Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Dindins pwoblems

So now my Mummy and my Gwand-ma and my Gwand-da decide dat Bernie cannot have any of dat dindins like Polly dindins what we been having since Polly visited.
It is nice dindins but dey say it make Bernie bomit so Bernie not allowed to have any. Miaowmmpph!
Me not happy about dat. Me has to eat dat dwy biscuits dindins.
Heidi was allowed to have some of dat nice dindins but now she bomit too so she not allowed to have it eiver.
Yesserday my Aunty Jan tell Bernie dat he has to wite in his blog what is wong wif my tummy so all de peoples knows.
Bernie tummy wumbling and making funny noises. Bernie fink dere is a norty sumfing in his tummy what says "Me don't like dat dindins. Go away" and it has to come back out.
Me fink maybe one of dem norty sumfings gets in Heidi tummy too.
Please sumone tell my Aunty Jan.
Love fwom Bernie

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