Friday, 6 April 2012

Oh dat where dey gone

Now Bernie knows all about where evewyfing is going to.
First my Katy tell me dat dem fings is going to de noo house and soon Bernie will go too.
Just den, My Mummy get me and bwing me out to de car.
Litta Heidi do not want to come and she wun away and sit under de twee out de fwont but Gwand-ma go fwough to de back door and call Heidi. She twick Heidi. Gwand-da saying to her "Heidi is out the front" but Gwand-ma say "Yes I know but if I go out there to get her she will run away. This way she will come to me because she does not know I am going to pick her up"
So dem bwing Heidi in de uvver car and she cwying. She noticing dat fings going away and she fink dat Gwand-ma and Gwand-da is going to give her to de fieves.
When we get to de noo house Bernie wun in and see his Mummy noo bedwoom. It vewy nice.
Gwand-ma bwing litta Heidi in and she wun under my Mummy bed and she be hiding dere ever since. Dat is two days unner her bed.
Bernie goes in dere and gives her a cuddle but she fwightened. She do not know what is happening. Bernie twying to tell her and she comes out when Gwand-ma or my Mummy comes to give her a cuddle but den she wun back in.
Last night she sleep wight inside my Mummy bed under de blankies wif my Mummy.
Bernie is vewy bwave. Bernie walk all awound dis noo house. It vewy big. Me find where Gwand-ma and Gwand-da bedwoom is and me has a dood look in de kitchen. Me find a dood place for Bernie to sit so him can watch when my Mummy is cooking de dindins. Here is a pikcha. My Mummy say dat Bernie can't always sit dere cos de micwowave has to go dere soon.
Love fwom Bernie

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