Thursday, 8 November 2012

Wash dat bum

Me forgot to tell evewyone.
Yesserday me found out dat de little kitten called Tilly what come to live here do not know how to wash her bum.
So Bernie wash it for her.
Me wash and wash it for a long time until it nice and clean.
She just stand dere and let Uncle Bernie wash it. Me do not want to be her Daddy cos my Mummy do not want to be a Gwand-ma.
So now Tilly has a clean bum.
Today our fwend come to visit.
He is Kyroun and he is 10 years old and he knows all about pussy cats and he is playing wif Tilly. Dem is having dood fun and so dat means Tilly stop twying to catch Bernie tail. Fank goodness.
Luv from Bernie.


  1. Hughie says:

    That's very silly, Bernie! Why did Tilly chase your tail, Bernie? I've wrote a new song, Bernie! There's a game I've found called Where The Wild Things Are.

  2. Dat Tilly likes to chase evewy fing what moves so she chase Bernie tail just because it move when Bernie walks past.
    I twy to tell my tail to wait dere and me will come back and get it when me comes back but it do not do what Bernie tell it. Dat naughty tail always follow me so dat little Tilly always chase it.

  3. Katy says:

    Bernie, your tail is attached to you. That's why it can't come off. And it doesn't have a brain. You're the thing that controls your tail. But you can't tell it to stay still.