowls all the time too as soon as we finish our dindins she washes the bowls. That is a noosance because we used to twy and talk her into putting a little bit more dindins in them but now she takes them and washes them so quick that we do not get a chance to say one miaow.
That is silly. Gwand-da do not have dindins out of our bowls. What is that woman thinking of?
Luv fwom Bernie

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