Wednesday, 10 September 2014


When little Jaffa got a pwoblem with doing a wee, it hurt her lots and lots and so she stopped doing her wee in the kitty litter because she thought the kitty litter was making it hurt. She told Bernie and so we both stopped using that kitty litter because Bernie did not want to get that stinging wee too.
Then we only got used to going to do our business outside in the garden.
When we went to stay with Aunty Shauna she did not want us to go outside in case we wandered away and got lost so she was vewy clever and she put some dirt in the litter tways.
Then we saw her pussy cat using another sort of stuff in a litter tway and it is not like that naughty gwey one what hurts so we twied that.
It did not hurt so Aunty Shauna told our Gwand-ma where to buy it and she buy it for Jaffa and Bernie and now we can use our litter tways again. It is much more conmvenient to be able to use our litter tways and not have to go outside evewy time we needs to tend to things.
Thankyou to Aunty Shauna. She is a vewy clever vet nurse.
Luv fwom Bernie.

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