Saturday, 28 April 2012

Found dat internet

Now Bernie can wite him blog again cos de puters has found dat internet again.
Dem was lookin and lookin and it take a long time for dem to find dat internet.
Now Bernie has to tell all my fwends what we been doing while dat internet be hiding.
We moved to our noo house and Bernie do not go back to dat old house anymore cos we got de internet here and me can wite my blog here.
Litta Heidi learned to work de cat doors vewy quick. She likes dem cat doors. We can see fwough dem so dem is like litta glass doors.
Heidi likes to sit in de litta tunnel and look out her litta cat door.
She finks it is a litta telebishun. My Mummy take a photo of her.
Bernie is learning how to be de butler in dis house.
Bernie wait wite down near de corner and when he see one of our cars coming up de stweet me wun and wun vewy fast up de woad and butler de peoples inside.
It dood fun.
Dis house has gots lots of places for Bernie and Heidi to play and we finds lots of mousies in de place next door what got no house on it.
We having lots of dood fun  and we likes to have visitors so we can butler dem inside and show dem dis dood house.
Luv fwom Bernie


  1. Hughie says:

    It was very fun moving into another house, Bernie. I like the house. And I really wish I have a new house because this house is getting a bit boring now.

    Katy says:

    When we moved in this house, the first thing we did was look around to see if it was perfect. There was a couple more choices besides a perfect house like this. There was a big house with a verandah up on a giant giant hill. It would have been a perfect place to bicycle except it was too dusty and steep, and it was almost completely wet. I found a whole bunch of old things lying around this old pile of wood. There was also a really nice house with this little deck that had a little basement. It was very nice, and there was a really pretty garden. I wish we had moved in there except this one was the best. It had so much to explore when we moved in.

    First we went exploring up in the Hundred Acre Woods. Mum and I once went to a side place near the Platypus Island, where we had lots of platypuses or at least one. I have no idea what the name of the place we went to but it had something to do with television.

    When our housemates went down to the Platypus Island once, they saw a platypus. That's how it got its name. And I saw a little stream of water around this mound of grass. That's how it got the name island.

    And there's this cool tree that we like climbing up. One Saturday after we had gone to the lolly shop we went down to the Rattling Bog. There was long grass but it was easy to go through. We found this little path down the side next to the creek. We were adventurers until we hit the end of the walk and found a nice shady spot under the trees, so we found a fence bit and sat down. And Hughie found a ladybug. It's the perfect place to go bug catching. There's even dragonflies, nice little buttercups, and some ladybugs like I said.

    A year later we went down there and there was this cool branch that was easy for us to sit on and we can bounce up and down on it.

  2. Ooh Bernie likes bugs. Dem is vewy tasty.
    Maybe you can send Bernie a nice pikcha of dem fings.
    Luv fwom Bernie