Thursday, 1 December 2011

Bernie has to be clever

Last night Bernie had to be a vewy clever pussy cat.
Litta Heidi was cwying cos she hungwy and dere was no dindins in dat dindins bowl.
First Bernie fink he might go and find a mousie and catch dat for litta Heidi to eat but den he wemember dat sumtimes when a pussy cat eat a mousie he get howwible worms fwom dat mousie and Bernie do not want litta Heidi to get dem worms so Bernie decide dat a mousie is not a dood fing for litta Heidi to eat.
My Mummy and my Gwand-ma was sound asleep in deir beds and dat door was shut so Bernie cannot go and wake dem up to get din dins for Heidi.
So what Bernie do?
Bernie vewy clever. Bernie go out dat back door and he wun all awound to de fwont of de house.
Den Bernie wun up on de fwont vewandah and he jump up on de window sill of my Mummy bedwoom and he miaow fwough de window.
Bernie has to miaow vewy loud so he wake up his Mummy.
Bernie miaow and miaow and soon my Mummy wake up and she come and let Bernie inside. She say "Do you want to come inside Bernie?" So Bernie go inside but he sit dere and he keeps miaowing so she knows dat dere is sumfing else what Bernie want. Den Bernie start walkin to dat kitchen and his Mummy follow and she see litta Heidi sitting dere near dat empty bowl and den she know what Bernie twying to tell her. My Mummy get some nice dindins and put it in de bowl for litta Heidi and Bernie have some too.
It take a long time to do all dis but Bernie loves his litta Heidi and he do not mind if he has to work hard to take dood care of her.

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  1. Hughie says:

    If anybody is sick I take good care of them. And if we had a dog I would take good care of that!