Thursday, 18 September 2014

Jaffa Misses

Silly Jaffa! She uses the new kitty litter stuff that looks like sand but she did not aim her bum in the wight diwection and she did some of her poop on the carpet.
She takes a lot of twouble when she is going to do number 2. First she scwatches awound in the litter and moves it all awound in the tway. Then she walks awound the tway and she scwatches it again. Then she walks awound and in and out of the tway and she sits in it to see if it feels wight. Then she gets up and scwatches it all awound again and she scwatches the wall and the carpet and does it all again and then she gets in the tway and does her poop. But she does not put her bum in the wight place and one time today, some of the poop went on the carpet.
Gwand-ma saw her do that sho she wun and clean it all up stwaight away but Bernie was watching and I told her that next time she needs to aim her bum wight.
Silly old Jaffa. She needs a weversing camewa like on our Camwy so she can see where to aim her dewwiere.
Luv fwom Bernie.

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