Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Mopping dat kitchen floor

Do you wemember how Bernie told evewybody about Gwand-ma mop dat kitchen floor and she take away our dindins bowl so we nearly starve to deaf?
Well after dat, Gwand-ma mop de floor lots of times but she do not take away our dindins bowl but today she do a mop and she take it away again.
Dis time Bernie go and say a vewy nice litta Meow to Gwand-ma and she say “Oh yes Bernie. You wants your din dins bowl. Here it is”
Den she put it on de lounge woom floor so Bernie and Heidi can have a litta snack.
We vewy glad we got dat dood awangement now.
But Heidi notice dat de kitchen smell vewy stwange.
She sniff all awound and she say “Unca Bernie what ith that thtrange thmell in the kitchen?”
Bernie say “It de cleaning stuff what Gwand-ma use”
Heidi say “It’th dithguthting. It doeth not thmell clean to me. It thmellth yukkie and I have got thticky thtuff on my litta pawth.” Bernie say “Dat because you walked on dat floor. You should not walk on it until it is dwy”
Heidi say “Oh dear. Now I hath to go and lick that dithguthting thtuff off my poor litta thenthitive pawth”
Hee hee next time Heidi will wemember not to walk on dat floor when Gwand-ma is cleanin it.
Luv fwom Bernie.

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  1. Hughie says:

    You should always learn to do stuff clever! Bernie should teach you, and your Mum should listen to Bernie sometimes.