Sunday, 8 April 2012

Sick of noo house game

Bernie went for a litta walk outside dis noo house. Me had a dood look awound and smell some fings. My Mummy taked a video. Me put it on soon.
Den we all go inside again but Bernie miaow until dey let me go out again. Dey say "Bernie you must use that cat door" so me go out it. Me wemember about cat doors.
But me sick of playing dis noo house game. Me wun back to de old house but me can't get in cos de door shut so me sit unner a bush and talk to my dood fwend Wosie. Den my Mummy come and get me and bwing me back to de noo house. Well me has some dindins and den has a sleep on de chair. Litta Heidi is still unner my Mummy bed although she do come out and has a cuddle and some dindins and to use dat kitty litter and to look awound but den she go back unner de bed.
Love fwom Bernie

1 comment:

  1. Hughie says:


    Katy says:

    Ne meither!

    Daddy says:

    I don't know if Bernie knows about spoonerisms, Katy!

    Saty kays:

    Then was wiss written? Or something like that!

    Daddy says:


    Katy says:

    Oh, and happy Easter! Or... appy heaster!