Thursday, 8 December 2011


Evewybody knows dat kwismus comes soon.
Bernie wemember dat at kwismus evewybody eat turkey what is a big birdie wot got no feafers.
So Bernie decide dat not vewy dood so Bernie go and find a nice big birdie wif dood feafers and he catch it and bwing it inside for kwismus dinner.
My Mummy say "Oh no Bernie what have you done? You must not catch birdies. Oh the poor thing!" and she take it outside and fwow it in de garbage bin.
Bernie not vewy impwessed. Bernie twying to get a dood dinner so today Bernie go and catch anuvver birdie and he bwing it in to his Mummy bedwoom and put it on her floor.
Bernie sit dere and miaow vewy loud. Evewybody come and say "What's the matter, Bernie?"
Bernie just miawo and miaow vewy vewy loud to say "Look you stoopid peoples. Me bwings a vewy dood dindins for kwismus"
Then my Mummy see dat birdie and .......
She wouse on Bernie again!!!!!!!
My Mummy is a vewy ungwateful person. She take dat birdie away again.
Bernie not vewy happy. Bernie twy to stamp his foot but as you know, Bernie has soft foots and dem soft foots does not stamp vewy well.
Bernie walk up and down and say Miaow Miaow.
Den Bernie twy to stamp him foot again but it hurt.
Oh bovver! Bernie goes and has some dindins and goes to sleep.
Miaowmmmph! Bernie vewy cwanky at evewybody.
Luv fwom Bernie
But Bernie not cwanky at his dood Katy and his dood Hughie.

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  1. I'm very sorry Bernie for rousing at you, but I was sad for the poor birdie. I know you want to help, but that little birdie might have been somebody's daddy or mummy or even their little baby!

    When we get a bird for din dins we get one that is in a plastic bag. If you can get a birdie in a plastic bag then that would be good.

    Thank you for trying, and thank you for sharing, but please don't try to get the birdies from around here. Is that ok my darling boy? Come give Mummy a cuddle.